Exploring the vastness of a website — Elliott's Computer
explore vs engage
Being fed similar content based on your likes isn’t the same as exploring the vastness of a platform. Explore pages are unique in that they unearth things that are not necessarily the most popular or the most recent. Interestingly, when explore pages are built this way it allows users to approach a platform with an open mind and with less expectations. Explore pages should make you feel a sense of excitement similar to the feeling of exploring a new place.
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18 hours ago
earlier/later on Vimeo
now that its winter-cold it's a perfect time to stalk the streets at night --11/09/10

a spam account liked a video i forgot i made back in 2010 - cringey description and title but nice to see myself skateboarding. i should find my password and maybe try to download this.
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2 days ago
How Mountain Biking Is Saving Small-Town, USA | Outside Online
From Nevada to Minnesota, hollowed-out mining towns are seeing economic revitalization on trails and tracks that attract mountain bikers from far and wide
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3 days ago
Chemists make first-ever ring of pure carbon
The chemists started with a triangular molecule of carbon and oxygen, which they manipulated with electric currents to create the carbon-18 ring.

alternating single and triple bonds
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4 days ago
David Karp, the founder of Tumblr, always focused on making Tumblr a “positive” experience. That is why he refused to have comments, even though I pushed him to do it and hacked Tumblr by putting Disqus on mine. That is why he made the primary (only?) form of engagement a heart.

And it worked. Tumblr was a happy place and using it made people feel good about themselves.

While the world of social media has evolved a lot in the last six years, since Tumblr sold to Yahoo!, it has not really gotten better. One could make a very strong argument that it has gotten a lot worse. Tumblr was an example of how to do social media right and we can learn a lot from it.
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4 days ago
R U Nuts Adventures – Craig Bierly: Mountain Bikes the States
Back at the van. Decided to return to Cashmere to ride
Devils Gulch again to put off going to Spokane. Forecast for Cashmere was the
same as Winthrop. I did drive thru a brief violent almost high speed wiper
downpour. Bought groceries for 2 days then drove up Mission creek to lower
Devils Gulch. Rain had fallen. Then I drove over patches of eroded dirt. Must
have been a pretty hard rain. Slept at TH, location was determined by XM
reception which was a matter of feet one way or another.

I like this writing style. He's really on the road, unedited, making note. Nothing to sell, no particular audience in mind.
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4 days ago
The Only Way to Resist the Attention Economy - Forge
If it’s attention (deciding what to pay attention to) that makes our reality, regaining control of it can also mean the discovery of new worlds and new ways of moving through them. This process enriches not only our capacity to resist, but even more simply, our access to the one life we are given. It can open doors where we didn’t see any, creating landscapes in new dimensions that we can eventually inhabit with others. In so doing, we not only remake the world but are ourselves remade.
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10 days ago
Digital Detox: Big Tech’s Phony Crisis of Conscience - Los Angeles Review of Books
But we should perhaps be skeptical of accepting an antidote from those who offered us the poison in the first place.
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10 days ago
jenny odell • neo surreal
images isolated from 1980s BYTE magazine ads

Byte had some great cover illustrations too
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10 days ago
James Somers
James Somers is a writer and programmer based in New York.

11 days ago
What Youth » Marc Johnson Sets The Record Straight – “If I’m not going to say some shit that doesn’t mean anything, I’m not going to say anything at all.”
scorcher, select influential skateboarders and mountain bikers really hate instagram culture...sigh. a working man's take on the 'call out culture' social media fosters.
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16 days ago
Bedazzled by Energy Efficiency | LOW←TECH MAGAZINE
this article critiques the idea of "energy efficiency" and its measurement as a means of reducing emissions.

"Nevertheless, if clotheslines would be taken seriously as an alternative, then the projected 3.3 TWh of energy “saved” by more energy efficient tumble driers can no longer be considered “avoided energy”, let alone a fuel. In a similar way, bicycles and clothing undermine the very idea of calculating the “avoided energy” of more energy efficient cars and central heating boilers."
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17 days ago
The Internet's Old Guard
The Homebrew Computer Club meetings used to be lecture-style, but Lee noticed people were having animated discussions in the hall. He thought “these need to be brought inside. These are the main thing." When he started running the meetings, he set up a format where at the beginning each person stood up and explained what they wanted to talk about, and everyone else noted who they wanted to connect with. Then the room would split up into discussion groups organized by common interest. This structure probably sped up the development of the PC considerably by creating the right structures for rapid information exchange among early computer hobbyists.

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21 days ago
*GT* karakoram elite × *CRUST BIKES* clydesdale cargo fork… | Flickr
just saw a black version of this, same model and everything parked outside of Home Depot and snapped a pic. I guess the GT Karakoram with 20" front wheel and cargo is a thing?
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24 days ago
'I'm a Climate Scientist Who Doesn't Fly' | The Tyee
It took three years to quit air travel. Here's one man's carbon-cutting journey.
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28 days ago
Who Pays Writers? | Hacker News
discussion with a link to previous discussion
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28 days ago
Establishing Your Drive Train: Screening and Correcting the Hip Hinge | Breaking Muscle
The hip hinge is an incredibly powerful movement if done properly. If lifting is done improperly, back injury can result. Learn how to screen for a proper hip hinge and how to correct bad movement.
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4 weeks ago
How To Ride Long Distance on Your Mountain Bike - Singletracks Mountain Bike News
I didn’t wear a heart rate monitor, I just used common sense. If I got lightheaded during an interval, I backed off. Too sore the next day? Recover and try again later.
I also leaned on the experience of fellow Idahoan and pro mountain biker Rebecca Rusch, who was my unknowing muse on this ride. She’s known as the “Queen of Pain” for her super-human feats of endurance riding. In her book, Rusch to Glory, she imparted this gem of wisdom: “No matter how good or how bad you feel, it won’t last.”

The “bad” part was counterintuitive to me. I figured when you get tired, it’s a downward spiral from there… but not necessarily. You can ride through fatigue until your body finds the next well of energy.
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4 weeks ago
ChillEasy Titanium - VTT - Mountain bikes - Bikes designed and manufactured entirely in France - Caminade
ChillEasy Titanium - VTT - Mountain bikes - Bikes designed and manufactured entirely in France - Caminade
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4 weeks ago
Why did we wait so long for the bicycle?
The bicycle, as we know it today, was not invented until the late 1800s. Yet it was a simple mechanical invention. It would seem to require no brilliant inventive insight, and certainly no scientific background.

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5 weeks ago
Rake and Ride — Outside/In
Pirate trails are everywhere: the pioneers of mountain biking built them on
private land, public land and everything in between. They were built by
riders just looking for a place to take their new bikes, and in the process
they simply appropriated land that they wanted for their trails.

But what happens when the evolution of a sport threatens the very thing
that made it so attractive in the first place? 


When I tell people about the pirate trails I ride and maintain at my local park, legality is the first thing that comes up. "Isn't that illegal?" "They'll kick you out of there if they catch you." Usually these people haven't spent much time in the park. Far from being locals, they'll maybe go the park once a year - if not less. Their idea of the park is framed by regulation rather than experience.
mtb  mtb:ride 
5 weeks ago
What Should We Do With All of Our Pirate Trails? - Singletracks Mountain Bike News
While the "build first, legalize later" method of trail construction has worked out in some places, it can backfire when land managers decide they can't trust mountain bikers to be responsible stewards and trail users.
mtb  mtb:ride 
5 weeks ago
The Sexiest AM/FR/Enduro Hardtail Thread (Please read the opening post) - Page 1607 - Pinkbike Forum
The Sexiest AM/FR/Enduro Hardtail Thread (Please read the opening post) in Pinkbike Groups

commencal meta ht crmo seat stay discussion
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5 weeks ago
'We're anti-influencer': ice-cream truck makes Instagram 'stars' pay double | US news | The Guardian
“We’re the anti-influencer influencers,” he told the Guardian on Wednesday. “It’s weird … but I think it’s really fun. I hope it inspires small businesses to hold their own and tell people to fuck off.”
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6 weeks ago
Ask Ethan: What Does It Mean That Quantum Gravity Has No Symmetry?
The quest for a quantum theory of gravity is the holy grail of physics. Here's why it's murkier than anyone expected.

but the symmetry of English writing (vs Thai or Japanese) is what I found striking
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6 weeks ago
Choose Boring Technology
nice slide deck, articulating thought processes & decision making
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6 weeks ago
What You Get Back When You Reclaim Your Time From Social Media
i start to wonder - no matter how many of these articles are written - does the apparent truth move the needle at all?
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7 weeks ago
Erkica Platz - YouTube
uh this is freaky, hope im not on a list now. found in youtube comments on dnb tune by Shy FX 'Shake Your Body'
8 weeks ago
One Nation & Heat The Valentine Back2Back Payback Part 7 (Cassette, Limited Edition, Mixed, Unofficial Release) | Discogs
the Ed Rush & Optical set - at the time had some classic bangers mixed in with fresh tunes. Looking back, every tune in the set is a classic.

i remember my general attitude at the time was that MCs ruined great sets more often than not - but this was the exception. even when Shabba has his little dialogue with the engineer - rather than kill the vibe, it happens just as you need a break in the set, and makes the whole tape feel more live.
8 weeks ago
How a janitor at Frito-Lay invented Flamin' Hot Cheetos
A few weeks later, Montañez stopped at a local vendor to get some elote, a Mexican “street corn” doused in chili powder, salt, cotija, lime juice, and crema fresca. Cob in hand, a “revelation” struck: What if I put chili on a Cheeto?
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8 weeks ago
Bike Geometry & Handling & A Shorter Rear Shock- Mtbr.com
shorter shock = lower BB, slacker HA
longer shock = higher BB, steeper HA

shorter fork = lower BB, steeper HA
longer fork = higher BB, slacker HA
mtb  bikes  mtb:tech 
8 weeks ago
Calculators for Contractors, Builders, Remodelers, Carpenters, Woodworkers & Scale Modelers
great URL, this will be useful one day but maybe not now, stashing impulse satisfied
nice-thinking  physics  via:popular 
8 weeks ago
corpypastas (or CorpASAs)
‘corporate’: you are surrounded by branding in these things.
‘anthology’: it edits and combines the source materials.
‘self-advertising’: your words and art are forced into specific layouts, as if they were banner adverts.
nice-thinking  social-media 
9 weeks ago
On Dat://

kickscondor on Dat protocol, I should open up Beaker Browser again. If anything just for design ideas
nice-thinking  decentralized  internet-history 
9 weeks ago
Mary Meeker's 2019 internet trends, via HN
internet-history  social-media 
9 weeks ago
Six reasons why social media is a Bummer | Technology | The Guardian

Some have compared social media to the tobacco industry, but I will not. The better analogy is paint that contains lead. When it became undeniable that lead was harmful, no one declared that houses should never be painted again. Instead, after pressure and legislation, lead-free paints became the new standard.



TODO: relearn difference between analogy and metaphor
nice-thinking  social-media  social-media:metaphors 
10 weeks ago
Design Outside Studio - Jeremy Shellhorn
makes me imagine signage that appears based on atmospheric conditions or other temporal factors
nice-thinking  design 
10 weeks ago
Regulate Facebook Like Big Tobacco, Not Like a Phone Company - Bloomberg
Government should scrutinize and publicize the harms of social media – not use antitrust regulation to encourage even more platforms.

the metaphor goes mainstream, with a suggested plan of action. will we one day look back and be dumbfounded at what we thought was OK for mental health?
nice-thinking  social-media  social-media:metaphors 
10 weeks ago
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