fx​Solver - Equation Library.Graphing Calculator.Math Solver
fx​Solver is a solver for engineering and scientific equations.
Math  solver 
MuPDF is a lightweight PDF, XPS, and E-book viewer.

MuPDF consists of a software library, command line tools, and viewers for various platforms.
Software  pdf 
2 days ago
Welcome to OpenCobolIDE documentation! — OpenCobolIDE 4.7.6 documentation
OpenCobolIDE is a simple and lightweight COBOL IDE based on the OpenCOBOL/GnuCOBOL compiler and the pyQode source code editor widget.
cobol  Programming  Software  ide 
3 days ago
git - Is there a way to skip password typing when using https:// on GitHub? - Stack Overflow
I recently switched to synchronising my repositories to https:// on GitHub (due to firewall issues) and it asks for a password every time. It used to be that I had an SSH certificate, and it was enough. Is there a way to bypass the password in my case (using http/https)?
git  versionControl  HowTo 
10 days ago
KiTTY - Welcome
KiTTY is a fork from version 0.70 of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.
ssh  Software  Windows 
11 days ago
git - How can I split a past un-pushed commit with Sourcetree? - Stack Overflow
The interactive rebase capabilities of Sourcetree are great, but I often find myself wanting to be able to "split" a commit into multiple smaller commits. I know theres a way to do this from the command line, but I can't seem to find any place in the UI to handle this.

Is there a way to do this with Sourcetree? Or is this one of those places where I have to drop down to the command line to accomplish my goals?
git  versionControl  HowTo  sourcetree 
11 days ago
Tyotus Buckets: AQUA BELLUM | Rid1Studios
ÜberLife, The Conglomerate™ has determined it is time to start cleaning up the mess that is GNU City! Will their "Big Business, Fast and All Encompassing" methods be humane?

Enter Jide, Computer Science teacher, and Tyotus, his Digital Navigator, on their
first mission...
17 days ago
The Disconnect
The Disconnect is an offline-only, digital magazine of commentary, fiction, and poetry. Each issue forces you to disconnect from the internet, giving you a break from constant distractions and relentless advertisements.
magazine  writing 
17 days ago
VS Code Can Do That?
All the best things about Visual Studio Code that nobody ever bothered to tell you
editor  vscode  HowTo 
22 days ago
Awesome Ruby
A collection of awesome Ruby gems, tools, frameworks and software
ruby  Programming  library 
23 days ago
Fresh Background Gradients | WebGradients.com 💎
WebGradients is a free collection of 180 linear gradients that you can use as
content backdrops in any part of your website. Easy copy CSS3 crossbrowser code
and use it in a moment! We've also prepared a .PNG version of each gradient.
 As a bonus, there are packs for Sketch & Photoshop.
webdesign  color  design 
25 days ago
WhatRuns - Discover What Runs a Website
Extension that helps you identify technologies used on any website at the click of a button.
Add to Chrome It's free
webdesign  tools 
25 days ago
Where works starts - Tixio.io
Start setting up your personal startdesk
25 days ago
Start drawing easily using augmented reality. SketchAR.
SketchAR puts virtual images on paper to let you trace drawings from your phone.
Software  Android  art  drawing 
25 days ago
Station • One app to rule them all
Station is the first smart workstation for busy people.
A single place for all of your work applications.
Software  tools 
25 days ago
Email Apps for Gmail and Office 365 on iOS, Android, Mac | Astro
Modern email and calendar app for Mac, iOS, Android, Slack and Amazon Alexa, powered by artificial intelligence.
eMail  Software 
25 days ago
This application encodes and decodes ASCII and ANSI text.
translator  converter  binary 
5 weeks ago
XML Editor/Viewer Online - xmlGrid.net
The Online XML Editor is a true cross-platform browser based graphical user interface (GUI) XML editor/viewer. It runs on your browser and does not need any plug-ins. All you need to do is to upload the XML files from your hard drive. Take a look at our online Demo.
xml  editor  tools 
5 weeks ago
Libraries.io - The Open Source Discovery Service
Libraries helps you find new open source libraries, modules and frameworks and keep track of ones you depend upon.
Programming  library 
5 weeks ago
KBSecret | A secret manager backed by Keybase and KBFS.
KBSecret is a command line utility and library for managing secrets.

Secrets can be structured (like login pairs and environment keys), or unstructured (like raw text or blobs of data).
Software  password  encryption 
5 weeks ago
Get a list of all the available devices at your network that use EasyJoin and easily interact with them. No pairing is necessary.
Android  Software  SMS  filetransfer 
5 weeks ago
A rich framework for building applications and services
api  framework  webdesign  Programming  Javascript 
6 weeks ago
An Ingredient based Recipe Search Engine - Recipe Puppy
Recipe Puppy is an ingredient based recipe search engine.
Recipes  cooking 
6 weeks ago
The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack: Home
Home of the world's biggest collection of classic text mode fonts, system fonts and BIOS fonts from DOS-era IBM PCs and compatibles
6 weeks ago
JavaScript™ Notes for Professionals book
The JavaScript™ Notes for Professionals book is compiled from Stack Overflow Documentation, the content is written by the beautiful people at Stack Overflow. Text content is released under Creative Commons BY-SA. See credits at the end of this book whom contributed to the various chapters. Images may be copyright of their respective owners unless otherwise specified

Book created for educational purposes and is not affiliated with JavaScript™ group(s), company(s) nor Stack Overflow. All trademarks belong to their respective company owners
ebook  Programming  Javascript 
7 weeks ago
XDA Labs | MiXplorer
MiXplorer mix of explorers (SD, FTP, Lan, Cloud and other storage explorers) is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and fully-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface.
Software  filemanager  Android 
8 weeks ago
Red Programming Language
Red is a next-gen programming language, strongly inspired by REBOL.
language  Programming  red 
9 weeks ago
Introduction · Red Language Notebook
A collection of topics that may interest those who know the basics of programming and want to have a head start on the Red programming language.
Programming  language  red 
9 weeks ago
Red is based conceptually and syntactically on Rebol ("Relative Expression Based Object Language").  Rebol is a commercial, closed source programming language created in the late 1990's which aimed to be the most productive, readable, and concise development tool available. Its main goal was to reduce code complexity and to remove bloated infrastructure found in typical software development stacks.
Programming  red  language 
9 weeks ago
Servo, the parallel browser engine
Servo is a modern, high-performance browser engine designed for both application and embedded use.

Sponsored by Mozilla and written in the new systems programming language Rust, the Servo project aims to achieve better parallelism, security, modularity, and performance.
browser  software  rust 
9 weeks ago
Bromite | bromite.github.io
Bromite is Chromium + ad blocking and privacy; take back your browser
Software  Android  browser  chrome 
10 weeks ago
The easy-to-use, flexible and open-source podcast manager for Android
podcasts  Android  Software 
10 weeks ago
Metaparticle - Metaparticle
Metaparticle is a standard library for cloud native applications on Kubernetes.

The goals of the Metaparticle project are to democratize the development of distributed systems. Metaparticle achieves this by providing simple, but powerful building blocks, built on top of containers and Kubernetes.
cloud  distributed  Programming  Software 
10 weeks ago
abovo42.com | Social Email | Home
Turn any email into a publicly accessible web page.
eMail  sharing 
10 weeks ago
userChrome.css for Customizing Firefox
Firefox 57, also known as Firefox Quantum, has a fresh look. In addition to the built-in Customize feature (see Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars at Mozilla Support), you can modify the appearance of Firefox using the powerful userChrome.css feature.

userChrome.css holds style rules for modifying Firefox's user interface. You can find users on the web offering a wide range of ready-to-paste style recipes, and communities where you can request help with rules to make your Firefox look just the way you want. And it's all free.
FireFox  browser  customization  css 
10 weeks ago
ZeroNet: Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and the BitTorrent network
Open, free and uncensorable websites,
using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network
web  bittorrent 
10 weeks ago
CHART - Coordinated Highways Action Response Team
Maryland 511 is Maryland's official travel information service. Maryland 511 provides travelers with reliable, current traffic and weather information, as well as links to other transportation services. Maryland 511 helps motorists reach their destination in the most efficient manner when traveling in Maryland.
Travel  maryland 
11 weeks ago
Everipedia, the encyclopedia of everything
Everipedia is the next generation encyclopedia rebuilt for the modern age. With over 6 million articles and counting, it's already the world's largest English encyclopedia by content. Everipedia is free from ads and free to use for everyone under creative commons.
11 weeks ago
Short, instructional videos on the technologies we use on @eggheadio
egghead is a group of working web development professionals and open source contributors that provide you with concise, information dense video courses on the best tools in the industry.

We are dedicated to respecting your time. This means that egghead courses get to the point and deliver knowledge that you can use today. You won't find boring 8 hour courses on egghead, instead you'll find a wealth of bite-sized courses that pack more information in a fraction of the time.
tutorial  Programming  Video 
11 weeks ago
Boostnote | Boost Happiness, Productivity, and Creativity.
The note-taking app for programmers that focusing on markdown, snippet and customizability.
Your best codes and wikis are always with you and edit from anywhere.
Software  notetaking  markdown  editor 
12 weeks ago
Reddit Favorites
3.5 billion comments have been posted to reddit since 2010. Most are rubbish. Together, they form a collective intelligence. Scraping these comments, we can determine the best laptops, headphones, audiobooks, monitors, keyboards and more.
reddit  recommendations 
12 weeks ago
[no title]
Friend Flag Tauschbörse
flagstack  Games 
12 weeks ago
GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!
Embark on a journey that takes you all over the world. From the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City.
game  geography  maps 
12 weeks ago
The Modern Javascript Tutorial
How it's done now. From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations.
tutorial  Javascript  Programming 
november 2017
CryptPad: Zero Knowledge, Collaborative Real Time Editing
With CryptPad, you can make quick collaborative documents for taking notes and writing down ideas together. When you sign up and log in, you get file upload capability and a CryptDrive where you can organize all of your pads. As a registered user you get 50MB of space for free.

You can share access to a CryptPad document simply by sharing the link. You can also share a link which provides read only access to a pad, allowing you to publicise your collaborative work while still being able to edit it.

You can make simple rich text documents with CKEditor as well as Markdown documents which are rendered in realtime while you type. You can also use the poll app for scheduling events with multiple participants.
collaboration  encryption  privacy  writing 
november 2017
Postverta: Simple online development platform for Node.js
Postverta is an infrastructure-free development platform that lets you focus on writing great code without the hassle of setup
Programming  nodejs 
november 2017
GNAT Programming Studio - Adacore
The GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) is a powerful and intuitive IDE that supports the full development workflow, from coding to system integration, testing, debugging, and code analysis. GPS is versatile and customizable and gives you easy access to the GNAT Pro technologies.
Software  Programming  ide 
november 2017
Home | Solus
Solus is an operating system that is designed for home computing. Every tweak enables us to deliver a cohesive computing experience.
os  distro 
november 2017
Halcyon is standard Twitter like client of Mastodon, And you can use it just by login to your instance. Let's Toot like a tweet.
november 2017
The Tao of tmux by Tony Narlock [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Is it safe to ditch the GUI and IDE? Or maybe you could get an instant optimization to your workflow right now, with great potential to pay off down the road as you utilize new features. Learn to navigate the world to the terminal using the tool depended on daily by thousands of system administrators and programmers.
tmux  ebook 
november 2017
Waterfox - The free, open and private browser
Waterfox focuses on giving users choice while also helping make the world a better place. Waterfox is partners with Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees with its generated revenues. The browser itself is focused on power users, which lets you make the important decisions. There is no plugin whitelist, you can run whichever extensions you like and absolutely no data or telemetry is sent back to Mozilla or the Waterfox project.
Software  browser 
november 2017
Mastodon Bridge
This website uses a database of Twitter users and Mastodon users who signed in here to match them together across multiple Mastodon instances. Are your friends or followers among them?
mastodon  Twitter  Social  directory 
november 2017
Easy and fast SDK for beautiful apps - Flutter
Flutter is a new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Programming  Software  framework  Mobile 
november 2017
Project Jupyter | Home
The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text. Uses include: data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning, and much more.
Software  collaboration  python  Programming 
november 2017
FURsvp Event Manager
Dedicated to helping organizers of events of all sizes in the furry community, FURsvp's event manager is great for organizers who need a quick-and-dirty solution to get a head count, or as a free and hassle-free alternative to mainstream event services. RSVPing for an event is as simple as filling in your name, no user account needed.
furry  events 
november 2017
Pony - Pony
Welcome! This is the website for the Pony programming language. Pony is an open-source, object-oriented, actor-model, capabilities-secure, high-performance programming language.
Programming  language 
november 2017
yWriter5 - Free writing software designed by an author, not a salesman
yWriter is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work while leaving your mind free to create. It will not write your novel for you, suggest plot ideas or perform creative tasks of any kind. yWriter was designed by an author, not a salesman!
Software  writing 
november 2017
Useful RSpec trick for testing method with arguments
What’s inside: A useful rspec/rspec-its trick for testing methods with arguments + philosophical explanations why I consider such tricks a good thing.
rspec  testing  howto  Programming  Ruby 
november 2017
Memory Conscious Programming in Ruby - gettalong's web home
When programming in Ruby many people think that egregious memory usage is the norm and unavoidable. However, there are ways and strategies to keep memory usage down and in this post I will show you some of them.
Ruby  Programming  optimization 
november 2017
The Git Rebase Introduction I Wish I'd Had
One of the most important (and confusing) git features in my new job was rebasing. Looking back now, the worst part was not finding a clear beginner's guide. So for the past me, and any future devs like the past me, this intro is for you!
git  HowTo  versionControl 
november 2017
Fullstack React: 30 Days of React
Interested in Learning React but having trouble getting started?

We'll teach you how it all works - for free

Over the next 30 days, we'll walk through everything you need to know to work with React. From the very beginning through testing and deployment of our first app.

reactjs  tutorial  Programming 
november 2017
Super Productivity
The simple favoritefreefavorite flexible ToDo List / Time Tracker / personal Jira and Github Task Manager
Productivity  Software  todolist 
october 2017
Vim After 15 Years | Ian Langworth’s Things of Variable Interest
My earlier posts (1, 2) about using Vim were well received and it’s about time for an update. Vim 8 added a lot of much-needed functionality, and new community sites like VimAwesome have made plugin discovery and evaluation easier. I’ve been doing a lot more work with Vim lately and have spent some time configuring my workflow for peak efficiency, so here’s a snapshot of my current state.
vim  howto  editor 
october 2017
rsnapshot | rsnapshot
rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility based on rsync. rsnapshot makes it easy to make periodic snapshots of local machines, and remote machines over ssh. The code makes extensive use of hard links whenever possible, to greatly reduce the disk space required.
backup  rsync  Software 
october 2017
Vim Awesome
vim  plugins  editor 
october 2017
Devhints — TL;DR for developer documentation
Hey! I'm @rstacruz and this is a modest collection of cheatsheets I've written.
Programming  documentation 
october 2017
Terminals Are Sexy
A curated list of Terminal frameworks, plugins & resources for CLI lovers.
collections  terminal  console  Software 
october 2017
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