Vimways ~ 2018
Vimways is a Vim-themed advent calendar by @robertmeta and @romainl. Largely inspired by the early 24ways, our primary goal is to publish one high quality article about Vim per day during the twenty-four days before Christmas.

That’s twenty-four articles written by knowledgeable users—both famous and non-famous among the community—distilled from the 1st of December to the 24th of December.
vim  editor  HowTo 
2 days ago
WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Wasm is designed as a portable target for compilation of high-level languages like C/C++/Rust, enabling deployment on the web for client and server applications.
webdev  webassembly  Programming 
7 days ago
Design Better Forms – UX Collective
Whether it is a signup flow, a multi-view stepper, or a monotonous data entry interface, forms are one of the most important components of digital product design. This article focuses on the common dos and don’ts of form design. Keep in mind that these are general guideline and there are exceptions to every rule.
forms  webdesign  HowTo 
8 days ago
The Flutter Crash Course
A lean and mean series of weekly Flutter lessons.
flutter  Programming  Android  tutorial 
8 days ago
sr.ht - software hosting for hackers
Welcome to sr.ht! This is the open source software suite for managing your software development projects that you've been waiting for. Managed instances of our services are provided here for your convenience.
git  hosting  Programming  versionControl 
22 days ago
Nerd Fonts - Iconic font aggregator, collection, and patcher
Nerd Fonts is a project that patches developer targeted fonts with a high number of glyphs (icons). Specifically to add a high number of extra glyphs from popular ‘iconic fonts’ such as Font Awesome, Devicons, Octicons, and others.
fonts  tools 
28 days ago
Fold N Fly ✈
A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.
origami  HowTo 
4 weeks ago
Free Temporary Email - EmailOnDeck.com
Free & fast, temp emails in 2 easy steps
eMail  antispam 
4 weeks ago
[APP][ROOT][5.0+][5th Nov] Migrate - custom … | Android Development and Hacking
Jumping from one custom ROM to another can be a challenging task. So I decided to make an app to simplify the process.

Introducing Migrate!
Android  Software  backup 
5 weeks ago
VS Code Can Do That?
All the best things about Visual Studio Code that nobody ever bothered to tell you
vscode  editor  HowTo 
5 weeks ago
WTF is Solid? - Solid
Solid is BuzzFeed's CSS style guide. Influenced by frameworks like Basscss, Solid uses immutable, atomic CSS classes to rapidly prototype and develop features, providing consistent styling options along with the flexibility to create new layouts and designs without the need to write additional CSS. Additionally, a few globally-reusable HTML and CSS components are available to help new apps spin up quickly without having to reinvent the wheel each time (with more on the way).
css  framework  webdesign 
5 weeks ago
Low-Level CSS Toolkit
framework  css  webdesign 
5 weeks ago
TACHYONS - Css Toolkit
Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible.
css  library  webdesign  framework 
5 weeks ago
The Rust Programming Language
“The Rust Programming Language,” is an introductory book about Rust. There are multiple editions including a printed edition and a free online edition.
rust  Programming  ebook  tutorial 
6 weeks ago
Buy and Sell Used Phones, Laptops, Video Games & More - Swappa
Buy and sell newish tech
Safe, friendly marketplace with less fees
electronics  Shopping 
8 weeks ago
adobe-fonts/source-code-pro: Monospaced font family for user interface and coding environments
Source Code Pro is a set of OpenType fonts that have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments. In addition to a functional OpenType font, this open source project provides all of the source files that were used to build this OpenType font by using the AFDKO makeotf tool.
8 weeks ago
raw.githack.com serves raw files directly from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab with proper Content-Type headers
github  cdn  cache 
8 weeks ago
Say hello to CloudReady.

The desktop operating system, reimagined.
Built for security, manageability, and performance.
chrome  chromeos  Software 
8 weeks ago
Google Suite Catch-All Email Address Not Working | Sal Ferrarello
On Tuesday October 9, 2018 my G Suite Catch-All Email Address stopped working. My account is a free legacy account that I setup back when it was called Google Apps.
gmail  gapps  troubleshooting 
9 weeks ago
Alt Code Shortcuts for Mac to Insert Symbols » WebNots
Option or Alt key is one of the hidden gems in Apple keyboard used very less by most of the Mac users. Besides many keyboard shortcuts, option key in combination with other keys can be used to insert special symbols like trademark, copyright or currencies in text editing apps like Pages, Notes, TextEdit or when typing emails.
mac  Keyboard  HowTo 
9 weeks ago
Are we web yet? » AWWY?
Rust has a mature HTTP stack and various frameworks enable you to build APIs and backend services quickly. While increasingly more databases drivers become available, ORMs and connections to external services (like search or worker queues) are still scarce. Looking farther, it doesn't necessarily get better. Though there is significant support for base needs (like data compression or logging ), a lot more web-specific needs are still unmet and immature.
rust  Programming  webdev 
9 weeks ago
Mac Os X: Mount NFS Share / Set an NFS Client - nixCraft
How do I access my enterprise NAS server by mounting NFS filesystem onto my Mac OS X based system using GUI and command line based tools?
osx  mac  nfs  networking  HowTo 
9 weeks ago
Sans Forgetica
Sans Forgetica is a downloadable font that is scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes.
9 weeks ago
Sourcegraph - Code search and intelligence
Sourcegraph is a fast, solid, full-featured code navigation engine.
Programming  github 
10 weeks ago
Simplify Your Life With an SSH Config File | Nerderati
If you're anything like me, you probably log in and out of a half dozen remote servers (or these days, local virtual machines) on a daily basis. And if you're even more like me, you have trouble remembering all of the various usernames, remote addresses and command line options for things like specifying a non-standard connection port or forwarding local ports to the remote machine.
ssh  HowTo  config 
10 weeks ago
QB64 is a modern extended BASIC+OpenGL language that retains QB4.5/QBasic compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux and macOS.
basic  Programming  Software 
12 weeks ago
SEE Finance
Manage all of your financial accounts in a single place and gain control over your finances. Track all of the financial accounts you might have including banking, credit cards, investments and others. Generate a variety of customizable reports and budget to keep your spending on target. Track and monitor your individual investments and your investment portfolio as a whole. Perform these tasks and more in any of the 150+ different currencies available.
Software  Finance  accounting 
september 2018
It's FOSS | A Linux and Open Source Web Portal
It’s FOSS is an award-winning web-portal that focuses on Open Source in general and Linux in particular.

While there are several other Linux websites on the internet, It’s FOSS specifically focuses on beginners to Linux world. Its motto is to make your desktop Linux experience better. The aim of It’s FOSS is to increase the number of Linux desktop users and that aim is achieved by helping them to solve various issues one might encounter. Tutorials are written keeping beginners in mind with screenshots and proper steps.
Linux  Software 
september 2018
Projects · GitLab
Discover projects, groups and snippets. Share your projects with others
gitlab  git  Programming  versionControl  hosting 
august 2018
CodeDribble Online Best Editor - Viewer - Beautify - Minify - Validate
CodeDribble is a web portal where you can view, validate, edit, convert, beautify/minify and compare any of your code. CodeDribble supports a range of code formats viz. JSON, XML, HTML, JS, CSS, CSV/TSV, Excel and more.

Also, get a color value in various color standards i.e. RGB, CMYK, HSV, HEX and Pantone. CodeDribble is also equipped with vast range of string and number utilities.

CodeDribble also enables you to generate the LOREM IPSUM text in any bulk you need starting from a single word to a bunch of paragraphs.
Programming  Javascript 
august 2018
How to manage Wi-Fi with Terminal commands on OS X - TechRepublic
Jesus Vigo reviews Terminal commands used to enable, modify, and manage Wi-Fi connections on Macs in OS X.
mac  osx  HowTo  networking  wifi 
august 2018
Now – Realtime Global Deployments
now allows you to take your JavaScript (Node.js) or Docker powered websites, applications and services to the cloud with ease,
speed and reliability. In practical terms, any directory that contains a package.json or Dockerfile can be transported to the cloud with one command: now.

Every time you deploy a project, now will provide you with a new, unique URL (even before the upload has finished). These URLs will look like this (my-app is your automatically determined application name): my-app-erkgfjtrna.now.sh.

When it's time to take your deployment to production, you simply pick an appropriate alias (a custom domain).
nodejs  hosting  cloud  Programming  webdesign 
august 2018
The Ring Programming Language
The Ring is an innovative and practical general-purpose multi-paradigm language. The supported programming paradigms are imperative, procedural, object-oriented, declarative using nested structures, functional, meta programming and natural programming. The language is portable (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, etc.) and can be used to create Console, GUI, Web, Games and Mobile applications. The language is designed to be simple, small, flexible and fast.
language  Programming 
august 2018
Whalebird is a Mastodon client for desktop application
mastodon  Software 
august 2018
The Julia Language
Julia excels at numerical computing. Its syntax is great for math, many numeric datatypes are supported, and parallelism is available out of the box. Julia's multiple dispatch is a natural fit for defining number and array-like datatypes.
Programming  language 
august 2018
Federated Image Sharing
Powered by ActivityPub and the fediverse.
photosharing  Social 
august 2018
ELENA Programming Language Home Page
ELENA is a general-purpose, object-oriented, polymorphic language with late binding.

The language features group objects / mixins, message dispatching, class / method templates, ElenaScript, and many others. It is under active development and fun to follow.
Programming  language 
august 2018
Your new furry dating app

Start making new friends in your area now!
august 2018
Coder: The Cloud IDE, Solved
An IDE For Everyone. Now in Private Alpha.
Programming  ide 
july 2018
Got Food Poisoning? Report it now
Iwaspoisoned.com is for people who love to eat out but don’t expect to be ill because of it. It is a consumer led website for diners to report suspected food poisoning or bad food experiences. This real time information is shared by consumers, food authorities, restaurants, and industry with one aim – to make eating a safer experience.
restaurants  Food  health 
july 2018
M1 Finance | Free Automated Investing
M1 Finance empowers you to manage your money and build wealth with ease. Just create and automate your portfolio – we’ll take care of the rest for free.
Investing  brokerage 
july 2018
CoderStats - View Statistics for Millions of GitHub Users
CoderStats is a free service that displays statistics for coders with public Git repositories on GitHub.
github  statistics 
july 2018
X-plore - File manager for mobile devices
X-plore is a file manager for mobile phones,
with wide range of functions on the file system of your mobile device.
filemanager  Android  Software 
july 2018
Browsh is a fully-modern text-based browser. It renders anything that a modern browser can; HTML5, CSS3, JS, video and even WebGL. Its main purpose is to be run on a remote server and accessed via SSH/Mosh or the in-browser HTML service in order to significantly reduce bandwidth and thus both increase browsing speeds and decrease bandwidth costs.
browser  terminal  text 
july 2018
IEC 61131-3 Standard Function Blocks
The IEC-61131-3 standard defines a number of function blocks, which are supported in Fernhill SCADA:
scada  iec61131 
july 2018
TheBrain: The Ultimate Digital Memory
TheBrain is the most powerful way to capture, organize, and share your notes, files, and web links across all your devices.
mindmapping  notetaking 
june 2018
Monty the Fox
Montgomery Fox – Monty to his friends – was born and raised in Valley Forge National Historical Park. Monty had made a home for himself inside one of the recreated Continental Army huts. A friendly park ranger found him one day after leading tours of the area and the two became quick friends.
mascot  fox 
june 2018
AppImage | Linux apps that run anywhere
"As a user, I want to download an application from the original author, and run it on my Linux desktop system just like I would do with a Windows or Mac application."
"As an application author, I want to provide packages for Linux desktop systems, without the need to get it 'into' a distribution and without having to build for gazillions of different distributions."
Linux  Software  package 
june 2018
Adding chat to your app has never been so easy. Integrate Chatkit with your app and engage users via realtime messaging. No more infrastructure hell, no hassle, just add it.

Sign up for the public beta
Programming  Chat  webdesign 
june 2018
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized. Notion is all you need — in one tool.
collaboration  Productivity 
june 2018
Nim basics
Nim is a relatively new programming language which allows users to write easy-to-read high-performance code. But if you are reading this Nim tutorial, the chances are that you already know about Nim.
tutorial  Programming  nim 
june 2018
Based on Launcher3 from AOSP, Lawnchair has all the features of the Pixel Launcher (including GNow), plus customizability.
launcher  Software  Android 
june 2018
Pleroma is a federated social networking platform, compatible with GNU social and other OStatus implementations. It is free software licensed under the AGPLv3. It actually consists of two components: a backend, named simply Pleroma, and a user-facing frontend, named Pleroma-FE.
Software  Social  mastodon 
june 2018
"Flutter is awesome, but where do I start learning?"
For long, I’ve been thinking about creating a list of awesome resources that would help anyone get started with Flutter.
flutter  Programming 
june 2018
Pinafore – Home
An alternative web client for Mastodon, focused on speed and simplicity.
june 2018
The goal of the project is to create a beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users, built on open web standards. In the beginning, our focus will be primarily around speed, stability and the development of the correct API for extension authors.
terminal  console  Software 
may 2018
Qwant - The search engine that respects your privacy
The search engine that respects your privacy
may 2018
Fusetools — We make apps easy.
Free, open source platform for bringing new mobile app UX prototype ideas to life.
framework  Software  design  Programming 
may 2018
The Cell Programming Language
Cell is a domain-specific programming language designed to integrate with your language of choice in order to provide a number of features that have no equivalent in more conventional languages.

It offers, among other things, a very flexible, entirely structural type system; deterministic, repeatable execution; support for reactive programming; the ability to use relations to store data; transactions and propagation of undefined values for error handling; and orthogonal persistence.

Cell's most important new language construct is automata, which come in two flavors: relational automata and reactive ones.
Programming  language 
may 2018
Taskwarrior - What's next?
Taskwarrior is Free and Open Source Software that manages your TODO list from the command line. It is flexible, fast, and unobtrusive. It does its job then gets out of your way.
todolist  commandline  Software 
may 2018
Webpage archive
Archive.is is a time capsule for web pages!
It takes a 'snapshot' of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears.
It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy
and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page
archive  web 
may 2018
Lucky is a web framework written in Crystal that helps you build apps quickly, catches bugs for you, and runs incredibly fast.
crystal  framework  web  Programming  Software  webdesign 
may 2018
java - Gson and deserializing an array of objects with arrays in it - Stack Overflow
I am trying to use Gson to deserialize a json string returned from my webservice
json  java  Programming  HowTo 
may 2018
Dart Code - Dart & Flutter support for Visual Studio Code
Dart Code extends VS Code with support for the Dart programming language, and provides tools for effectively editing, refactoring, running, and reloading Flutter mobile apps, and AngularDart web apps.
flutter  vscode  Programming  editor 
may 2018
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