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Affliction, by tolakasa
Sam begins to lose his senses, one by one. And there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

Sam was just going to forgo hot water entirely--it's not like he can *feel* the cold water, and that way Dean can have the hot showers--but that's clearly not good enough for Dean's standards. Or Dean's afraid he'll freeze. Dean *insists* that they keep trading off, the way they always have. Sam tries locking him out, but the motels they stay in don't have locks that can withstand a Winchester, and it turns out that Dean is not about to let something as minor as a *door* stand in his way.

Every time Sam thinks he can't be humiliated more....

It doesn't help that Sam's a terrible patient. He *knows* he's a terrible patient. He always has been, as everybody from Dad to Jessica's mom has told him. But Dean's smothering irritates the ever-loving *fuck* out of him, and the number of times on the zombie job alone that Sam has to restrain himself from punching his brother is ridiculous. He's not some fucking damsel in distress, dammit. He's just--sick. Granted, it's a *weird* sick, but it's not like they've ever done anything normally.

But anything wrong with Sam, and Dean's childhood programming comes charging to the front--thanks ever so much, Dad--especially now that it's something that can actually cause problems. Not smelling or tasting were minor issues in lives like theirs. Not being able to feel pain and temperature?

That's *dangerous*.

Sam knows he's lucky Dean's not insisting on strip-searches after every fight, but damned if the interrogations aren't intrusive enough--do *not* get him started on the string of damaged bathroom doors that kills three of their precious scammed credit cards with damage surcharges--and it's not whining if it's *entirely justified*. He's a grown man, for fuck's sake. He took care of himself for four months while Dean was dead--and for three other months when Dean was dead that other time, that time that only he remembers. He knows how to check himself for wounds. It's nice that Dean cares, don't get him wrong, but Sam doesn't need to be bundled in bubble-wrap and spoon-fed.

Really, Dean, *he can check his own legs*.
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november 2014 by morgana

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