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The Fear of Knowledge [K-Ville/SPN] (Five Districts, Five Drugs:Knowledge of Dead Secrets), by rei_c
5G 5D5D) This is a future-fic for the "Knowledge of Dead Secrets" 'verse. It's told from the perspective of the cops from K-ville. They are presented with body that had vévés carved all over it. So they go to Sam to ask him for whatever information he can provide.

{‘ Everything Boulet's ever heard about Sam runs right through the forefront of his mind: good man, helping to rebuild, runs an honest crew that’ll work anywhere, smart, knows enough about the city to have New Orleans pumping through his blood but wasn't born here, voodoo king, hex you in a minute if he needs to, has a legion of people under his control who'll do anything he tells them, has done things worse than murder.

What Boulet's heard about Dean doesn't bear thinking about, not seeing the man pacing back and forth across the room, muttering under his breath, death written over his face like his freckles. Some say that the two are lovers, some say brothers, a small number say both, but the one thing they all agree on is that Dean is a very dangerous man.

Despite the fact that they say Dean’s pulled souls out of people and created armies of revenants, Boulet looks at Sam, still standing there and merely watching Dean, and knows they're wrong. Sam's scarier, all the more so because he isn't outwardly violent.

Sam’s terrifying for another reason, one that Boulet’s just beginning to see: Sam holds Dean's leash and Dean accepts it without argument. There's no denying that, not when Sam just murmurs Dean's name, and Dean stops, takes a deep breath. Sam will do whatever he has to keep Dean safe, but Dean will do anything to keep Sam happy. Which one’s worse, Boulet doesn’t know.

"We'll take care of it," Sam says, looking at Boulet. Both of them ignore Dean cracking his knuckles, ignore the questions Cobb's launching at them. Boulet studies Sam’s eyes for as long as he can stand, but he nods. Sam nods back, adds, "I apologise for the inconvenience, but we appreciate you bringing this to our attention." ‘}
supernatural  sam  dean  au  verse!5D5D  part.of.series  crossover:5D5D/k-ville  outsider.POV  length:1-5000  author:rei_c 
august 2008 by morgana

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