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Master Index: Secure the Blessing 'Verse, by rahmi
This page has links to all the chapters of the Secure the Blessing 'Verse.

“Secure the Blessing” -- AU. Begins when Dean is killed in a fight with demons. In Sam's grief and desperation he wishes that John, Mary, and Dean live. That they know what "normal" is; that John never has to teach Dean how to be a soldier.... and that Sam is kept away from them because supernatural evil is always attracted to him and he doesn't want it to touch them any more. Of course wishes never go the way they should, and Dean wakes up in a 4 year-old body with most of his memories intact and starts demanding that they produce his Sammy immediately. (John and Mary really don't know what to do with a toddler suddenly declaring that they should be dead and speaking Latin and drawing Devil's Traps and pouring salt all over the place.) The wee-child part doesn't really take up much of the story, it moves on to adulthood and the boys reconnecting and proving that it doesn't matter where or when they are, their bond is so fierce they just can't be kept apart.

"Up Ahead (the roads were closed)" – Summary: “Sam and Dean deal with their new family when demons come calling.”

“The Back of a Storm” – Timestamps for the ‘Verse.
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