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Don't Forget To Breathe Tonight, by jeyhawk
A "curse-made-them-do-it" story. Dean pisses off a witch:

{‘ “You cursed me with an erection?” he asks in bewilderment, because, all things considered, getting a boner is better than, say, being turned into a girl.

“Not just any erection,” she says with a toothy grin, pushing herself into sitting position. “One that only the fulfillment of your deepest, most secret desire will cure.” She laughs. “But, hey, I hear incest isn’t punishable by death anymore.” ‘}

At first Dean doesn't tell Sam what the only cure is, and they try a variety of methods, but nothing works. Once Sam learns how to help Dean comes the blazingly hot sex. And then pain and awkwardness as they try to move beyond it.

Story is in 2 parts.
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  first.time  explicit  top!dean  top!Sam  dean/ofcs  curse  sex.magic  dean:affected  season:unknown  length:15001-20000  author:jeyhawk 
april 2009 by morgana

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