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Faith, Trust, and a Dog or Four , by UnabashedBird
Summary: “Sam adopts a dog because, like Jody keeps telling him, he's allowed to want and have nice things. Somehow, thanks in part to the large dog forcefully impressing on Dean the necessity of an attitude adjustment, this leads to a bunker occupied by two humans, four dogs, an ex-angel, and an ex-demon. And when Charlie, Dorothy, and a surprise guest return from Oz just in time for Christmas, the fun really begins.”

Author’s note: “This story was born out of my need for 1) Sam to have a dog, 2) Dean to stop being a jackass and apologize for past jackassery, 3) Sam to have friends, 4) Meg to not be dead, and 5) Jess to come back and her and Sam to live happily ever after. If anyone enjoys reading it even half as much as I enjoyed writing it, I will be thrilled to pieces."

This is part of the Never Never Land series.
supernatural  sam  dean  sam/jess  castiel  charlie  jess  jody  meg  castiel/meg  charlie/dorothy  angst  bunker  dogs  holiday:christmas  season:10  length:30001-35000  author:UnabashedBird 
september 2017 by morgana
BM on Highway 200, by frozen_delight
A coda to “Fan Fiction” (episode 10.5), where Sam and Dean are discussing the various fanfic ships.

{‘ Sam blinked against the last slanting rays of the setting sun and squinted sideways at his brother. “So what do you reckon it is? Our names are so short, it’s really difficult. Sean? … Damn?”

“No! Just no! Can’t you think about anything else?”

“Dude, how am I supposed to think about anything else when you’ve been humming that Sam and Dean duet for the last fifty miles?”

“I did no-” Dean shut his mouth, looking mildly horrified. Sam laughed. He was feeling more elated than he had in a long time, and if the extensive humming was anything to go by, so was Dean. Not that he’d admit it. “Shut up!”

Stifling his laughter, Sam turned to his phone instead. The signal was pretty bad, but within a minute he had what he was looking for. “Wincest,” he announced triumphantly. “It’s called Wincest.”

The car swerved dangerously as Dean spun around in his seat to face Sam. “Dude, you did not just google what people call it when they think that we top off a good day of ganking ghosts with some horizontal monster mash!”

Sam gazed back at his brother with the most innocent expression in his broad acting repertoire. “It’s more innovative than Destiel, don’t you think? And they definitely know we’re brothers,” he added as an afterthought.

“Wow, that’s just great,” Dean said sarcastically. After a short pause, he began again with a frown, “I gotta ask, though, man, I mean you were the one who practically wet his pants with excitement when we entered that theater. And you’ve got a girl’s hair. So first you, then Cas - Why am I always the gay one?”

“Maybe it’s because of the intense green eyes you make every time we have a BM moment?” Sam teased him. “Really makes me want to hum You Must Love Me deep inside.”

Dean’s free hand slammed down on the steering wheel. “Don’t ever! You have a terrible singing voice!”

“Or maybe it’s the single man tear?”

“Shut your face!”

“I’m a bit disappointed that Sam and Cas didn’t get a good BM moment too…”

Dean raised his eyebrows, then let them dance, accompanied by a flick of his right hand. “Dude, is this what this is all about? You still jealous? Far as I’m concerned, Cas is all yours and you can have all your geeky girly Sas-whatever-ness together.”

“Lots of sass, yes.”

“You wish. Bitch.”

“Jerk.” Sam grinned at his brother until the corners of his mouth started hurting. Possibly those were the muscles he’d used the least in the last two years, but he was determined to do long workout sessions with them now. He owed himself that much, hell he owed both of them.

It seemed almost surreal that they were sitting in this car, driving off into the sunset, bickering the way they’d used to when they were still two kids cooped up in the backseat, and that they’d worked a case together where no one had died, apart from the monster that desperately needed killing of course, where everything they’d done felt right and simple and true, and the only burning question remaining was why people thought Cas would choose to bone Dean rather than Sam. ‘}
supernatural  sam  dean  gen  fanfic.aware  humor  coda:10.05  season:10  length:1-5000  author:frozen_delight 
may 2015 by morgana
Property of Sam Winchester, by laurificus (Laura)
Summary: "Dean's got a mark on his arm, but Dean was Sam's first."

Set in season 10,, after Dean has been changed back from being a demon. The Mark of Cain is still trying to influence him, and Sam finds a way to distract him.

{‘ “Sam —“

Sam shakes his head. “I’m not leaving.”

Dean stands up, and this time, he jams his hands in his pockets,as if Sam doesn’t know they’re shaking — this time because he’s scared. “All the times you tried to — said you wanted to. Now I’m saying you can. NO harm, no foul. Free pass. Find a girl, buy a dog —“

“Seriously. Never tired of punching.” Sam gets into his space, looms over him and hasn’t been so grateful for his height since he was 18 and smug as all fuck about it. “Do you know how mad at you I’d have to get before I left? I mean, I’m seriously asking, because I’ve been pretty fucking mad at you more than once in the past couple years, and I never did. I stayed through your Benny is a better brother speech, and your fake text bullshit, and your epic Gadriel fuck up..”

“You wanna do this now?” Dean says, low and threatening, anger or hurt making him dangerous. Sam keeps moving forward, doesn’t care. Dean’s knees hit the back of the bed, and Sam shoves him onto it.

“Yes,” he says. “But not how you think, Dean.” He keeps his hands on Dean’s shoulders, thumbs on his collarbones. “I didn’t leave then, for the same reason I don’t regret what I did to get you back. For the same reason I’m not leaving now. And for the same reason I’m going to fucking save you, whether you want me to or not.” Dean, the bastard, actually looks up at him, this uncertain look on his face Sam’s hugely insulted by. “You’re my brother, you jackass. If you think I’m letting you go, you’re out of your goddamn mind.”

“I might be,” Dean says. He wraps his fingers around Sam’s wrist, in a grip so hard it’s painful. “I don’t know how to stop this.”

Sam takes a breath. It’s been years. Before purgatory and Amelia and a hundred ways they found to hurt each other between then and now. But he wants the things that used to be his. “Cain had some weird thing going on with bees, right?”

Dean nods. “I’m not getting a hive in the bunker.”

Sam grins. “I don’t really think it would be your thing. Not all that hopeful about yoga, either.” He slides his fingers under Dean’s shirt, leans in. “There’s pretty much one option where you’re concerned.”

Dean’s free hand comes up between them, but not to push away. he rests it on Sam’s chest, fingers curling in his t-shirt. “Sam,” he says. “I’d never — this is a fucked up reason for this.”

Sam kisses him, a quick, barely there thing that’s still all electricity and heat. It’s the best thing he’s known in years. “I remember you were terrible at this, so having sex with you to keep you sane is going to be a pretty big sacrifice for me. But I’m a good brother, so I’m willing to do it.”

And that makes Dean laugh again, hopeful and warm. “Nobody thinks this is good brotherly behaviour, Sam,” and Sam says, “I remember you used to talk a lot less.” And Dean rolls his eyes and pulls Sam in. ‘}
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  established  explicit  top!sam  bondage  season:10  length:1-5000  author:laurificus 
november 2014 by morgana

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