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I'd Burn This City Down (To Show You the Light), by lotrabc
Summary: "With Dean robbed of his memories and Sam of his soul, Sam's idea of looking out for his brother drives them in unforeseen directions, forcing both to weigh the age-old question of what makes us who we are."

The story begins after Dean has lost his memories and Robo!Sam decides not to tell him about their lives, thinking that Dean deserves a break. Dean doesn't really agree.

{' “Actual signs of life. I’ll be damned,” Dean jokes. “How’s that work out? The family business?”

There’s a shrug, and Dean gets the feeling it’s not something Sam is ever interested in putting a microscope on, even to himself. Easier to keep on the move, so none of it ever catches up. No doubt, there will be things Dean will wish he could leave behind when he gets it all back.

“We used to be tight. Practically in each other’s pockets, but—“ he does another shot, considering the words carefully because they don’t come naturally. “I guess I turned into someone else the last year or so. Not the guy he’s looking for now, and he doesn’t say it but you can tell. Even I can tell—just a matter of time until he bolts. Looking at my face and seeing somebody else makes him miserable.”

“It’s not my place,” hands out in peace, Dean goes on, “But maybe you ought to give him more credit than that. People change, but some things don’t. Family doesn’t.”

“How would you know?” One of those things Sam does that most would read the wrong way. It’s not an attack, not with that much earnest anticipation on his face.

“Honest? I have no idea. But one guy’s opinion? There are things that don’t come off in the first rinse cycle. The guy you used to be, your brother’s brother. It’s—instinct. In your gut instead of in your head. Like when I came with you,” he finishes, going quiet with the last bit.

Sam is openly staring at him again. Two days and Dean hasn’t faltered under that stare. Not once. “Hanging around even though you got no practical reason to, even though it doesn’t make sense, that’s—instinct?”

“It’s—a lot of things. A lot of things that don’t make sense.”

“Sounds familiar.” He wraps the expanse of those hands around the bottle, pouring out a shot and pushing it across the table to Dean. Watches him take it down the way Dean had watched him before. When he goes to pull the glass back to top Dean off, their fingers brush and neither is in a hurry to jerk theirs away, erase it with a bullshit joke that makes it safe. '}
supernatural  sam:robo/dean  wincest  first.time  explicit  sam:robo  dean:amnesia  season:6  length:10001-15000  author:lotrabc 
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Revisionist History, by nutkin
Dean and Robo!Sam have a discussion that even includes talking about feelings, and about Sam’s interactions with Ruby (because Robo!Sam finally convinces him that he has Sam’s memories). And then there is sex, which is hot but doesn’t quite turn out the way you’d think. Also, as the author says, "it's also just kind of an ode to how much Dean loves Sam."

{‘ "Well, I did know it was wrong. It wasn't about how much I liked Ruby, or doing the right thing. It was about doing whatever it took to keep you out of that fight." Sam shrugs and turns his hands up. "I would have rather turned into a demonic freak and have you hate me for it than go back to living in a world where you were dead."

He says it like it's nothing, like he's explaining why he ordered mandarin chicken instead of egg rolls for dinner, but for a moment there Dean's brain can't even process what he's hearing.

A lot of things drove them apart in the couple years before Sam took his leap into the pit, but the Ruby thing – that was the real turning point. He used to love Sam openly, freely, making no secret of the fact he pretty much controlled the tides of Dean's life. If Sam was sad, Dean was worried; if Sam was a mad, Dean was going to kick some ass. And if Sam was happy, the whole goddamn world was happy.

He starting putting some distance there when his life became one big countdown to Hell, just so Sam didn't totally go to pieces when he kicked the bucket. But when he came back, everything was different. There were secrets and lies and broken promises, and closing himself off became a matter of self-preservation. Even that didn't save him from the parting shot – whatever embers of his soul were left after four decades in Hell were pretty much stomped out when he realized Sam had it in him to choose anyone – much less a demon – over him.

And apparently he had it wrong the whole time.

"Are you okay?" Sam says eventually.

"No," Dean says honestly. "No, Sam, I am really not okay."

"What's wrong?"

Dean has to laugh.

"You really don't get it, do you? I guess you can't. You just – you freakin' tell me that the thing that's weighed on me for the last two years, the thing that made me spend most of our last year together hating your guts – which I then got to spend another year beating myself up over – was all in my head. That's a lot to process, dude." ‘}
supernatural  sam:robo/dean  wincest  sam:robo  explicit  season:6  length:5001-10000  author:nutkin 
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