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Internal, by Arsenic Jade
Summary: "Howie gets broken. Nick has to put him back together."
popslash  bsb  pairing:howie/nick  length:10001-15000  author:arsenic.jade 
june 2017 by morgana
not the reel nsync, by No pSeud Attached
This is the story where Chris has Lance, Joey and a diabolical JC dubbing bad German porn during hiatus. Justin finds out and of course he goes through the roof. It’s written partly as a regular story, and partly as a script, and it’s very, very funny.

{' -- CHRIS (CONT'D)

And what the fuck? After all that begging and whining, I finally give you lines, and what happens? No breaking the straight guy, okay? There could be terrible consequences.

-- JC

Hey, you never said that about me. I like chicks just as much as Joey.


Point one, no one likes chicks as much as Joey. Point two, you aren't married to an avenging angel of wrath who could snap my fragile body in two without breaking into a sweat. And point three, Joey is actually straight. Whereas you're straight like a drinking straw — the bend's already there, all someone needs to do is give it a little tweak and start sucking.

*JC glares, rather pink in the face.*

-- JC

That is so untrue! I'm dedicated to my craft, that's all. I'll do whatever's required to get the take. It isn't my fault if Lance chose to exploit my weakness for perfection. I never stood a chance.


Sure you didn't.

*Lance slides off his stool, and puts his headphones down with precision.*


If you come upstairs to one of Chris's guest rooms with me right now, you can blow me. I know I'll find it very motivational, so really it's your duty as a friend and colleague.

*JC grins, and spread his hands in a general appeal to the room.*

-- JC

See? That's exactly what I'm talking about. How can I avoid a devious play like that?


Whoa right the fuck there. We have a schedule to keep.


I'm taking a break. The union says I can.

*Lance hooks his forefinger through JC's belt loop, and tugs him off his stool and across the room. His voice drifts back down the stairs to Chris.*


And when I get back, we're gonna have another little talk about my dressing room riders. I told you last week, Chris: Dorritos are not 'exactly the same as' rice crackers, and unless you had a real long pipe laid, Evian does not come out of your kitchen faucet. And incidentally? When I said 'you need to buy lube which isn't chocolate flavoured', I wasn't thinking 'ooh, marshmallow!'

*Chris makes flappy-mouth gestures with his hand until Lance's voice has faded away, still complaining.* '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  pairing:lance/omcs  hiatus  humor  length:10001-15000  author:norah 
june 2014 by morgana
Marking It Down To Learning, by jewelianna (aka juli, aka jewelianna88)
Summary: AU in which JC is a first year teacher and Lance is there to guide him through.

Needs notes.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  au  length:30001-35000  author:jewelianna  author:jewelianna88  author:juli  needs.notes 
may 2014 by morgana
just ask., by halo (aka halowrites)
The guys stay in for a night of watching porn, and Chris, Joey and Lance and tell Justin that the hottest thing they've ever seen is JC jerking off and he'd do it for Justin too, if Justin asked. This leads to JC and Lance having sex and then GSF.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  pairing:gsf  length:1-5000  author:halo  author:halowrites 
may 2014 by morgana
accidentally on purpose, by halo (aka halowrites)
This is the fluttery version of JC, who begins a relationship with Lance and continues it by accident. He then keeps telling himself he means to end it, all the while keeping count in a notebook of all the times they've had sex.

{‘ JC didn't mean to keep sleeping with Lance. Well, okay-- that wasn't strictly true- the first time it happened, it had been totally intentional. And he really *did* mean it the second time too, because the noises Lance made while he was being fucked were unlike anything JC had ever heard before, so naturally he'd been curious to hear them again. Once more for the road and all that, he'd told Lance, who'd agreed, yeah, sure, and unbuttoned his pants happily. Actually, the second time around, the noises were really kinda fucking hot, and JC had briefly contemplated asking if Lance would mind if he recorded them the next time, until he'd remembered that, ah --there wasn't *going* to be a next time. Right.

As it turned out, there *had* been a next time, because tequila was bad and evil, and after drinking a lot of it, Lance looked not unlike some pale and stunning god, and fuck it, JC was only human.

The fifth time, though, JC decided enough was enough. He'd folded his arms resolutely -- which had been somewhat awkward, due to Lance's legs resting on his shoulders at the time-- and had declared that this was most definitely it. No ifs or buts, there was going to be no more accidental sex between either of them from now on.

"Sure, sure," Lance had panted, twisting his hips impatiently, "whatever you say, C-- just hurry up and fuck me, okay?"

"Oh, right." JC had unfolded his arms again, and grabbed Lance's ankles. "Sorry. Hard and fast, like usual?"

Lance had made one of his noises, and well. The fifth time had been really very spectacular.

The morning after the twenty-seventh time (JC had started a notebook, each time he and Lance having had accidental sex marked with a fiercely-scrawled, *"not AGAIN!"* and a scowling face) he was idly doodling in the margin of the page, adding loops and swirls around: *"no more tequila. EVER"* --when Chris peered over his shoulder.

"Again, huh?" he asked, slapping JC on the back. "What's that now-- eighteen times?"

JC sniffed, frantically underlining *EVER* in thick, black lines. "Twenty-seven," he muttered, and threw the pen down. "Twenty-*seven,* Chris, and it's stopping now."

"Uh huh." Chris didn't even look up from pouring himself some coffee. "Didn't you say that twenty-six times ago?"

"It's possible, I suppose. I can't remember." JC slammed the notebook shut. "However, this time, I *mean* it." ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  humor  length:1-5000  author:halo  author:halowrites 
may 2014 by morgana
Syrupy Lambs, by beatpropx and no pseud attached
The precursor to "Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder."

Lance and Justin get stoned on cough syrup.

{' However, when they started for the door, Lance said, "Wait! Wait!"

By the time JC had turned around, Lance had disappeared under the covers. A Lance-shaped lump moved around oddly, and Chris paled.

"Oh, shit," Chris said. "Tell me he isn't..."

Justin lay still, strange expressions crossing over his face as he clutched the blankets tight, watching JC and Chris. Eventually, a hand popped up out of the blankets, triumphantly waving a pair of boxers. Lance's head followed a moment later, all bed-head spikes and alarming grin, like a groundhog looking forward to an especially fine spring.

"To distract the door!" Lance exclaimed.

"Um...Chris has a key," JC said. "Really, we don't need—"

"No, no, no." Lance fought his way clear of the blankets and knelt up. He shoved the boxers at JC. "The door wants Justin. So, you know. It's not a *bad* door, but it's kind of melty and it can't have him. I don't have a problem with him at *all.*"

Gingerly, JC took them between thumb and forefinger. They were rather sticky, and it wasn't all syrup. "Okay. Yeah. Thanks."

Lance nodded, job done, and wriggled back under the covers with Justin's eager assistance.

"Can we go now?" Chris asked. "Please. I really, really want to be able to say to Lynn that I didn't ever see her baby boy stick his tongue in Lance's ear."

As they approached the door, Lance made rather muffled warning noises behind them, so JC waved the boxers at the door as he opened it, then hung them over the doorknob. Hopefully, the door would like them. He sighed with relief as they made it back out into the thankfully empty corridor.

"God," Chris said as JC made sure he'd closed the door. "I need a drink." '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:justin/lance  eurobabies  touring  verse!absinthe.makes  has.a.sequel  length:5001-10000  author:beatpropx  author:nopseud 
may 2014 by morgana
Fake It Till You Make It, by phaballa
Due to a slipup on Lance's part, he and JC need to pretend to date.

[' "It's my fault," Lance says grimly, handing JC a new cup of coffee and patting him on the shoulder sadly. "I wasn't even thinking, fucking interns calling at six in the morning. It's my fault, and I take complete responsibility. How long do we need to do this for?"

"Do what?" JC frowns more before trying to smooth his face into a blank mask. Frowning too much will give him wrinkles. He's pretty sure he saw it in a movie, or possibly on *Doctor 90210,* although he has to keep his eyes shut for most of that show because—needles and cutting and blood. Plastic surgery is really gross, and he's old now, he needs to be careful about that shit if he doesn't want to end up having to have it.

"A while," Eric says, fingers flying over the keys on his phone, texting, texting. "I mean, this can't be a fling, JC's been saying you're his best friend for years. It'd look bad if it ended quickly. Six months? Hmm. Maybe a year."

"A year of what?" JC wants to cry. He won't, because he's not actually a girl or gay, no matter what Jive seems to think, so no crying even if this is his worst birthday ever, but he would really, really like to. Cry, or maybe go back to sleep. This day needs a do-over. He hasn't even turned on the television or checked his feed reader yet. He's sort of terrified of what people are saying about him, although he's more terrified that they're not saying anything. He's maybe complete irrelevant, JC thinks, which is really just unfair because damn it, he's talented. A genius, some might say, if one took into account his mother's opinion, which JC totally does because seriously—his mom's a really smart lady. She knows things.

"A year of dating," Lance says, and squeezes JC's shoulder. "Believe me, if you're going to come out, having a boyfriend is the best way to do it. And pretending really isn't that hard."

"But I'm not gay!" '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  coming.out.public  author:phaballa 
may 2014 by morgana
Take a Second Just to Breathe, by pensnest
The sequel to "Clear My Eyes." A porny threesome.


Nick Carter, grinning on the doorstep and wearing a Santa hat, said, "Merry Christmas!"

Lance grinned back, and gestured him inside.

"I'm supposed to be your Christmas gift," Nick said, "according to JC. You, uh, did know that, right?"

"I was there when he called you," Lance said. The call had been quite explicit about what was required.

"Hah," said Nick. "I was on my own."

Lance's grin got wider as he appreciated the mental picture that gave him. "Must have been hard," he said, and Nick snorted. "But I think we're all each other's Christmas gifts. At least, that's the idea." '}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:jc/lance/nick  threesome  sequel  author:pensnest 
may 2014 by morgana
Cake, by giddy (aka giddygeek)
Chris and Lance have been in a long-term casual relationship, that somehow turns into something more serious when Chris isn't paying attention.

{‘ "What I'm doing," Lance says, calm and assured, "what I'm doing is buying a house in LA that will come in handy, since the house across the street just isn't anymore. What I'm doing is telling you to make more room for my clothes in the closet and don't forget to set a second place for dinner, because I'm moving in *here.*"

Chris blinks at him a lot of times in a row before he wrests control back from the part of his brain that just started spinning in circles. He's suddenly cold and feels more than a little detached from the whole conversation; that more than anything convinces him that he's gone in to shock and might require medical attention. "Well," he says weakly, "nice of you to tell me before you brought over your toothpaste, I guess. Thanks?"

Lance sighs and says, "I *already* brought over my toothpaste."

A brief and startling flash of images, none of them involving Lance's mother but all of them involving his toothpaste in the cabinet, his favorite shirt in with the rest of the laundry, his socks in the drawer, his favorite ice cream in the freezer and. And.

"Oh my God," Chris says, amazed. "Oh my God, you live in my house. When the hell did that happen?"

Lance frowns. "You had to have noticed. I mean, I haven't exactly been hiding in your basement, here."

"Well, no, but you haven't exactly been, I mean, you were just, you wanted *flour.*"

"I said that the first night, but then I came over for sugar--you remember that, I stayed a week? And then I came over for eggs, too, and I like, haven't left yet. What have you been thinking all this time, that I've had brownie mix waiting on the counter for me for months?"

"It was *cake*! And no, I thought--"

"Yes?" Lance is all raised eyebrows and eyes gone nearly silver, sharp but warm, and Chris can't help but groan and drop his head, rest it against Lance's shoulder for just a minute. There's something comfortable about the way he's shaped, like the line of his collarbone was designed specifically for this. It would be very very easy to just say, 'fuck it, let's just nap now and figure life out later,' and then just spend a couple quiet hours sitting like this. It would be very, very hard to see Lance move out to Los Angeles, with nothing settled between them.

"OK, so I haven't been thinking about it," he says, the words muffled against warm skin before he sits up and takes a deep breath, trying to think of the right words, the right way to phrase this. "I've been trying not to think about it like at all. What the hell happened to, oh, we're both too independent? I mean, I thought, I didn't get your logic then but I said OK and now *this?*"

"Oh, Jesus, Chris," Lance says. "I was *nineteen* when we had that conversation." ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  author:giddy  author:giddygeek 
may 2014 by morgana
All that lies before you, by ephemera_pop
The Nsync guys are at a party in 1997 and meet the Greek gods. Lance spends the night with “Phillip” (aka Poseidon) while off-screen Joey spends the night with “Dion,” or Dionysus. In 2005 Lance comes across Phillip at another party, and they spend the night together again.
popslash  nsync  pairing:lance/poseidon  greek.mythology  author:ephemera_pop 
may 2014 by morgana
Vines, by deirdre (aka pierson)
JC and Lance are at a party, and JC’s bored. They’re on a balcony, and JC pulls Lance further into the shadows and behind the greenery to hide them from view. Public sex ensues.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  lance:space  length:1-5000  author:deirdre  author:pierson 
may 2014 by morgana
Triangle - Angle One, by deirdre (aka pierson)
Begins with Chris trying to wrangle a drunk JC and Lance back to their hotel rooms, which is, as he says, like trying to herd cats. In the midst of it all JC and Lance start kissing, and Chris manages to break that up, and then Lance starts kissing him… Chris finally gets JC back to the room they’re sharing and unexpectedly there is sex. But the next day JC doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge it or continue it. Chris slowly realizes that he’s been attracted to JC all along.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/jc  eurobabies  length:35001-40000  author:deirdre  author:pierson 
may 2014 by morgana
The Lance Bass Song, by deirdre (aka pierson)
Lance and Chris have been a couple for 2 months, and this story takes place during a brief interlude when they've stopped at a hotel during one of their tours. My favorite part is Lance's breakfast conversation with JC, where they discuss, among other things, JC's past status as an ex-lover of Chris and Lance's position as his current boyfriend.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  touring  length:15001-20000  author:deirdre  author:pierson 
may 2014 by morgana
Nightmoves, by deirdre (aka pierson)
Nsync is in Europe. Lance is 17, and he wants Chris. Chris wants Lance too, and after talking with JC he decides that the age difference isn't all that important after all. Basically a longish PWP.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  pwp  eurobabies  length:5001-10000  author:deirdre  author:pierson 
may 2014 by morgana
Mysterious Ways, by deirdre (aka pierson)
Long casefic that's worth the time investment. Chris is a PI who also happens to be psychic. Joe's daughter disappeared a year and a half before Chris begins dreaming about her. This is a mostly serious, determined, fiercely dedicated Chris who thrums with energy rather than the manic, bouncing off the walls on a sugar rush Chris. That's my favorite portrayal of him and this story delivers that very well. In addition to all the other members of Nsync, three of the BSB appear (Howie and Kevin are mentioned, but don't actually show up on stage) as well as a wonderful turn by undercover cop Britney.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/joey  pairing:chris/omc  pairing:joey/justin  au  psychic:chris  casefic  length:95001-100000  author:deirdre  author:pierson 
may 2014 by morgana
Three Dollar Bill, by coreopsis
Lance runs into Nick at an industry party, and they duck out to Lance's hotel room. Everything's going great until they figure out that they both want to top.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:lance/nick  author:coreopsis 
may 2014 by morgana
Suddenly Hot, by coreopsis
While touring through Europe AJ comes to the realization that Brian is sexy.

{' Until that show in Munich, AJ had never paid much attention to Brian's body. He was just another guy with whom AJ had to compete for vocal parts and occasionally had to change clothes, and not any sort of a sex object. He wasn't made to be--not to the extent that Kevin and Howie and AJ himself were, at least. They were always being told to take off their shirts and spending too much time getting cold water poured on them for no reason other than to highlight their muscles and make them look sexy. Why being wet was considered sexy sort of escaped AJ, even though he already considered himself something of an expert on the subject of sexiness. He thought the video for Quit Playing Games had made them look too dumb to come in out of the rain, and Kevin had thrown an absolute fit that management had ignored, as usual. So AJ was aware of his own sexiness and would concede that Howie had his moments, and Kevin was damned hot when he didn't have a stick up his butt, but Brian was a goofy, sweet dork who was a perfect friend for Nick who was a pretty, sweet dork--any sexiness the two of them possessed was the kind that appealed to little girls or disgusting old men like Lou. If asked, AJ would have sworn he truly believed that, until... '|
popslash  bsb  pairing:aj/brian  touring  author:coreopsis 
may 2014 by morgana
Unpretty, by Chris J
Nick is unhappy with being viewed only as an object and not being allowed to grow up, and eventually begins getting his tattoos to rebel against the clean-cut baby of the group image that was built for him.

{‘ Nick sat with his socked feet tucked up underneath him, his bleached blond hair hanging in his eyes. He flipped through the glossy magazine in his lap and stopped to look at his own sweet, innocent face mirrored up at him. His reflection, though, was smiling; after all, he was the young one, the pure one, the beautiful one.

Nick was learning to hate each moment he had to spend pretending to be that guy.

This wasn't the way he'd planned it in his head, when this had all begun, when he thought that he'd finally be good enough to be somebody. Now he was a doll, a thing to look at and play with and feel free to abuse because he wasn't real. They could change his hair and change his clothes and change the way he moved and it didn't matter to anyone what he was inside. And if he should break, well, he could always be replaced -- there were a hundred more, who looked just like him. ‘}
popslash  bsb  main.character:nick  author:chris.j 
may 2014 by morgana
Thirteen Hours From New York to Rome, by Chris J
Justin's on a plane about to take off for Rome (Justin's going to do a modeling gig) and at the last minute Chris boards and keeps him company. Justin's a bit nervous, and Chris has years' worth of experience in knowing Justin and knowing how to distract him.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/justin  author:chris.j 
may 2014 by morgana
Ashes of Roses, by Chris J
Chris is at an industry party watching Paris Hilton at one side of the room draping herself across a bevy of men taunting Nick, who's leaning against a wall on the other side of the room. Chris takes a drink over to him and decides to pick him up.

{ '"I think you're supposed to have a dance-off now," said Chris solemnly. He gestured at his bartender for another pair of drinks, but his bartender was still watching Paris. "Isn't that how these things are normally resolved?"

"She doesn't look all that interested in dancing," said Nick. It did look a lot like dancing to Chris, though, if he cocked his head the right way.

"Well, you know her better than I do," he said, rattling the ice left in his glass.

"Yeah, I guess I do," said Nick. Maybe too well, from the look on his face. Sometimes knowing what was coming just made it worse.

"Awwww," said Chris, exaggerating it only a little. "You can do better, believe me."

"Oh God," said Nick, shoving his glass away. He knocked the plastic cup over, and a few pale droplets dribbled out onto the table. "Just do not try to cheer me up. All right?"

"I'm not trying to cheer you up, I'm trying to pick you up. And I'm a little insulted that you can't tell the difference."

"Oh," said Nick, and stared at his hands. "Okay, yeah, missed that bit. Most people are a little more obvious."

"Well, I might be an old fucker who doesn't care much anymore," said Chris, "but you've obviously been cultivating a pleasantly heterosexual image." Someone appeared at his elbow with the fresh drinks that he hadn't managed to order, but he wasn't going to complain. Chris waited for him to move on before speaking again. "I was going for subtle."

Nick just shrugged a little, then finally looked at him. Chris met his eyes for a moment then looked away to Paris, who watched them from the corner of her eye. He couldn't tell if the look on her face was a smile or a smirk.

"So what, is this a game between you two?"

"For her, maybe."

Chris licked his teeth, rattled his ice. "A game two can play?" '}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:chris/nick  author:chris.j 
may 2014 by morgana
Rumour, by Calico
Chris decides to run an experiment, using Lance as his accomplice.

{‘ Chris shrugged. "I'm sick of all the hacks getting up my ass all the time. Especially when it's mostly such bullshit. So," he said, drawing out the word, "I thought I'd give them something more... meaty to talk about."

"Ew," Lance said distinctly, staring at him blankly. His mind was racing wildly, but none of the thoughts lingered long enough for him to get a handle.

"Yeah, well. So that's the plan," he said cheerfully, plucking the console out Lance's fingers, "you playing this? Can I have a go?"

Lance grabbed it back. "It's *not* a plan," he said firmly, and was left with an expectant Chris waiting for him to carry on. "Well, why me?" he asked eventually, feeling sulky.

Chris laughed. "What, I'd go for one of the others? No chance. Lance, you're... well, you're fem, for one."

Lance gave a strangled, incredulous laugh, shaking his head. "No, no, no way am I gonna pretend to be with you because you say I'm *fem,*" he said, and it was louder than he'd expected, "just forget it, Chris, seriously, just let the whole idea wander right back out your head and--"

"You're hot, Lance," Chris interrupted, a slightly challenging look on his face. "So shut up and play computer games with me."

"Hot," Lance said, hearing his heart go loud. "Are you hitting on me?"

"You are *slow,*" Chris said, sounding amazed that anyone could be as slow as Lance, as if it was criminal, "listen to me, okay? Not hitting on you. Not saying you're camp. Just, fuck, can't a guy suggest to another guy that they should pretend to date to piss off some journalists anymore?" He was grinning. "What's the world coming to, I ask ya."

Lance knew he was being played like a cheap date, but couldn't deny that he felt better. Mollified, kinda. Chris said he was hot -- he kinda liked hearing that. "I don't know. It could go wrong."

"What, you think we'll get gaybashed?" Chris said, mocking in his voice, "Trust me, they'll love it, the media'll just lap it up." He leaned into Lance so their heads were close and made a frame of his fingers, holding it at arms length that anyone on the ceiling would see them like a Polaroid. "Chris Kirkpatrick gets it on with prime boyband steak."

Lance burst out laughing, shaking his head and levering Chris out his personal space. "You should use Justin, then they'll talk about jailbait too."

Chris shook his head. "Justin's no good: I want you." ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  author:calico 
may 2014 by morgana
Mercy, by Betty Plotnick
This begins the night the guys are gathererd to say goodbye to Nsync, and then follows them for a bit afterwards. It focuses mostly on Lance and Chris.

{‘ "Look, I'm thirty-eight, and I'm not married and I don't have any kids and I don't need bodyguards to get through an airport anymore. I don't have a problem with any of that; I like all of that. I have everything I need and I'm doing what I love to do, and you can take your fucking pity and choke on it. So maybe at this rate my album's going to go platinum in about three hundred years, but I still like it, I fucking love the thing, because it's mine. And maybe I used to be in love with somebody who didn't love me, but you know what, me and ninety-eight percent of the world had that happen to us, and Jesus, for ninety-three percent of us it was Timberlake, so it's not like I'm not in good company. I'm not the star of anything, I'm not in syndication, I'm not on the cover of Rolling Stone, but for fuck's sake, stop tiptoeing around me like I'm about to take a header off the Brooklyn Bridge. I never asked anyone to feel sorry for me -- I didn't ask those people back there to feel sorry for me when I didn't have one damn thing of my own, and I sure as hell don't need you to feel sorry for me now."

"I never said I felt sorry for you. I'm your friend, I'm allowed to worry about you sometimes."

"No, you're not. You're not allowed to wring your hands and wait for me to fall apart without you. Did I walk around going, oh, poor broken Lance, do you think he'll be okay? when you didn't get on the shuttle, when you made a movie that sucked, when you developed a sitcom that no one would pick up?"

"No, you acted like nothing was going on."

"No, I acted like I knew you'd be okay. You knew you'd be okay; that's what makes you so fucking sexy. You always walk out there with your head up, like you believe that whether you're up or down at the moment, you're still Mr. Hollywood, you're still Lance fucking Bass and you're a star. God, you have no idea how much I love that about you. Would it kill you to give me a little bit of fucking dignity of my own?"

Lance put his face down in his hands, rubbing the heels into his eye-sockets. "Chris, stop. I don't think you're down, and I don't think you're a loser."

"You and Justin both, you think I need to be chaperoned everywhere, you think I need this constant reassurance. I'm happy, okay? I don't need the full-service boyband team-spirit cheerleading."

"No, because you don't need shit from us anymore, do you?" Lance shouted, so full of more anger than he knew he had in him that Chris actually took a step back. Lance crossed his arms over his chest to disguise the way his muscles were shaking. "I guess it was stupid to think you were avoiding us because maybe you weren't happy. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I never see you anymore because your life is fucking perfect without me -- us. Us all, me, the group, whatever. Without any of it."

Chris sat down on the edge of the bed. "I've been busy," he said, sounding chastened. "We've all been busy."

"Yeah, and the rest of us find the time. You -- we don't know what's going on with you, we don't know what you're thinking about, we only know where you are half the time because we get your itinerary from Lindsey. Since the second we broke up, the only thing I've gotten from you that might give anyone one fucking tiny clue about what's going on in your life is this CD in the mail with a bunch of slit-your-wrists songs about how Justin broke your heart, and you're pissed off at me because I'm afraid you might not be happy? If you're happy, why don't you just fucking say so!"

"I did just fucking say so!"

"Well -- all right! So am I!"

"Good for us, then!" Chris said, but by now he was yelling just for the fun of it. Lance could tell the difference. He smiled, and then leaned back on his hands. ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  author:betty.plotnick 
may 2014 by morgana
Collective Experience, by Arsenic Jade
Brian and AJ begin a relationship, and eventually bring Howie into it. The other part of the story involves their hobbies: Brian collects stamps, AJ collects matchbooks, and at the end they convince Howie to collect charms.

{‘ "What do you think we should do?"

Brian was quiet for a long time. Long enough that AJ was just about to say his name when Brian responded, "You can say no to this."

AJ's stomach tightened. Brian never gave right of veto over his ideas unless they very intimately involved AJ.

"Howie watches us."

AJ had to shake his head to try and make Brian's words form into some kind of coherency for himself. "I'm sorry?"

"He watches…us being together. Like it's something he wants."

"He wants what we have, Bri. Not us."

"He wants you, at the very least."

AJ didn't think anyone could look at the two of them and pick him out of the deal. "You're wrong."

"Maybe, but you know I rarely am about this stuff."

"Well, what if he does? What then? We say, 'hey, there's extra room in the bed, wanna join?'"

Brian pushed himself tightly up against AJ. "Nevermind, it was stupid. I'll come up with something else."

AJ gritted his teeth and pretended to fall asleep. ‘}
popslash  bsb  pairing:aj/brian  pairing:aj/brian/howie  threesome  length:5001-10000  author:arsenic.jade 
may 2014 by morgana
The Fine Details, by Arsenic Jade
The sequel to "The Big Picture." It's been 5 years since the previous story, and at 14 Taylor is a holy terror causing Bev all kinds of problems. Chris volunteers to take her with them on tour for the summer, so Taylor can work with the crew and Bev can get a break. It's a rough adjustment until she finally begins to soften a bit and get along with people.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  pairing:jc/joey  pairing:justin/britney  sequel  touring  length:10001-15000  author:arsenic.jade 
may 2014 by morgana
The Big Picture, by Arsenic Jade
Chris' sister is turning 9, and she's angry that he's on tour and can't make it home for her birthday party. Once the tour does swing through Pittsburg months later, she's still angry. She doesn't want him sending elaborate things, she wants to get to know her big brother.

The sequel is "The Fine Details."
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  touring  has.a.sequel  length:5001-10000  author:arsenic.jade 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 14: Reunions
The list of recs I compiled for the Reunions theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  reunion 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 13:MPreg
The list of recs I compiled for the MPreg theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  mpreg 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 12: Massages
The list of recs I compiled for the Massages theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  massage 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 11: Place Your Bets
The list of recs I compiled for the Place Your Bets theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 10: OMG I'm a Girl!
The list of recs I compiled for the OMG I'm a Girl! theme.

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popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  genderswap 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 09: Cross-Dressing
The list of recs I compiled for the Cross-Dressing theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  cross-dressing 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 08: Changing Into Animals
The list of recs I compiled for the Changing Into Animals theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  change.into.animal 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 07: Vampires
The list of recs I compiled for the Vampires theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  vampires 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 06: Zombies!
The list of recs I compiled for the Zombies! theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 05: Pre-Germany
The list of recs I compiled for the Pre-Germany theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  pre-europe 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 04: Amnesia
The list of recs I compiled for the Amnesia theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  amnesia:chris  amnesia:jc  amnesia:justin  amnesia:kevin  amnesia:lance 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 03: Psychic Abilities
The list of recs I compiled for the Psychic Abilities theme.

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popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  psychic  psychic:aj  psychic:chris  psychic:howie  psychic:lance 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 02: Clones!
The list of recs I compiled for the Clones theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs  clonefic 
may 2014 by morgana
Popslash Theme Recs 01: Summer
The list of recs I compiled for the Summer theme.

Note: The links were last checked on 5-17-14 to make sure they're still working.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  themerecs 
may 2014 by morgana
videotape, by sinead
After a brief intro describing how the guys watch videos while on tour and how they serve as something that bonds them, the scene moves to Chris and Lance in a hotel room. Chris appears with a documentary about the Beatles, filmed as the group was disintegrating and playing together for the last time.

{' They walked away from the instruments and the frame froze. Lance didn't need the printed words to tell him it was the last time they ever played in public together. It was clear in every line of their bodies in the frozen image. He looked down at Chris. Chris was crying.

Lance had never seen Chris cry--everyone else, but not Chris. He cautiously lifted his arm and put it around Chris' shoulders. "Hey," he said. "Hey, now." Chris pulled his knees up and bent forward to touch his forehead to them. He was still eerily quiet. Lance knelt up and wrapped his arms around Chris as he huddled in on himself, and rocked them both back and forth.

"It won't be us," he said.

Chris lifted his face. "Why?" he asked, "why not?"

Lance was momentarily at a loss. Why not? when the band that pretty much had a lock on pop immortality had gone down in anger and litigation and ultimately, in death?

"We'll end, one of these days. But not that way," he said finally. "Because we're all in love with one another." If Chris thought the phrasing of that was strange, he didn't comment. Besides, it's true, Lance thought. And he felt better, not because it changed anything, or guaranteed anything, but because it always made him feel better to say true things out loud. '}
popslash  nsync  main.character:chris  main.character:lance  author:sinead 
may 2014 by morgana
Normally Kinky, by quiet1fic
The Nsync guys occasionally indulge in group sex. Seen through Justin's POV.

{' It was an established fact that JC and Chris were together. It had taken years, Bobbie and Dani and nameless, faceless groupies before they finally gave in to the pull, but they had, and they fit. Justin could see it, wanted to write songs about it, but it seemed wrong to attach a creation with the word "girl" in it as many times as most of their stuff to what was clearly a relationship between two men, however much JC liked feathers and sparkly things. He could see it, and he didn't understand how Chris and JC together lead to nights like these, where it was not Chris and JC together but all of them, naked and horny. He didn't understand how the two of them together unleashed the simmering sexual tension between everyone in the group, let it grow into this thing that had to be expressed, but it did, and it had happened often enough now that they could all recognize the signs.

He thought maybe it had something to do with the need JC had hidden from all of them, the need to occasionally be fucked totally boneless, something it took all four of them to accomplish, because JC was the only one who ever got fucked on these nights, but that didn't explain why they touched each other while they were waiting to slide into JC, why he knew that Chris gave the best blow jobs, that Joey was the best kisser, or that Lance would purr deep in his chest like a huge cat if you bit at the corded muscle where his neck joined his shoulders. It didn't explain why thinking about it all made him so hard, when he knew Britney was the one for him.

Justin wondered about it all as he let himself into the house that JC and Chris shared- legally Chris', while JC lived in LA when they weren't working, but everyone close enough to trust knew better. He knew by the cars in the driveway that Lance and Joey were both already there. Lance was in the lounge, a cell phone pressed to his ear, and didn't even look up when Justin shut the front door and set the security system and the locks to keep everyone else out. Even the people they trusted to know about JC and Chris didn't know about this.

He hung his jacket in the hall closet and toed off his shoes, then wandered in the direction of the kitchen, looking for one of the other guys or a can of pop, whichever he came across first. Joey stopped him by the stairs, and tugged him by one wrist up the staircase and down the hallway, to the open door to the master bedroom. Justin stopped in the doorway, Joey's hand still clamped around his wrist, and stared. He had to bite his lip to keep silent. JC and Chris had obviously thought about this time, although Chris was no where to be seen. He thought perhaps the fact that he could see all of JC made up for it. The other man was naked, blindfolded, and fastened to the bed on his knees, his pale-tan skin a sharp contrast with the black leather bindings that held him and the black satin sheet on the bed. '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/jc  pairing:jc/justin  pairing:gsf  bondage  author:quiet1fic 
may 2014 by morgana
By a Thread, by Lizzie Mills
This begins with JC thinking he’s having a heart attack (so naturally he calls Lance, who tells him to call Chris) that turns out to be a panic attack. It turns out he’s been bottling up a lot of anger in the 6 years since the group went on hiatus. The story ends with a nice confrontation between him and Justin.

{‘ Justified. It's such a stupid name that JC realizes it's stupid even when he's feeling charitable. Every song, of course, will have a nice little rap bridge, so it's not like Justin won't have his name in every single that comes out, anyway; he has to put his name in the title, too? JC wonders if he'll get a matching tattoo. Maybe Lance will.

He's heard the song on the radio, of course, but he hasn't seen anything else. At first, he just said he wanted to be surprised. He remembers sitting at table with Joey and talking about letting the music wash over him, breathing it all in to feel the full effect of it or something, and how he couldn't do that in pieces. He'd need to hear the whole album at once, not in snippets. Joey looked sympathetic, but JC believed himself, at the time. Now, he knows it was all a lie. He won't buy the album when it comes out. JC wants Justin to fail. He's never seen it happen, and he'd like to believe it's possible. He thinks if he could just watch Justin try to recover, maybe he'd start believing the world is more good than bad.

Lance called that morning, just checking to make sure everything was OK. He said he'd call Justin and tell him everything went well, just to save JC the call. JC didn't mention that he hadn't talked to Justin in two months, really, because he figured Lance knew that already. Unless Justin's counting Challenge for the Children, which JC is not because publicity doesn't count as conversation in the real world.

The doctor made him promise to stop whatever it was that had made him so upset the day before, so JC crawls out of bed and says, "No more thinking about Justin." ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/jc  main.character:jc  lance:space  author:lizzie.mills 
may 2014 by morgana
Black Magic Woman, by lise
Lance casually makes an announcement, and Justin starts going crazy.

{' Justin was stuffing his face with a ham and mustard sandwich when Lance announced, "I've taken up with the black arts."

There was a pause where Justin choked on his sandwich and Chris looked at Lance like he couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Chris thumped Justin on the back, and then asked, incredulous, "Who says 'taken up' anymore?"

Justin blinked, trying to process what they'd said last. Maybe he'd hallucinated it.

Lance shrugged, and took another bite of his turkey and mayo sandwich. "It's a good phrase."

Chris put his Coke down and answered, "The last person that said 'taken up' was on 'Little House on the Prairie'."

Justin sat up straighter, trying to interrupt Chris. "Didn't anyone else hear the 'black arts' part of that?"

Chris railroaded right over him. "And besides, the black arts is so 80s."

Lance eyed him, even as he grinned. "Hey, little man, you grew up in the 80s..."

"And I have a fine appreciation for the Ramones."

Justin blinked again, and waved his arms in the air. "Is no one paying attention to the important part here? Magic?"

Lance raised an eyebrow, and said to Chris, "Like that's gonna earn you any points."

Chris jumped up, annoyed. "The 80s had a lot more going for them than the 90s, boy! Name one good punk band to come out of the 90s." He had his hands on his hips, and looked smug.

Lance rolled his eyes. "Oh, come on. Name one good punk band period."

Chris looked indignant, saying, "Blashphemy!"

"Yeah, exactly! Blasphemy!" Justin's eyes were wide, as the two of them stared at each other. He was getting the crazy-people feeling again, so when JC and Joey wandered in, Justin latched onto them. "Guys!" he said, a little desperately. "Lance said--"

Lance looked at him as if he'd only just noticed that Justin was in the room, and then turned back to JC and Joey. "Oh, hi guys. I've taken up with the black arts."

JC had sat down on the couch, next to Lance, and looked deep in thought. He finally said, "Aren't you supposed to call it wicca, now, not magic or the black arts? Isn't that the right word now?"

Joey frowned a little. "Shouldn't that be 'taken up the black arts', not 'taken up with'?"

Lance was shaking his head while Chris answered, "No, wicca is that New Age shit that people do with crystals. The black arts are all about thick eyeliner and punk, and Laura Ingalls Wilder."

Justin clicked his teeth together once or twice. "Did *nobody* hear what he said?"

Joey nodded wisely, and for a minute Justin thought that sanity would be restored. Then he came up with, "That chick had to be doing some weird mojo to keep that show on the air so long."

"Mojo is voodoo... though, I guess that counts too." Chris looked thoughtful. "Hey, yeah. You'd better watch your soul, Lance, or you'll meet Laura Ingalls Wilder in hell,"

JC chewed his lip. "I think 'taken up with' is right. Because it's like, a love affair with magic, you know? 'Taken up with'. Hey, that could be a really cool lyric--"

"YES!" Justin took a breath. "Magic. Is no one listening?"

"--no wait, C, because Ricky already did that song, with the--" Joey looked annoyed. "Damn, I can't remember. The girl that's voodoo and stuff. So it's already been done."

Chris sighed, looking completely exasperated. "Ricky Martin has nothing to do with the forces of darkness, guys. The Misfits, the Damned, Mucus Membrane. Those were the days."

Joey snorted, saying, "Ricky's got voodoo too," and then giggled.

Justin looked around. JC was smiling dreamily and saying he liked 'Little House on the Prairie', which Chris answered was no surprise. Lance had started ignoring them ten minutes ago in favor of checking his email. Justin looked pained, and put his head in his hands. The crazy-people feeling was getting worse. '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  author:lise 
may 2014 by morgana
Remix, by Harley
JC teaches Lance how to work with the tape masters in the studio.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  author:harley 
may 2014 by morgana
The Creative Visualization Cookbook, by cliokat
Justin has a plan to make Chris fall in love with him. It involves some Creative Visualization, and learning to cook.

{‘ But then, he was hanging out backstage with Christina, reading magazines and mocking the love advice. One of them was an outdated copy of Jane or something equally embarassing with a feature on "Recipes To Catch a Man". Justin laughed, but Christina fixed him with a serious stare and said, "no, J, that food shit really works." She lent him the book, *Like Water for Chocolate,* as proof and he read the whole thing on the bus the next day.

The quote at the beginning, "to the table or to bed you must come when you are bid" is Justin's newest mantra and he's going to win Chris's heart through his stomach. Justin just has to be able to cook and he's getting better every day. The last few experiments-- a recipe for fritters from the book, his mom's chili and Nelly's tofu stir fry-- were all more than edible. Now he just has to try it out on Chris and see what happens. Justin figures a visit is the perfect opportunity.

He sits down on one of the stools and picks up the envelope. He holds it in his hand, but doesn't open it. He already knows what's inside-- a letter from his grandmother and her peach cobbler recipe. It's part of his plan, of course. No generic recipes, only things with history and tradition and love already baked in. ‘}

Note: Includes some recipes that look really good.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/justin  food  author:cliokat 
may 2014 by morgana
So, this, by Synchronik
Remix of "Stay the Night" by Em.

AU. JC is a successful songwriter/producer in LA. Lance is a hooker (who goes by the name Jimmy). This version has the happier ending.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  au  hookerfic  author:synchronik 
may 2014 by morgana
Fairy Tale: one, by Synchronik
Sequel to "Stay the Night" by Em.

Note: Re-check... can't get it to load past parts one and two.
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  au  hookerfic  author:synchronik  needs.notes 
may 2014 by morgana
Stay the Night, Em
AU. JC is a successful songwriter/producer in LA. Lance is a hooker (who goes by the name Jay). JC falls in love with Jay, who has his own problems to deal with.

Synchronik wrote a sequel called "Fairytale," and then remixed it in "So, this."
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  au  hookerfic  author:em 
may 2014 by morgana
Wonderland, by bg
Nick is exhausted by the endless touring and he really, really wants to go home for a while.

{‘ Nick sighed and looked at his watch. It said 3:25 am, but Nick didn't have any idea whether or not that was actually the time in whatever city he was currently in. He changed cities, countries, and continents so frequently that it was nearly impossible to keep track of *where* he was, let alone what time it was. A few months into his first tour with the Boys, Nick had given up the pretense of even making an effort. It's not as if it mattered much, anyway. Remembering the little things, like the day of the week, the venue they were playing, the name of the city they happened to be in- and consequently, what the hell time of day it was- was Kevin's job. His ability to fill out the bottom end of the harmony was simply an added bonus. Kevin could always be counted on to let everyone know exactly what they should be doing, and when they should have it done by. ‘}

His telephone friendship with Justin is the one bright spot keeping him sane, and finally Howie calls Justin and invites him to come to visit. The other Boys realize before Nick does that the two of them love each other.
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:justin/nick  touring  author:bg 
may 2014 by morgana
not yet., by halo (aka halowrites)
After his stint in Russia Lance visits JC as he's filming his "Blowin' Me Up" video.

{' Lance picks up a copy of the publicity shot from a pile they're giving away. "Well, just look at you," he grins. "When did you turn into a supermodel?"

"I had to get up really early for that," JC says, squinting in the sunlight. "They built those drums up in a pile round me. D'you know how long I had to sit there for? It's not all that comfortable after the first hour or so."

Lance studies the glossy photograph in his hand. "You look relaxed enough."

"My ass was asleep, dude. That's not relaxation, that's a coma."

"Me having to learn Russian pales in comparison to such suffering."

"Did I mention it was really early? And fucking cold?"

Lance smiles. "I like the furry drumsticks."

"I dropped them three times. My hands got a cramp."

Lance taps the photo. "Your shoelace is undone."

"I did that to piss Justin off." '}

Note: Here's the YouTube for the video:
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  length:1-5000  author:halo  author:halowrites 
may 2014 by morgana
Clear My Eyes, by pensnest
This story is just overflowing with delicious, delicious angst! JC pining for Nick, Lance pining for JC… The JC/Lance pairing is one of my favorites, and of course I like the JC/Nick pairing too, so that was extra icing on top of the cake. We get to see JC being interviewed by Lance on Lance’s radio show about releasing his music over the internet and being amused at the thought of being “the mean judge” on ABDC.

{‘ Chris Kirkpatrick was not on the list of People Who Knew, so JC was extremely startled when he got a call from Chris, who, after four words of banal pleasantries, launched straight in with, *So, JC, I hear you got boy trouble.*

JC gurgled in astonishment, and Chris laughed. *Why don't you tell me all about it,* he invited.

It was the last thing JC wanted to do, so he was quite surprised, ten minutes later, when he ran out of breath and out of words. "So I don't know what to do," he ended.

*So lemme get this straight, if that's the right word to use in the circumstances: you want Carter, Lance wants you. Please tell me Nick Carter's interested in Lance. We'll have an epic cycle of love songs until the end of time.*

"Really not helping."

*Eh, you make me feel old and staid. My sisters' love lives have less drama,* Chris remarked, but he sounded amused rather than mocking. *You want my advice?*

It couldn't make things any worse, JC thought. "Yeah."

*Toss a coin.*


*Toss a coin. Heads, it's Nick, tails, it's Lance. Although seriously, I cannot believe you can't figure this out on your own.*

"That's just—" JC did not have words for how stupid that was! If he could just toss a coin...

*Seriously,* Chris said. *One toss, no retries, no best of three. If you want to toss again, you got your answer.*

"Oh." That actually made sense, when JC thought about it. ‘}

The sequel is "Take a Second Just to Breathe."
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:jc/lance  pairing:jc/nick  pairing:lance/nick  angst  has.a.sequel  author:pensnest 
january 2014 by morgana
Nothing Risque, Nothing Gained, by brandywine
Lance and JC are carrying on their relationship on the bus amongst the others. I loved Lance’s inner monologues, and the dialogue amongst all the guys. I especially love this JC, and the relationship between JC and Lance. The Erotic Accordion cracked me up, as did JC’s attempts to describe it and then all the alternate names for it later in the story. It was a lot of fun from start to finish – It feels very old-school.

{‘ So the thing about getting kicked in the throat – well, not the only thing, but the most surprising one, for sure – was that there was a split second’s worth of dissonance, where, cognitively, you’re perfectly aware you’ve been *kicked in the goddamn throat* but your windpipe hasn’t quite caught up to your brain yet. And a split second felt a lot longer than it sounded. Either that or Lance’s windpipe was especially slow on the uptake. Hence the sharp, resounding “FUCK” that had just nearly shaken the bus off its’ axles and, humiliatingly, brought the rest of the guys running.

At least Lance hoped to God it was the “fuck” and not the force with which his naked ass had slammed into the wall right after. He knew he wasn’t the skinniest guy in the group; accepted it, even. He just didn’t think he could brush it off and go on, not after finding out his ass was powerful enough to nearly knock a bus over on its side. That was the kind of knowledge that could end a person.

“You know”, Chris said, crossing his arms over his chest and looking way more imperious than a grown man with Dorito dust in his goatee had any right to look. “It’s bad enough, merely suspecting that you two are back here coating the entire surface of the lounge in jizz. But when your weird, kinky nonsense is so. Frigging. Loud that it spooks me during Halo? And my guys get sniped to hell and back? By the *infant*?”

“Hey!”, said Justin. “You can suck it, old man!”

Chris ignored him. “Well, I’m thinkin’ that’s a bridge too far, my boys. Too damn far.”

Oh, yeah. Ending it all was sounding better by the minute.

JC wrapped his arms around Lance’s waist from behind and licked his earlobe. “You sure you’re OK, babe?” Low tones, private, gentle. Lance nodded, even though the movement made his neck ache. Alright, so maybe this mortal coil wasn’t all bad; JC was definitely worth sticking around for.

JC’s fingers splayed out across Lance’s stomach, the touch light but still enough to make Lance feel warm and a little dazed. Or maybe that feeling was the result of his spinal column almost caving in on itself. It was a toss-up. “I’m so, so, so sorry I hurt you. You forgive me, right? Say you forgive me.”

Lance lifted one of JC’s hands to his mouth and scored his teeth lightly over JC’s wrist, right where the skin was thinnest and the pulse beat sure and strong. JC giggled. ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/lance  touring  author:brandywine 
january 2014 by morgana
Unattached, by zoicite
This begins the morning after AJ and Kevin have been drinking with Nick, and convinced him to agree to a bet: that he can go the next three months without sex. Soon after that Nick accidentally causes Howie to break his ankle, and it turns out that Nick has motivations other than guilt that cause him to hover and try to take care of Howie. (Howie also accidentally almost blinds Nick in one eye, but that’s a whole other story…) And Howie comes to realize that the feelings he’d thought he’d managed to bury several years ago never really went away. The other BSB are a constant presence, but this story is definitely centered on Howie and Nick.

{‘ "Alright," Nick said, sitting down next to Howie on the bed. He slapped the signed piece of paper onto Howie’s knee.

"Alright, what."

"Alright, here’s the deal," Nick said, and poked at Howie’s knee through the sheet of paper.

"I see that."

"No first, I would like you to note that the bet specifies women," Nick said, and Howie looked and saw that Nick had highlighted the passage.

"Where did you get a highlighter?"

"Who cares."

"Actually," Howie pointed. "It says ‘ladies’."

"Yeah," Nick agreed. "AJ wrote it. The point is it’s a loophole."

"Oh God," Howie moaned and shoved the paper off his knee. Ten minutes ago definitely would have been an excellent time to pay a visit to Brian. Brian would have let him hide out. Well, maybe.

"You see my point?"

"Do I want to?" Howie asked.

Nick pushed his shoulder. "My point is, I really want to kiss you and not just cause I want to get off, man -"

"It’s because you want to get off," Howie countered and wondered how in the world they’d gotten back around to this.

"A little," Nick conceded. "But I want to kiss you and I think you might want to kiss me back except where you’re being all responsible and uptight and suddenly straight."

"Nicky. You’re straight."

"And you used to straighten your hair so close enough."

"Is this how you pick up girls?"

"I don’t pick up girls. Girls pick up me."

"God knows why."

"Oh, come on, Howie," Nick sighed.

Howie eyed Nick and Nick grinned and tried to look hopeful but with the eye patch he mostly just looked like a deranged pirate.

"Howie," Nick said again and the smile was gone. "Howie, I’m going to kiss you.

Howie shook his head. "No, you aren’t."

"Please don’t poke out my other eye," Nick said and then leaned in. ‘}
popslash  bsb  pairing:howie/nick  author:zoicite 
april 2013 by morgana
Monkeyshines, by zoicite
This is set in the early Euro-days, when all of the guys were being crammed into one bus. Kevin and especially Howie were most often the target of practical jokes, and in this story Kevin and Howie convince themselves that the others have a bet riding on whether or not they get together. They decide to play along to psych out the other guys, and along the way Kevin does some experimenting (oh my God, I never would have picked Kevin/Howie as hot couple material before, but I would have been so wrong) and things get a little more real than they planned.

{‘ "So you've, you know, done things," Kevin says, not quite looking at Howie. "With men."

Howie frowns, "You know I have. I never tried to hide it from you."

"Is it the same?" Kevin asks. He seems to be over his embarrassment and he's looking at Howie again. Howie's the one that's a little embarrassed now.

"No," Howie says. Of course it's not the same.

"I always imagined that it was harder, more cruel maybe, more direct. Fucking."

"Not always," Howie says.

"I sort of tried to jump right in there, you know, in the bar," Kevin says. His fingers are pulling at the waistband of his sweats, wrapping around the pull-strings. Howie watches.

"Yeah," Howie shrugs. "It wasn't bad. Just, I guess, you've kissed girls before, I guess. Kissing isn't really that much different except for the facial hair and stuff."

"I'd like to try again," Kevin says.

"Okay," Howie nods, still watching Kevin's fingers twist in the strings of his pants. He's never seen Kevin display any nervous habits before but this looks like one. Kevin pulls his fingers away and starts getting up from the bed. Howie catches himself eyeing Kevin's crotch, but then looks up and says, "Wait? What?" He can't seem to remember what Kevin had said only a moment before.

"I want to try again," Kevin says. Howie closes his book, losing the page. Kevin wants to experiment. He's thought about the possibility that it would happen, that one of the guys would be curious and would come to him. He'd decided he'd turn them down, he didn't want to risk the group, but now that he's faced with the situation he can't imagine saying no.

"I guess," Howie starts, then forgets what comes afterward and just settles for "okay."

"Okay," Kevin repeats, climbing onto the bed beside Howie. Howie rolls over so that he's on his back looking up at Kevin. He isn't sure how this is going to go. Kevin sets a hand on Howie's stomach over his T-shirt and they both look at it. "Um," Kevin says, sounding less confident than he did before. "I think maybe you should kiss me."

"We don't have to," Howie says. "I don't want to -"

"You don't?" Kevin asks quickly, his gaze moving up Howie's body and finally meeting Howie's eyes.

"No," Howie stammers. "I mean, I guess, no. I do. I want to. I guess I just didn't think you did."

"I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't," Kevin says and his eyes are sharp, piercing. He said Howie should start it, but it's Kevin that leans in, and Kevin's kisses are soft this time, quick, but each kiss gets a little slower, a little deeper, and Howie wants it, wants more.

"Like this?" Kevin says in between kisses. He doesn't wait for an answer, goes right back in and takes Howie's breath away. He settles down so that they're pressed against one another and he's never seemed so large as he does this close. Howie might have been self-conscious, he's always been self-conscious about his size, but there's no time and he's thinking about other things. He's worried more about the fact that his hard on might scare Kevin off, that Kevin might come to his senses.

"Like this," Howie says against Kevin's mouth, and Kevin stays this time, eases Howie's lips apart with his tongue and it's like the dreams that first year, it's like the dreams only better, sharper, real. Kevin is pressed up against Howie's side and his hand slides down Howie's stomach and Howie stops breathing for a second, but it's nothing, a tease, and Kevin stops short, his hand sliding back up and slipping underneath the fabric of Howie's shirt. That's good too.

Kevin's hand keeps moving up, sliding over Howie's skin, and Howie thinks it'll stop any second now, it'll all be over and he's wake up drooling on that damn book, but it doesn't stop and when Kevin's thumb slides over Howie's right nipple Howie jumps a little and whimpers into Kevin's mouth. Kevin does it again and Howie tries to move closer, tries to get more and that's when he feels it. Kevin's hard too. ‘}
popslash  bsb  pairing:howie/kevin  eurobabies  author:zoicite 
april 2013 by morgana
(This Is How We Like To Do It) On The Murder Scene, by txtequilanights (aka offtheceiling)
If you have to read one funny story about the rules to follow when being a vampire, this is the one. With a Joey who is so over-enthusiastic during sex that he manages to kill off his partners by breaking their necks, and a Justin who still freaks out at the thought of blood, and a JC who runs a lesbian bar.

Apparently Justin has accidently turned someone, and they’re all explaining his new existence to him.

{‘ “At least this one is pretty.” One of the other two, a guy wearing what looks like a red mesh shirt and what might actually be a fucking cape speaks up. “Your tastes are improving.”

“Oh my god, JC.” Justin edges closer to the bed. “You are not fucking the new kid before we even explain what’s going on.”

“And also because Justin wants to get there first,” spiky-haired dude says dryly.

“Maybe we should, you know, go ahead and explain then,” the last guy says. He kind of sounds amused at the whole thing. You’re very glad that the fact that you got turned into a fucking vampire is providing comedy for someone.

But, anyway, apparently there are, like, rules to being a vampire. And they go like this:

1. The first rule of being a vampire is don’t talk about being a vampire.

“Fuck, no,” Justin says. “That’s totally not the first rule. That’s lame, yo.”

“Yeah, it really is.” Spiky-haired dude, who it turns out is named Lance, is nodding along. “That’s the first rule of, like, everything now. It’s totally overdone.”

“What? No.” Chris shakes his head. “It’s a classic, bitches.”

“Um?” you say and they all turn to look at you.

“Right,” Lance says. “So, the real first rule.”

1. Try really fucking hard not to accidentally turn people.

“Hey!” Justin glares at Lance, who ignores him totally.

“Sometimes it just happens,” Lance tells you, with a hugely exaggerated eye roll. “But as a general rule, it’s not something you’re supposed to do.”

“Yeah,” the last guy, Joey, says. “Because, um, then the world would be, like, overrun with vampires.”

“Which would make it much less cool to be one!” JC beams at you and you think, hey, if you have to be a vampire, at least the other vampires are really hot.

“You know.” Chris arches an eyebrow. “Lance, I turned you accidentally.”

Justin snorts. “Whatever, Chris. You turned him because you wanted his ass.”

Lance opens his mouth, but Chris talks right over him and says, “Which brings us to the next rule.”

2. Killing people is seriously frowned upon.

“How did that ‘bring us to the next rule’?” Lance asks.

Chris sighs, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. You’re pretty sure it’s not. “Because Joe keeps killing people during sex,” he says.

“Right.” Lance still looks skeptical. “Also, he’s gotten better about that.”

“I totally have!” Joey narrows his eyes at Chris. “I mean, I only killed, like, three girls last month.”

“And that one guy,” JC says. “Which was too bad, because he was really hot.”

“Wait.” Because, yeah, you’re gonna need some clarification on this point. “We’re vampires right? Isn’t killing people, like, what we do?”

Justin frowns. “Well, no. I mean, not really. Dead bodies are hard to dispose of, you know? And you don’t have to kill people to feed, so it’s really pretty pointless. Also, messy.”

“It’s not like I was sucking them dry,” Joey says. “Broken necks are pretty clean.”

Okay, wow. You maybe feel a little queasy now. Because, what, broken necks during sex? “You broke their necks while you were fucking them?” you ask weakly. That is a special kind of fucked up, you think. Even for a vampire.

“Not on purpose!” Joey’s eyes are huge. “Totally accidentally! I just get, you know, over-excited.”

“Anyway,” Justin cuts in. “Enough about Joey’s freaky sex skills of death. Time for rule number three.” ‘}
popslash  nsync  humor  vampires  outsider.POV  author:txtequilanights  author:offtheceiling 
april 2013 by morgana
Making the Band, by cappuccino and black_coffee
One by one Chris turns the other members of Nsync into vampires. None of them really excel at the lifestyle, but they still have each other. This is very funny.

{‘ During Justin's campaign to be initiated, they all wake up at one point or another with Justin naked in their beds, stretching, sighing, "I am so hot, just needed a cold body to press against. It’s like my heart is beating too fast or something, just pumping blood around my veins, everywhere…"

Once, he smears Lance’s favorite perfume into his neck and goes to sit on his lap. Unluckily for him, he forgets about Lance’s heightened sense of smell, and gets thrown half across the room as Lance sneezes sixteen times in a row and forbids Justin to ever sit on his lap again.

Justin starts wearing dark clothes and pale make-up, and he tells Joey he’s actually been a vampire for ages, longer than either of them, so they can just stop thinking they’re all that. Joey tells him his army boots don’t really work with his silver stockings.

Finally, he resorts to whining.

"Please. Why can’t I be one? It’s not fair. Please. Chris? Joey? Huh? I would be a good vampire. The best. You know I would. And Lance is only two years older. It’s not fair. Please."

Lance covers his ears. "Is it just me, or does the ability to hear a preying mantis walk up a drainpipe three streets away make that whine of his that much worse?"

"It’s probably you," Chris says.

Lance growls at him.


One morning, JC, Joey and Lance crawl back into the house after a night of drinking at the local goth club, and find Justin sitting on Chris’s bed, grinning widely. He is deathly pale and there is still blood on his collar. He couldn’t look happier.

"Damn, Chris." Lance covers his eyes and groans. "You always give in to him."

Chris is sitting on the floor by the bed, looking guilty. "I couldn’t help it. He wouldn’t stop. He lay on my fangs."


Joey goes to help Chris clean up the stained sheets, and JC smiles at Justin. "You’re pretty as a vampire," he says.

Justin breaks out in a broad grin. "I am? Yes! I knew I would be."

He jumps up from the bed and skips over to the bathroom. Lance hisses when Justin’s arm brushes him. The big tattoo is red and bloody around the edges, curling upwards, as if it is slowly turning into a scab. Lance looks a little bit smug then. "That’s not going to be pretty," he muses.

From the bathroom, they can suddenly hear a blood-chilling scream.

They all jump, and when they turn around, Justin is standing in the doorway, eyes wide and horrified, gripping the doorframe for support. Chris is quickly next to him. "Baby. What is it? What’s wrong?"

"I.. I…" Justin can’t seem to find his breath, "I… can’t… see… myself."

They all look at each other, then at Justin again. Then they look away.

"Um, Justin," Chris says, finally, carefully, "that’s what happens. You lose your reflection. Didn’t you know that?"

Justin grabs him by the collar, shaking him violently. "No! You didn’t tell me that. I can’t look myself in the mirror? I will never be able to see what I look like again? Never again?"

Chris takes Justin’s hands in a strong grip, prying them away. He looks miserable too. "I’m sorry, Justin. I didn’t think."

"You didn’t... This is… How am I going to know what I look like? How am I going to do my hair, Chris, huh?"

"I.. I can do your hair for you?"

Justin’s scream cracks window panes two blocks away. ‘}
popslash  nsync  humor  vampires  author:black_coffee  author:cappuccino 
april 2013 by morgana
Party Like It's Nineteen Ninety-Nine, by no pSeud attached
Nsync are in Hawaii to play a New Year’s Eve concert. Only during the concert the crowd undergoes a scary transformation. This story is alternately funny and creepy. I like JC’s continued insistence, even while hiding from zombified fans, that the millenium wouldn’t begin until the following year, because it’s such an obscure thing to focus on in the midst of the horror. And it’s kind of sweet how they try not to hurt any of the fans while pushing them out of the way. All five of the guys have moments of true bravery.

{' "How long do you think it'll be before someone notices what's going on and comes to look for us?" Joey asked.

"If anyone comes," Chris said. He'd taken a seat on a towel hamper.

"Why wouldn't they?" Justin asked. He was still holding the guitar, like he unconsciously expected the door to give way any second. "I mean, pretty soon there's gonna be a few thousand moms and dads wondering why their kids haven't called to say the show's over. Right?"

"Maybe everyone out there has their own zombies to worry about," Chris said. He leaned forwards, looking disturbingly excited by the idea. "Maybe it happened to all the teenagers in the world, did you think of that? There is something kinda apocalyptic about millennium zombies."

"But it could just be here," Justin said. "A curse or something. Like, they built the arena on sacred tribal land! Or it was Satanists, summoning demons."

"The forces of darkness attack the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena?" Chris snorted. "Maybe we summoned them, with the power of pop music. Or Joey's shitty drumming."

"Or your crappy bass playing," Joey said. He thought about it again. " gotta admit that would be kinda cool. Even Marilyn Manson doesn't get real zombies."

"Yeah, good for us," Lance said gloomily. "You know, now I'm really regretting not listening to all those crazy evangelical guys who said two thousand was gonna be the end of the world. I have such a lot of repenting to do."

"No, no, no," JC said. "It can't be that."

Chris threw his arm out toward the door. "Yeah? How much more evidence do you need, man?"

"It's the numbers, that's all." JC leaned his hip against the lockers. "They don't lie. A.D. One was the first year of the first millennium. There was no year Zero. Therefore next year, that's the one which actually counts."

"And so these are just the regular non-end-of-the-world type zombies?" Chris said. "That's good to know. I was getting kinda worried."

"Make fun if you like, cat." JC folded his arms. "I'm just saying, if the world is gonna end, it's gonna end next year."

Chris swung his legs, kicking the side of the hamper. "Maybe the forces of darkness didn't get the message and decided they wanna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine."

"Two thousand zero zero, party over, oops, out of time," Justin sang.

JC joined in even though he was already shaking his head at Chris. '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/joey  author:nopseud 
april 2013 by morgana
I Feel You, by mickeym
It's late, and Chris tours through the house checking on all the guys. Then he goes to Lance, who is hurting because the group has just been told that they should replace him. Chris decides to cheer him up by taking him to a private beach to swim, and, well, they chance getting sand in their naughty bits.

{‘ "Yup." Lance leaned his head against Chris' shoulder and they sat quietly for a while, nothing but night sounds around them. Lance broke the silence with a soft, "They don't want me, man."

"But we do."

"But it's not up to y'all."

"Sure it is." Chris picked a twig up from beside him and poked at his sneaker. When he looked at Lance, he was looking away. "It's really pretty simple, actually. No you, no Nsync. No group."

"Then y'all are idiots," he said, voice flat. "I'm guy, Chris. Why would you-this is your dream. Your goal. Why would you give it up for one...for me?"

"Because you're not 'just' anything, dude. You're my friend." Chris shifted so he could look at Lance. "We all feel that way. So you ain't goin' anywhere, Bass. It's either all of us, all the way, or none of us at all. We already decided." ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  pre-europe  author:mickeym 
april 2013 by morgana
Porcelain, by Lily (aka lilysaid)
Lance feels self-conscious around Chris, and unaware of how attracted the two of them are to each other. There’s a discussion about the physical manifestation of "the Chasez enthusiasm," and then Lance's mortification when JC comes to talk with him about it. There's a scene where Lou takes the guys, without any moms present, to perform at a private party and Chris and JC manage to communicate how much they Do Not Like this idea wordlessly, and then make moves to ensure that an oblivious Justin will be protected from any child molesters. It's the beginning of Lance realizing that Lou is perhaps not just a benevolent guy helping them in their careers.

{‘ "Lance! Practice! Bathroom!"

Lance slides off the bed, already humming when he hears Joey's shout from down the hall. This is one of the few things about living in this house that he actually enjoys, and he doesn't want to miss any of it.

Lance looks forward to the times when someone announces that they'll be gathering in the bathroom for an hour, two, as long as it takes to fine-tune their parts. It's different than regular practice, mostly because there's no way that Lou can fit his fat ass inside to watch them so there's no threat of failure or disapproval. This is important to Lance, who feels the critical eyes on him at every practice and performance. He knows that Lou doesn't think he's good enough but all of that is absent when the five of them crowd into the small, shabbily-tiled room at the end of the hall.

He hurries down the hall to the bathroom and finds a place to stand near the bathtub. Everyone shuffles around to accommodate another person and Lance ducks his head, smiles because he's pressed up shoulder to shoulder with Joey, close enough to catch the coconut scent of his expensive shampoo. After two months of these sessions Lance is used to the scents that each of them carry; the cigarette smoke that clings to Chris' clothes even though Lance knows he doesn't smoke, Justin's strong soap and heavy cologne that his mother gave him for Christmas. JC is the one who varies the most, sometimes soap, oranges, or sweat, depending on what he's been doing.

JC counts, "One, two, three-" and nods pointedly at Justin, who flashes a wide grin and begins to sing. Joey joins in toward the end of the verse and his eyes close as he sings, his expression blissful. Lance turns his head partly to watch Joey and partly to feel the vibration of the voice that rings out so clearly. They're that close together, he can feel all of them and knows that when it's time for his part, they'll be able to feel him, too. It's nothing like the rehearsals for his old show choir and when he tried once to explain it to one of his friends from home, he couldn't. It ended up sounding sort of creepy, actually, but it's not. In this room, he feels a part of something. ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  pre-europe  author:lily  author:lilysaid 
april 2013 by morgana
Cold That Way, by Lily (aka lilysaid)
This begins with Lance waking up in the hospital not remembering anything. He has amnesia throughout most of the story, but partway through the story takes a sideways turn. There are layers upon layers of secrets between the five of them, and since Chris and Joey insist that he remember everything on his own, it's driving Lance crazy trying to put together the pieces. JC is fascinating here, eerie and compelling. Joey is the caretaker selflessly looking after Lance.

{‘ Every day, it was the same. This young man with a scruffy beard and earnest blue eyes would say hello and ask if he wanted anything to eat. His name was Justin, and when he took off his baseball cap, his hair was a mess of dark-gold curls, flattened to his head.

“Hungry?” he asked, peering intrusively down at Lance. He frowned, obviously unhappy with what he saw.

Lance opened his mouth and coughed, then shook his head. Everything would be so much easier if his head didn’t hurt so much.

“He’ll eat when he’s hungry.” That was JC, Justin’s friend, who was dressed today as a soldier-cum-drum major, his faded army uniform adorned with an odd assortment of braiding and gold medallions. Aside from the bad clothing, JC had a nice voice and even nicer smile. He was also the most unnerving of them all because he preferred the hands-on approach.

Today was no exception. Lance glanced nervously up at his IV, which JC was fiddling with in a frighteningly random manner. “Thirsty?” JC asked suddenly, and abandoned Lance’s IV. He then fixed his attention on the mess of tubes and wires and began to untangle them all, following their twisted path and always ending up on the bare skin of Lance’s arm, shoulder, chest.

“No,” Lance replied. He was suddenly, for the first time since the accident, aware of his body in a sense other than his injuries. Nurses existed for a reason, and JC was no nurse. Nonplussed, he batted JC’s hands away. “Can you please stop it?”

Another thing he’d come to expect was that Justin’s and JC’s friend Joey would be sitting in the vinyl-cushioned chair next to the bed. Sure enough, when he rolled his head to the side, there was Joey, who gave a little wave. “Morning,” he said. “Lookin’ good, baby.”

Lance sighed at the blatant lie. He really wanted out of bed. If he stayed, he was afraid he’d be absorbed into the void lurking at the back of his head, where everyone else saw a jagged line of stitches. “I know I’m hideous,” he muttered. “Please, just get me out of here?” ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/jc  pairing:jc/joey/lance  pairing:joey/lance  amnesia:lance  vampires  author:lily  author:lilysaid 
april 2013 by morgana
Phoenix (Part One), by sirkate and bard_mercutio
This begins just after Chris resurfaces after having been missing for a year. As the story progresses we learn that he had been taken, tortured, and conditioned into a sex slave. (There's nothing titillating about it; the ordeal was horrifying.) He barely has any memories prior to his kidnapping and is afraid of everything and everyone. Justin arrives to take him home, and tries his best to help Chris adjust. This Chris is heartbreaking, but it's the portrayal of Justin that really blows me away. He's mature and very focused and gentle, trying so hard to do whatever it takes to help Chris.

{'"I used to travel in a bus," he says, recognizing that particular memory now. The sideways motion of the land slipping by and the space to sprawl out.

"Yeah. We shared a bus. You and me and JC. Before that all of us. You, me, JC, Lance and Joey." Justin starts driving.

Chris nods. There were other people, he's sure. But they're not there yet in his mind. After a while, Chris offers, "I think I forgot on purpose. What isn't there can't be taken and all that."

Justin nods. "I hate that that happened to you," he says. "But I'm so glad to have you back."

"I don't know if I'm glad to be back. But I'm glad to not be there." He obviously managed to forget his good memories. Maybe he can do the same thing with the bad ones that are so fresh right now.

"Do you want to-- No. Uh, here. What should I know? What things would scare you, if I did them? What do you want?"

"I don't think anything would scare me," Chris says after a considering pause. "Well, it would. But it wouldn't." Fear's a useless emotion. He could only be scared so long before burning out on fear. At some point-- probably around the same time he'd lost his memories-- he'd come to the conclusion that was, was, and there was no use hoping or struggling or fearing.

The other questions are equally difficult. He turns them back on the other man. "What should I want? What kinds of things should you know?"

"Do you want new clothes? Chocolate? Your own room at the hotel?" Justin asks patiently. Chris has been gone a year. Justin, after a while, started searching for him in strange places. He knew Chris wasn't dead, and knew Chris wouldn't just leave them unless something bad happened. Justin looked for Chris in trauma centers and ended up taking a lot of classes. Hence him being the one to fetch Chris. That and the fact that he burst into tears and threatened to kill them all if they didn't let him go.

"New clothes would be good. And chocolate. I don't care where I stay." Chocolate is a part of his memories now, too. It's still a good thing.

Justin grins and reaches back, grabbing a book bag. "Here." There's chocolate and Mt. Dew, chips and Dramamine in the bag. "Presents from JC."

"Who's JC?" Chris asks, and starts looking through the bag. Maybe if Justin tells him enough, he'll remember more. He's thirsty, and he opens the soda first. It tastes better than good and he looks at the bottle again. "This is my favorite, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is. JC's another of our friends. There are five of us, and we were really big singing sensations. But mostly, it's important that we're all really good friends. JC's tall and..." Justin spends nearly two hours filling the silence with descriptions of everyone. Chris chimes in occasionally, and always correctly.

"I know. About the singing." Chris winces. "They called me 'Boyband'. They wanted me to sing, sometimes."

Justin breathes slowly in through his nose and our through his mouth. "We were good. You were better."

Chris shakes his head. "No," he says definitely. "I was... backup. Harmony."

"You were. But you were still a better singer than any of us."

Chris raises his eyebrows, but doesn't comment on that. He realizes he does have something he doesn't want Justin to do. "You asked what not to do. Don't call me that."

"Not a problem," Justin assures him. He's not sure, if Chris means 'better' or 'singer' or 'harmony' or 'boyband'. "Uh. What I called you, or what they called you?"

"What they called me."

"Really not a problem, then."

"Thank you, s..." The last bit almost slips out. It's routines he's wary of, and that he wants to avoid. Hearing Boyband is usually a cue to drop to his knees, however aching, and serve. "}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/justin  amnesia:chris  angst  prior.non-con  has.a.sequel  author:bard_mercutio  author:sirkate 
april 2013 by morgana
Just to Surrender (Part 1), by xoverau
After a car accident where Chris' head smacks into the windshield and he ends up hospitalized, Chris becomes telepathic. He can hear absolutely everyone around him, and it's almost impossible to adjust. He tries drugs, alcohol, and therapy, but none of them makes it possible for him to function. The story is so clear about the love and concern flowing back and forth between Chris and the other guys that it's kind of warm and comforting in the midst of the pain and worry.

Note: Although the header of the story says “Part 1” I couldn’t find any follow-ups. I do wish that I had been able to find further chapters to this story describing what happens after the end of this part.

Another Note: This story contains a rape scene. (I don't like them, but it is not gratuitous.)

{‘ There were good things about hearing and feeling everyone around him. It was amazing sitting by Joey when he goo-gooed to Brianna on the phone, to feel that poignant, helpless love plucking at dormant caves in his soul. To cherish, to fear, that much, over something he couldn't control awed Chris. He wanted to kiss Joey every single fucking time, kiss him like a husband-wife-lover-child-friend-human *being,* because Joey, this unremarkable guy, was so beautiful when he loved.

He loved sitting in the bunk next to JC's when he worked on a song that was going well, when he shrank to a wisp of consciousness and Chris could almost strum the silver cord that chained him to his body. But he didn't need to strum it, because the words did, words big and blocky, words thin and elegant, traversing the fragile thread between JC's spirit and his hand. Each perfect strum mating into a chord, each chord greeting the night, and when he asked Josh what he'd done until dawn, he'd say "Nothing" and smile.

He liked being near Lance most of all, because Lance was calm. Not boring, not vacuous, just *orderly,* as natural as forming crystal or uncurling ferns. Lance didn't have annoying tics. He didn't tap his pencil on his teeth or think incessantly about sex or stare off on a tangent about what it was like to die. He thought in lists, in hierarchies, in numbers. Reason beat emotion in Lance on most occasions, and reason was damned soothing to listen to.

He found that, with effort, he could tune himself to one of them like a radio and fall asleep to their thoughts. If nothing too surprising intruded--like JC fantasizing about *Johnny* once, Jesus--and no one else came within a block of the buses, Chris could sleep two or three hours at a stretch, re-tune, and sleep again.

What he was tuning himself away from was Justin. ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/justin  psychic:chris  non-con  author:xoverau 
april 2013 by morgana
Famous People You Can Live Through, by cyclogenesis
This is so very, very funny. JC and Justin both have clones who show up unexpectedly, and who turn out to be more innocent, less jaded versions of themselves. Who fall in love with each other. And JC and Justin are so amusing as they try to figure out what to do about the clones (how to explain sex? and gay sex?) and at the same time what to do with their feelings for each other.

{‘ The doorbell had probably been ringing for five straight minutes by the time JC got to it, still mentally counting out the beats of the song he'd been writing downstairs. The studio was pretty much soundproof, but JC finally realized that the extra beat wasn't actually in his head, it was the insistent, regular ringing of the doorbell. He thought he might add it in to the song anyway.

JC opened the door and found himself staring at...well, himself.

"Hi," the other JC said. "You must be me."

JC blinked. Then he did it again. His mind seemed to be racing even faster than usual all of a sudden, as if he'd sped the backbeat of the song up to a frantic pounding pace, which, hey, actually would sound pretty cool now that he thought about it and okay, wait, wait, wait. Panic, right, confusion, some more confusion, Twilight Zone theme kicking up in his head (which would sound kickass if he sampled it, maybe right behind the chorus- fuck, JC, focus). The other JC was looking at him, head tilted to the side.

"Hi," JC said.

"Sorry to just show up like this, man," the other JC said. "I tried calling, but there wasn't any answer."

"It's cool." JC nodded, although in fact nothing about this situation was cool. Actually, the fact that there was another person that looked just like him was kind of interesting. JC thought maybe he could get a song or two out of it. Hell, maybe even a concept album. "So who are you?"

"Chasez Three Echo," he said. "Your clone."

Ah, JC thought. That would explain the different hair. Chasez Three Echo had the longish curls JC had gotten tired of months ago, and lacked JC's blond highlights. JC suddenly kind of missed his old hair. His clone was really working the look, all windswept with his skin a little sunburned.

Sometimes strange things happened in JC's life. Lance had turned into a girl for about a month back in 1997, and once Justin and Chris had switched bodies for a week after No Strings came out. At first it was weird, but then it became kind of funny. JC figured these things just happened, you know, and that life was strange and you couldn’t really question it. Or, you could, but it was kind of pointless trying to fathom the infinite oddities of the universe.

"Come on in," JC said to his clone. ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:jc/justin  clonefic  humor  author:cyclogenesis 
april 2013 by morgana
Calling, by Velma
Chris is hurting and more than a little bitter about his relationship with Justin (and the extent of that relationship, and how it may have ended, are never spelled out, allowing the reader to interpret between the lines) and finds that Nick is more than a diversion. Nick himself is perceptive and sexy.

{‘ He sort of forgot to smile when he pulled up to the beach house and Nick came out, tanned and rested and looking like something out of a wet dream. Which, actually. He sort of was. Chris thought telling him that might be a little much just yet.

Apparently Nick wasn't feeling very shy, though, because Chris hadn't done much more than drop his bags inside the front door when he felt arms around his waist, turning him, and lips against his. 'There's that mouth again,' he thought, before he wrapped his arms around Nick and stopped thinking at all.

It was weird, how comfortable things were. They fell into a routine pretty early. Chris was always up before Nick, liked watching him sleep, tried not to think about how Justin never let him. But Nick would blink awake and smile sleepily in his general direction, then close his eyes and go back to sleep. He'd eventually get up and work out, and Chris would grab a magazine and follow, watching him, mostly, occasionally offering to oil him up so he'd shine like the guys they saw on ESPN2 late at night. It was pretty rare that Nick let him, and Chris suspected he was only indulging him.

Nick's album was done, but he still puttered around in the studio some, and he let Chris play with a few of the tracks, just for fun. Chris liked the stuff, and told Nick so. It was decent, a solid first effort. It wasn't going to be as good as Justin's, he knew, but he'd never tell Nick that. He didn't have to.

"I'm not him, Chris," Nick said one day, as Chris fiddled with some controls. Chris jerked his head up, guilty. "I know I'm not. It's not about that, either. This album's not about Backstreet. It's not about boybands. And it's sure as hell not about trying to one up Justin Timberlake. It stopped being a competition a long time ago." He looked at Chris levelly. "Didn't it?"

Chris grumbled a bit about freakishly perceptive overgrown man-children and went out to sun himself. ‘}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:chris/nick  author:velma 
april 2013 by morgana
What I Did on My Summer Vacation, by Slim
This is another story where Chris and Nick mesh together so well. They have fun, and have common interests, and everyone around them with the exception of Chris recognizes that they'd be a great pair. But Chris is convinced that he's no good at romantic involvement, and needs to work his way through things. This has humor and good characterizations and the sense that they could really make a go of it.

{‘ It only took a minute or five to get calm enough to ease out from under Nick and over to the edge of the bed. Chris rolled onto his back carefully and looked at Nick, who was still, thankfully, fast asleep. And yep, naked. As naked as Chris. Definitely naked under that sheet, and although Chris's brain was spinning like a top trying to figure out a way out of this, he couldn't help but be a little distracted by the tattoos spread out over all that tanned skin. Not like he hadn't seen them before, what with all the surfing and boating they'd been doing lately, but he'd never seen them like *this,* naked in his bed in the morning, when he could practically still taste the salt of Nick's skin on his tongue from the night before.

Chris closed his eyes so he wouldn't have to see the awful sight of Nick's naked body taunting him from under the rumpled sheet. What had he been *thinking?* Hanging out with Nick Carter, that was one thing. Going with him to check out a new tattoo parlor, meeting up at the marina and heading out on the boat for a day of fishing and swimming, perfectly normal. Having him over for pizza and beer, playing Halo with him until 2 AM, that was all fine. Especially when you considered that none of the guys were around this summer, that they barely even lived in Florida anymore, what the hell was he supposed to do?

But somehow, last night things had gotten on a different track, and Chris still wasn't sure how. Because offering to let Nick stay over since it was so late and they'd had so much to drink was perfectly sane, but then feeding him some lame line in the hallway outside the bedroom door? Pushing Nick back against the wall so suddenly that he yelped, then giggled? *Climbing him like a tree to reach his lips?* That was inexcusable.

That was going to ruin everything. ‘}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:chris/nick  author:slim 
april 2013 by morgana
Hazy Like A Summer Afternoon, by turps (aka Terri)
There's UST! Longing! And a poolside barbecue at Justin's. And despite the longing, the story is warm and happy.

{' If Chris believed in slushy words and feelings he´d say his world shone brighter when JC walked onto the patio, but as he doesn´t he put down the sudden burst of heat to the scorching sun overhead. JC looks good, cool and smiling in capris and t-shirt, his hair styled in that pitiful hybrid Mohawk that´ll be flat against his head within minutes; an inevitable casualty in the skirmish between styling products and the compulsory hair ruffle of affectionate greeting.

From his boneless position on one of Justin´s ultra comfortable padded recliners, Chris watches Lance and Joey stand, greeting JC with hugs, backslaps and a flurry of words. It´s an interesting view from this position, and Chris can´t help looking up the curved line of Lance´s calf to the shadows of his shorts, the way Joey´s hairy leg is pressed against JC´s and the casual way they touch, easy and secure in the tight three-way hug.

Chris smiles at the sight, then frowns when he sees Justin watching him, expression clearly saying ‘get up and say hello you ass´, which he does, hauling himself to his feet. He approaches slowly, focussing on JC´s dorky hair and lets his eyes sweep down to the toe ring that sparkles against nails that are surely pinker than they should be. Which should shoot JC´s dork factor even higher, and it does, except it seems Chris have a thing for dorks now. Especially ones that latch onto him like a limpet, pulling him into the circle of arms and holding on while Chris struggles and wiggles before eventually giving in, relaxing in his hold. '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/jc  length:1-5000  author:terri  author:turps 
april 2013 by morgana
Taking the Heat, by Jain
Chris and Nick are spending time at Nick's place in Florida. In the summer. Chris has accidentally broken the ice machine on his refridgerator. There's a good dynamic between Chris and Nick in this story; they treat one another as equals. (I don't care for stories that characterize Nick as an overgrown toddler.)

{' Chris was in Nick's kitchen, playing with the ice machine. For some reason, Nick hadn't felt it necessary to invest in central air, and Chris was moments from passing out and hitting his head on Nick's very expensive kitchen counter. Not a good idea, considering it would most likely keep him from getting laid. And he desperately wanted to get laid.

The ice machine was making strange, grinding noises that didn’t sound too healthy. Chris was good at fixing those kinds of things; he had his own personal touch that seemed to work every time. He slammed his fist into the machine and winced when it made a loud crunching noise before an avalanche of ice cubes exploded onto the shiny tiled floor.

Chris's jaw dropped as he stared stupidly at Nick's busted machine. Oops. The sound of little feet caught his attention and he turned to find Nick's pug staring up at him with the same "nice going, asshole" look Kariya liked to give him.

"Don't tell Nick," Chris whispered to the dog who just stared up at him with big, unblinking eyes. "Good. Glad we understand each other," Chris muttered and crouched down to pick up the ice. When the last cube was melting in the drain, sweat was dripping down Chris's neck and his t-shirt was stuck to his chest. Chris stared dejectedly at the ice machine. Maybe Nick wouldn't notice. Or, Chris could just blame it on the dog. '|
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:chris/nick  length:1-5000  author:jain 
april 2013 by morgana
Into The Fire, by deirdre (aka pierson)
This is an amazing fantasy AU. It feels as though we’ve been dropped into a novel several chapters after the beginning, after all the boring exposition and right in the thick of the action. Kevin has been hunting Justin for a long, long time in a world where fae and shapechangers exist among humans. Whatever Justin has become, he is a predator now and Kevin is determined to stop him. JC, Chris and Lance are shifters who are his allies. Kevin is fierce and focused, and I loved the sleek, deadly version of JC presented here. I would have been thrilled to read pages and pages more of this universe. (implied Chris/JC, Chris/Lance)
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  au  main.character:kevin  pairing:chris/jc  author:deirdre  author:pierson 
april 2013 by morgana
Master List: Newt 'Verse, by SnarkyLlama
This page has links to all the chapters of the Newt ‘Verse.

“From Mama C's Guide to Intergalactic Etiquette, Chapter One: Don't Look a Gift Newt in the Mouth” -- After Lance's birthday party JC is disoriented. A short while later he anounces that he's pregnant. With an alien baby.

“With Friends Like These (I'm Going to Need More Star Trek Metaphors)” – Summary: “Bacon made everything better, especially when you were pushing forty and slowly going crazy while holed up in the middle of nowhere with a pregnant dude.

Well. Being holed up with a pregnant dude was weird, but it really only called for about a pound of bacon. Then there was being holed up with a pregnant dude when the baby wasn't yours. That called for maybe two pounds of bacon.

When the pregnant dude was one of your best friends who was sleeping with another one of your best friends, who just happened to be—Surprise!—an alien, and the baby was an alien, too, but of unknown parentage... Well, then. Congratulations. Your life just turned into an intergalactic soap opera.

(In which Chris Kirkpatrick consumes a lot of bacon and thinks about Star Trek. Takes place about 4 months after the end of the first Newt 'Verse fic.)”

“Somethin’ about this Special Time of Year” – Summary: “Lance loves all the trappings of a traditional Christmas, but roughly five years after the events of the main Alien!MPREG story, JC gets to be in charge of their family Christmas.”
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/jc  pairing:jc/lance  pairing:chris/jc/lance  threesome  birthday  holiday:christmas  kidfic  mpreg  length:40001-45000  author:snarkyllama 
april 2013 by morgana
The Man Within Me, by marythefan (marylex)
Nick finds himself captivated when he discovers JC is cross-dressing.

[' The fifth time ... first time? ... Nick saw her, it took a lot of negotiating. He listened to Lance explain how he got picked for escort duty for JC's experiment because Lance knew how to be a gentleman - well, supposedly, but it was the Southern charm that fooled them every time - and how, if Nick was going to be asking to take over for Lance for however long this phase was going to last, he'd better be polite. Lance's voice got slightly threatening on that last part, and Nick made a face at his own reflection in the window, tucking the telephone into the crook of his neck. What did Bass think Nick was, some kind of monkey or, or ... an 'NSync member? The Backstreet Boys knew how to clean up, they knew how to act like gentlemen, their shtick had always been more nice guy than escaped circus freak, unlike Bass' boys. And anyway, even if it hadn't been, Kevin and Brian would have thwapped manners into Nick by now. He knew how to hold doors and pull out chairs and be charming and eat with utensils instead of his fingers, for God's sake.

"If you're so worried about my, what, intentions, why are you even letting me ask her to dinner?" he asked, trying not to sound too bitchy because he needed Lance to vouch for him, after all.

"Because ..." Lance paused. "Because of the basketball game."


"The basketball game. Back in Germany. When you tripped over your own feet coming down the court so you wouldn't run right over him."

"Maybe I'm just not good enough to get *around* him," Nick muttered and couldn't figure out why that was so funny.

She ... he ... she offered to cook dinner, because Tiny freaked out over the idea of her wandering around in public without his backup - more because of the twin fears of discovery and homophobic idiots than because of popstar fame, in that particular instance - but worried about explaining an 'NSync bodyguard being seen with a Backstreet Boy and his date. She had to tell the bodyguards, at least Tiny and Eric, she explained over salmon that Nick suspected was catered and wine he suspected was expensive, but they all trusted those guys with so much already, what was this one more thing? Tiny seemed to think she'd lost a bet, anyway, but that wasn't it at all, she just wanted to know what it was like, what it felt like for a girl.

"You really didn't know?" she asked Nick, rubbing a well-manicured thumb over an eyebrow in a nervous gesture he recognized, now, and he felt his face heat, but she sounded amazed and a little shy, and when he left he brushed a kiss across her cheek. He was right, she was practically as tall as he was once she had on those wicked heeled boots, leather clasping her legs glove-tight all the way up her calves to disappear under the hem of her satiny skirt, and she was solid like he liked his girls, and she was strong where she wrapped her fingers around his wrist when he kissed her. '}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:jc/nick  cross-dressing  length:1-5000  author:marythefan 
april 2013 by morgana
Mix, by pet (aka apetslife)
Very funny. Nick is in the studio finishing recording his solo album when JC stops by to say hello and gets a little too interested in remixing his music.

{‘ "You know, that's really good! Your voice, man, yeah!" Nick wasn't sure if he should be pleased or insulted at JC's--was he surprised?--praise, but the thought was lost quickly as JC drifted over to Paul's side, peering at the mixing board. "Hey, have you thought about adding kind of a...yeah, maybe that beat." Paul pressed play again, and JC fiddled with some settings, and suddenly there was a new straight 4/4 drumbeat under the syncopated bass and guitar sounds. Nick raised his eyebrows. Huh?

"No, maybe pick up the tempo again." JC was leaning over the board now, fingers flying as he selected different faders and tracks, and Paul was nodding, popping more master tapes into slots, and Nick was standing behind them, lost. He'd heard rumors of JC's intensity in the studio, but this was someone he didn't even recognize, thrumming with energy and completely focused, his eyes narrow and assessing.

"JC?" This was starting to sound like a dance remix. Interesting, yes, but not exactly what he was- "JC, hey, Paul?"

It was like he wasn't even there. He reached out and patted JC's shoulder tentatively; he knew the guy, sure, but only casually, and he wasn't going to presume on personal space.

"Hang on," JC said absently, not even looking around. "Hey, yeah!" There was a high synthesizer sound weaving into the mix now, and JC clapped once, laughing, before going back to his mixing.

Nick took a deep breath. Then one more. Then quietly left the room, cell phone in hand before the door had even closed behind him. He leaned against the wall in the hallway, blessedly free of the Space Club Trax Supertrance Mix of Help Me, and dialed.

"Whassssuuuuuuuup?" Nick contemplated hanging up there and then, but really, he needed some help.

"Timberlake, you fucking poser. Quit that shit, it was old three years ago."

"Hey, it's Carter! Just the man to be calling other people posers." It sounded like he was chewing something, and Nick grimaced at the disgusting sound.

"Believe me, I wouldn't be calling you at all, but I need you to come down to Image and retrieve your pet freak."

"Huh?" Justin was clearly confused. "But Chris is in Santa Fe."

"I can't believe I have to specify which freak I'm talking about with you."

"Those who live in glass tour buses with AJ McLean shouldn't throw stones," Justin answered placidly, finally--finally!--swallowing. "I guess you mean JC?"

"YES I mean JC!" Nick realized he was practically shouting, and lowered his voice. "He showed up, said hello, and then kidnapped my engineer and started turning my first single into a dance mix. Get down here and take him away before I kill him." ‘}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:jc/nick  humor  recording  length:1-5000  author:pet 
april 2013 by morgana
When I Grow Up, by Gale
Nick and JC in a gay bar in Germany, way back when they were all just starting out.

{‘ "I'm saying," JC said, still smiling a little, "that you look *good.*" On the last word, he reached down and undid the zipper on Nick's jeans.

Oh, hell. Oh goddamn fucking hell.

"Um," he heard himself say - but weakly, like he was a mile away and yelling through a megaphone. "I don't. Is this a good idea?"

"Why?" JC frowned and paused, his fingers on the button fly. "Do you not want to?"

"Um." Not really a matter of wanting to, here. It just - it seemed a little weird, not to mention disloyal, and wow, wasn't *that* fucked up. And it wasn't even like JC was making him do anything except stand there and receive, but still. Don't cross the streams, you know?

"Because if you don't want to," JC said, "I won't make you. Really. It's cool." He shrugged one shoulder. The shirt slipped down an inch, exposing just enough skin to make Nick's stomach flutter. "I just figured- I mean, you're here, you know?"

"Maybe I just like to dance," Nick shot back, suddenly defensive.

JC looked at him for a minute, then shook his head. "You like to dance," he said, "but that's not why you're here. Is it?"

No. But I'm sixteen, and my mom is with me every fucking second, and I don't have room to breathe or take a piss by myself, let alone figure out if I want dick the same way I want pussy. And it's not like I can ask my guys, because they're cool as hell and I love them, and if I were to say that I liked dick they wouldn't throw a fit or something, but I'm Nick, I'm the baby, and how would you feel if Timberlake walked into rehearsal and announced that he wanted to explore his sexuality? And by the way, what exactly did I catch a glimpse of back at the hotel?

Helpless, Nick looked at him.

"Nick," JC said, sounding patient as anything. "It's not like I'm asking to court you or something, okay? I want to suck your dick. That's about as romantic as I can manage tonight." He kissed Nick's cheek. When he pulled back, Nick smelled sweat and aftershave. His erection - somehow, startlingly - got harder. "If you don't want me to, that's cool. If you do, that's cool, too. Whatever you want, man. You just have to let me know."

"I've never," Nick blurted out, and made himself shut up and try again. "Um. Not guys. Girls, a couple of times, but not guys."

"Ah." JC just nodded and went back to working his fly. "It's not that different," he said, and then Nick was walking backwards until his back was pressed against the bathroom door. Easy as anything to walk inside, JC still pressed against him like security, protecting him from all the creepy guys inside said bathroom. Not that any of them were paying attention to the latest arrivals; they all had their own...things to deal with. It made Nick feel a little better. ‘}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:jc/nick  eurobabies  author:gale 
april 2013 by morgana
One Night Stand, by jstabe
Summary: "It continues long distance which is strange for JC."

{‘ “Bobbie’s your girlfriend, JC, but you don’t have a clue where she is or what she’s doing and she’s in the same hotel you are. Nick’s your whatever the hell you call him, but you know exactly what he’s doing even though he isn’t even in the same country. You know his schedule better than you know ours.”

JC’s beginning to see where this is going and he doesn’t like it. “Lance knows our schedule.”

Which sucks as any kind of comeback, but Chris has thrown him and JC doesn’t like it. He crosses his arms across his chest and shrugs.

“I don’t see what the big deal is, Chris.”

Chris sighs again. “It wouldn’t be. You’re a big boy, C, and you don’t need a keeper. You and Bobbie have never been monogamous and if that works for you then great. But Nick…” Chris stops, unsure how to finish and JC’s eyes narrow.

“What about Nick?”

“I’ve been talking to Howie.”

JC doesn’t like the sound of that at all. Howie is a good friend and he’s fiercely protective of the other Boys. If he’s been talking to Chris, it’s only because Howie’s afraid for Nick.

Chris looks like he’s going to say something else, but then he just shrugs and squeezes JC’s shoulder.

“You know how they are about Nick. Maybe Howie’s worrying for nothing. But it can’t hurt for you to talk to Nick, see what’s going on. I know you like him, that you wouldn’t want to hurt him.”

JC stands at the window of his hotel room for a long time after Chris leaves, thinking. He does like Nick, likes spending time with him, but he’s not looking for a relationship. He has that with Bobbie; at least, as much of a relationship as he’s comfortable with. The idea that Nick could be looking at their friendship as something more has hit JC out of left field. Chris is right; he doesn’t want to hurt Nick, but he doesn’t want more than what they have. And he doesn’t have the first clue how to tell Nick that.

Over the next few days, JC’s uncertainty about how to deal with the Nick situation hasn’t lessened any. He starts letting Nick’s calls go to voice mail and when he returns them he makes sure that he only has a minute or two to talk. It’s the coward’s way out and he knows it. Just like he knows that it can’t go on indefinitely. He’s going to have to talk to Nick. ‘}
popslash  bsb  nsync  crossover  pairing:jc/nick  touring  length:1-5000  author:jstabe 
april 2013 by morgana
Shantih, by Synecdochic
AU. Sidestory from the Rake at the Gates of Hell universe. A weary Lance drinks and has a discussion with Malachai. According to the author, this is "a stolen moment from the Rake at the Gates of Hell universe, and the earliest one we've seen so far, chronologically."
popslash  nsync  main.character:lance  au  verse!  part.of.series  author:synecdochic 
december 2012 by morgana
Strung, by silveryscrape
JC and Justin are at one of those stages in the studio where they are overworking things, and JC is strung to the point of screaming. Chris decides to step in and relax him.

{' Chris grabbed his jacket off the couch and dug for his keys. Justin made the fakest noise of protest ever, looking back and forth between Chris and JC, anticipation clear in his expression. JC said nothing. He didn't turn back around, but his shoulders pulled up a little.

Chris only made it as far as the hall before JC rushed out of the studio, an obstinate look on his face. He grabbed Chris's arm and spun him around.

"Where the fuck are you going, Chris," he hissed. "We have to do this."

JC's eyes were round and he practically bristled with irritation, bouncing on his toes from the tension built up in him. It was impossible to resist fucking with him when he got like that. Chris had given up trying long ago.

"We don't have to do anything, JC," he said deliberately, leaning back against the wall.

JC brushed that aside with a jerk of his head. "We do! We fucking do. I fucking hate it when you get like this."

"Get like what?" Chris said. "I hate wasting my time while you two dick around. Just call me when you get your shit together."

He pushed away from the wall, hefting his jacket over his arm and jangling his keys loudly, and that seemed to do the trick. JC planted one hand in the middle of Chris's chest and shoved hard, pinning Chris against the wall to grope for the keys and twist them out of his grasp. Chris could hear Justin's surprised "Whoa!" as they flew through the door and into the studio, but then JC was panting into his face and Chris wasn't thinking about his keys anymore.

"You always do this. You can't. I, you have to," JC sputtered, crowding closer to Chris with each phrase. JC's body was a filament of anger and his heart was pounding hard against Chris's chest. He was on fire. Chris was going to hell for sure, but he wasn't about to start caring now. JC was one step from the edge.

"What the fuck, JC," he said, and heaved with his whole body.

JC stumbled back a few steps. "You *fucker,*" he said. Chris shrugged and made a rude noise.

JC drew in a deep breath and Chris got ready. But then JC stilled all at once, narrowing his eyes, and Chris felt a little thrill of alarm.

"I know what you're doing, Chris," JC said coldly.

"You do."

Maybe he hadn't come off as unconcerned as he hoped. JC was smiling, a tense little curve of his lips.

"Fucking bullshit with you, every time," he said, shaking his head and closing his eyes.

"I told you, JC," Chris started, but JC opened his eyes and looked at him, and Chris found himself against the wall again with no memory of moving.

"Every time," JC whispered.

Somehow JC had a hand against Chris's throat, tightening his grip, and was that a smirk on JC's face? Chris had no time to wonder. JC leaned into him, pushing a thigh between his legs and settling against him heavily, and suddenly Chris was moaning into JC's mouth, undone.

JC kissed him until every bone in Chris's body melted except one, and JC was hard, too, rubbing against him with minute jolts of his body. It was the most difficult thing in the world, to grab the back of JC's shirt and pull until there was a little space between their bodies. JC didn't seem to want to let his mouth go.

"Come over to my place," Chris managed.

JC drew in a breath and let it out. Chris wasn't breathing at all.

"Okay. All right. Fuck."

JC stepped away, bringing a shaking hand to his face. Chris gathered his strength to move away from the wall. His jacket was a heap on the floor, and it took him a minute to remember where his keys had gone. JC closed his eyes as Chris brushed past to look for them in the studio.

Justin was still playing around at the board. He looked up when Chris came back in.

"Chris," he started.

Chris held up a hand and Justin closed his mouth, but he hunched his shoulders gleefully and made a series of meaningful yet incomprehensible hand motions as Chris scooped up the keys from the studio floor. Chris shook his head, glaring, and turned his back on Justin's grin.

JC opened his eyes when Chris came back into the hall. He looked fierce and rumpled and lost, his lips reddened and swollen, and he was completely delicious. '}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/jc  recording  author:silveryscrape 
september 2012 by morgana
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