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I can't wait to fall in love with you, by traffic_west
Awwww. Sam suddenly kisses Dean one day in a laundromat:

{‘ It's not what he expected. For one, he imagined the smell of leather and cotton, and all he can smell now is cheap laundry detergent and expensive fabric softener and stale coffee. He imagined that Dean would groan softly and slide his hands into Sam's hair and pull him closer, kiss him hard and rough, demanding...and...something. It all gets a little fuzzy, but...something. What actually happens is that Dean's mouth is soft soft soft against his and wet, and Dean rests a hand gently on Sam's shoulder. Not pushing or pulling, but reassuring.

When he pulls away, his smile is slanting and shy and his face is a little flushed. "Well." It's more a sigh than a word. ‘}

Sam then becomes increasingly frustrated over how slowly things are progressing until he realizes that he and Dean are *dating,* because this time Dean wants things to be different.
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  non-explicit  schmoop  season:unknown  author:traffic_west 
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