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Countdown, by Molly (aka mollyamory)
Dean can't sleep; Sam knows how to relax him.

{‘ Sam struggles up from the tangle of his blankets, props himself on his elbows, and looks over at Dean in the other bed. Dean can barely make out the shape of him in the watery silver light coming through the curtain. A big Sam-shape, and at the top of it Dean imagines a big Sam-head making Sam-faces of annoyance and concern.

"What's wrong?" Sam says, like he expects Dean to just tell him; like he thinks he has a right to know. It's beautiful, is what that is -- that Sam-sized sense of entitlement, something so very *Sam* that it was gone till Sam got his soul back. RoboSam tried to reason with Dean, tried to trick the truth out of him, to get him to do what Sam wanted. Sam -- real Sam, honest to God *Sam fucking Winchester* -- deep in his immortal soul he just expects to be answered and obeyed.

Dean grins at the ceiling, lacing his fingers behind his head. "Can't sleep," he says, which is true enough, but not the whole truth. Sam snorts, because he knows it, because he's annoyed and thwarted and can't do anything about it. He may be bigger, he may be stronger, he may have reach on Dean now. But Dean has a lifetime of experience pissing his little brother off, and the gears may be a little rusty but they still turn when he wants them to.

"Shove over," Sam says.

Dean turns, his eyes narrowing at the patch of dark where he thinks Sam's head is. "Excuse me?"

"I'm *tired,*" Sam says. The bed creaks when he sits up; for a second he looms over Dean in the dark, and then he's lifting up the covers and climbing in beside Dean, and Dean shoves the hell over because it's that or get himself both crushed and smothered. Sam's a big dude. "We have to sleep."

"Well, this should help," Dean says. "So much easier to sleep when I don't have to worry about falling out of this gigantic twin bed. Thank you." ‘}
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  established  explicit  top!sam  sam:re-souled  season:6  length:1-5000  author:molly  author:mollyamory 
april 2011 by morgana
Undertow, by molly (aka mollyamory)
The YED is dead and Sam doesn't have the painful visions any more. But now he finds that he can hear Dean's thoughts. And apparently he learns that Dean wants him. (That part is never spelled out, actually.)

Summary: Angels, demons, zombies, an apocalypse or two -- whatever, fine. Telling truth to blood, though. That's scary."

{' "You do it." It's not that Sam doesn't want to spend quality time with his hands all over Dean; it's just that the idea of watching suddenly seems like the hottest thing in the world. He's got this image in his head, Dean reared back in the sunlight, stiff and leaking, all of his focus on himself. On his brown, weathered hands, on the slick latex stretching tight and thin over his skin. Sam's cock twitches at just the thought of it and he groans, shifting his hips against Dean.

"Why not," Dean says. His eyes are lazy and half-lidded. "I'm doing everything else." But there's this note in his voice that Sam knows, the one that says he'll do anything for Sam, is happy to do anything Sam wants. He never knew it would take them this far, but he's glad, so fucking glad it has.

Sam says, "Look," and pours the image into Dean like warm, sweet water. It takes some of Sam with it, the flush of heat in his chest, the winding pull of pleasure slowly tightening under his skin. The want, all of it, and not just the want that's sex; the part of him that wants everything, Dean's trust and his heart and his head and whatever else he can get.

Dean closes his eyes, his face twisting in what looks like pain but Sam knows it isn't, knows this is just how it works with Dean. The hard stuff he can handle; easy things, good things -- that takes a little more effort.

"In case you thought it was just you," Sam says, smiling; and after a second Dean's eyes open and it's all reflected back at him, just like Sam knew it would be. '}
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  first.time  explicit  top!dean  pwp  sam:powers  psychic  season:6  length:1-5000  author:molly  author:mollyamory 
january 2011 by morgana
Three Months (The Kiss Addiction Remix), by molly (formerly merry)
Remix of "Unless Continents Collide" by luzdeestrellas. Sam kisses Dean up against the wall of a diner one day, and Dean reacts by running from the idea for the next three months. Until he can't really run any more.

{‘ While Dean's still gaping, Sam stomps back to the car, throws himself in, and slams the door. Dean's not sure he can move until he's moving, and not sure he can get in the car until he's sitting behind the wheel. He takes a long minute to stare out the windshield, trying his best to be as pissed as Sam thinks he is. Thing is, he's just not. And yeah, he's been kind of an ass the past few weeks, and maybe he's had that punch coming for a while now, but Jesus.

A minute later, Dean breaks. "Did you just put me on the couch for being crap at a gay incestuous relationship we're not even having?"

Sam snorts. "Oh, I think we're having it. Thanks to you being an ass, we're just not enjoying it."

Dean tilts his head, raises his eyebrows, and gives Sam a little nod.

Fair enough. ‘}
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  first.time  season:unknown  length:1-5000  author:merry  author:molly 
august 2010 by morgana
Molly's (formerly Merry's) Popslash Stories
Index of Merry's popslash stories. Other than one story that includes Nick, they all feature Nsync.

This link goes to a page listing her 12 Nsync stories on Archive Of Our Own.
popslash  nsync  index  author:merry  author:molly 
july 2009 by morgana
Free and Clear, by molly (formerly merry)
AU coda to episode 3.16, "No Rest for the Wicked." It begins as Dean's waking up after Sam rescued him from Hell and panicking over what Sam might have done to get him back.

{‘ Dean's hands come up, grip Sam's shoulders tight enough to bruise. "Sam, I swear to God. If you -- Just. What did you do?"

*Nothing you wouldn't have done,* Sam almost says. But then, Dean probably wouldn't find that very comforting. "Nothing," he says. "Nothing you'd have a problem with, Dean, I swear. We're free and clear."

"Free and clear," Dean repeats, and Sam nods. "Don't lie to me, Sammy," he says, his voice so thick and raw Sam can barely stand to hear it. He searches Sam's face, fingers fisting in Sam's shirt. "Please, don't lie to me. Not about this."

"Dean, I'm not." Sam pushes sincerity at him as hard as he can, wills Dean to believe. Dean's face doesn't change, he's still scared half-blind, and Sam doesn't worry about Dean's rules; he just yanks him in. He wraps his arms around him, clenches his fists against Dean's back, and holds on. "Jesus, Dean," he says, his throat closing up around the words. He presses his face into Dean's shoulder, breathes him in. "I didn't give anything up, I swear. I would have, you stupid, selfless *asshole,* I would have, but I didn't have to."

Dean's arms come up, slow, but they come up and close around Sam's ribs, tight and strong. Sam laughs, one sharp bark of a laugh that hurts, and feels crazy, and just makes Dean hold on tighter. ‘}
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  first.time  explicit  coda:3.16  season:3  length:5001-10000  author:merry  author:molly 
june 2009 by morgana
Friendship, Love, Sex, and other Unavoidable Disasters, by Molly (formerly Merry)
Very funny. Chris decides he’s bi { ‘"So Lance did your taxes, changed your oil, and turned you gay." Justin grinned. "Not a bad week's work." ‘} and Justin tries to be supportive:

{‘ "If I'm the one who's queer, how come you get to be the fucking pansy? A little support, Justin, that's all I'm asking."

Justin yanked Chris down beside him. "Okay, first? Don't say my name. In fact, dude, don't ever say my name again. Erase my name from your memory. Second, I'm sitting here on this bench next to a gay float in a gay parade with my gay best friend wearing a gay as hell pink hat, so don't you even think about coming off all, poor me, I'm a tragedy in pale blue ten-percent-cotton-blend. Nobody's gonna buy that shit."

Chris went a little pink around the cheeks. Justin was pleased to see it clashed with his shirt and made him look a little less beige.

"That's right," Justin said smugly. "This is me, and this spot here?" He pointed at his feet. "This is the moral high ground, yo." ‘}

But Justin is slow figuring out who Chris is in love with:

{‘ Chris glared and waved him off. "I don't want to date Lance. Lance is boring. Ok, kind of amazingly good-looking sometimes, but there's a lot of competition in that field in the immediate vicinity."

"Okay," Justin said slowly. If it wasn't Lance -- who Chris might've actually had a shot with, because Lance was pretty easy-going and also, well, pretty easy -- Justin didn't know what to do. It wasn't like he could set him up with JC. JC wasn't of this world, and only slept with people he considered to be spiritually advanced. Or really deeply hot. Chris was cute, and from the right angle in the right light he could be really really cute, but no amount of soft lighting was going to make him look like less of a dork. ‘}
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/justin  humor  length:5001-10000  author:merry  author:molly 
february 2009 by morgana
Buoyancy, by Molly (formerly Merry)
The first half occurs during Lance's space training in Texas, when JC comes to visit. The second occurs after he doesn't go into space. I LOVE the conversations between the guys in this, and the palpable love between them.
popslash  nsync  pairing:chris/lance  main.character:jc  lance:space  length:10001-15000  author:merry  author:molly 
february 2008 by morgana

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