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Liron_aria's Supernatural Stories
List of Liron_aria’s Supernatural stories on Archive of Our Own. Her stories seem to be almost 100% from Sam’s perspective. and take his side in any confrontation.

She also posts meta on her tumblr:
supernatural  sam  dean  sam/jess  sam:hurt  angst  index  author:liron_aria 
june 2016 by morgana
The Sam Winchester School of Hunting, by Liron_aria
AU where Sam turns out to be training young teenagers they’ve come across throughout the years: Jacob Pond, Claire Novak, Jesse Turner, Ben Braeden, and Krissy Chambers. This series is a WIP.

Summary: “ Throughout the course of his hunting career, Sam Winchester finds himself unwittingly mentoring the next generation of hunters. He's not sure who thought it would be a good idea to make *him* a role model and authority figure for anyone, but his kids don't particularly care.

Most of them are convinced he hung the stars in the sky, anyway.”
supernatural  sam  dean  castiel  au  dean:demon  sam:hurt  torture  wip  length:35001-40000  author:liron_aria 
november 2014 by morgana

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