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Summer Shudder, by ephemerall
Sequel to "This Is the Long Way Down." As they're driving through the Nevada desert Sam begins talking, and telling Dean about his time in the cage with Lucifer and Michael.

Note: this obviously includes mention of non-con and torture.
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  non-explicit  sam:re-souled  sam:hurt  non-con  torture  sequel  season:6  length:1-5000  author:ephemerall 
october 2012 by morgana
This Is the Long Way Down, by ephemerall
Sam's back from hell and he's still very broken. Fortunately he's still able to communicate what he needs to Dean. It would be a PWP, if it weren't really about how much they love each other.

{‘ “Harder,” he tells Dean, and Dean is nothing if not obedient. Sam’s grateful that Dean knows him so well, knows that he can take it when Dean thrusts in hard, just like he asked for. Sam doesn’t always like it like this; sometimes he likes it slow and soft, letting Dean take his time, but this time – this time he needs it rough, needs to drown out all the bloody images Lucifer forgot to take with him when he jumped-ship a few days ago.

“You feel so good, Sammy,” Dean murmurs into his neck, thrusting in sharp, short jabs.

“Dean, I need…” he swallows hard. He’s been hiding it so long now, he doesn’t know how to give it words; he knows it’s going to hurt Dean that he didn’t say something sooner, it’s going to scare him too, but Sam *needs* this. He can’t force the words out, so instead, he takes Dean’s right hand from where it was resting on the bone of his hip and slides it up slow. Dean lifts his face from Sam’s neck and looks down at him; Sam could drown in that look. He guides Dean’s hand up past his chest, lingers on his clavicle, and finally brings it to rest over his throat. Dean lets his hand rest there, and Sam knows that Dean doesn’t understand what he’s asking. He slides his hand over Deans, forces his hand to squeeze – just a little. Dean’s expression changes almost instantly.


“Please,” Sam whispers. “Dean, I need --” his words dissolve into a guttural moan when Dean’s fingers squeeze. His cock jerks between them, and Dean doesn’t fail to notice. He holds Dean’s gaze, and it’s easy to see Dean is confused, a little concerned, a little bit scared, but he gives Sam what he needs. Sam slides his hands down over Dean’s back to his hips, grasps them tight and pulls Dean in hard. The sensation is something explosive, a dizzying mixture of pain and pleasure, a bright hot-spot that makes his eyes roll back in his head. “Tighter,” he whispers and after a moment’s hesitation, Dean’s fingers squeeze tighter around his throat; he can still breathe, but he has to work for it. He squeezes Dean’s hips to let him know he wants it harder; if he could talk he’d tell Dean, ‘*fuck me like you mean it!*’ but Dean gets the message just fine.

He’s so close – Dean’s hips are angled just right, he’s pounding into Sam hard enough to rock the bed, and the look on his face tells Sam that Dean is just as close, just balancing on that edge. Sam looks up at him, silently asking him to squeeze tighter, and Dean gets the message, tightens his fingers until Sam can’t pull in air. Dean’s cock drives over his prostate hard, and Sam arches up, heart pounding, and comes between them, striping up Dean’s belly and his own, even his chest. He hasn’t come that hard in a long time, and Dean follows, thrusting in deep and staying. ‘}

The sequel is "Summer Shudder."
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  established  sam:re-souled  has.a.sequel  explicit  top!dean  breathplay  season:6  length:1-5000  author:ephemerall 
october 2012 by morgana
And We Play Like You Had a War, by ephemerall
Dean sees Sam falling. {“He expects Sam to change somehow. Yellow eyes, black eyes, a tail and horns – he doesn't know what, exactly, he's expecting, but he doesn't expect Sam to stay exactly the same.”} This is a short piece but it’s intriguing… Sam’s clearly not really a good guy from the start, but he’s still trying to stop Lucifer which would seem to be a good thing. Still, I don’t think he starts the story as the antichrist.

Regardless of what Sam is doing, Dean is always by his side:

{‘ There's something about Dean Winchester you should know: his little brother has always been his biggest weakness. Dean will follow Sam, wherever he goes, even if that road is dark and twisting, and leads them straight down into Hell. Dean swore he'd never go back there, no matter what it took, and still he's following Sam, knowing that Hell's doorstep isn't that far away.

And Sam Winchester was always meant to rule in Hell, rather than burn in Heaven. ‘}

So Dean follows Sam, waits while Sam commits his atrocities, and continues to love him:

{‘ He doesn't have to wonder if he still loves his brother, because he still does, and he doesn't have to wonder if what they're doing is right because he knows it isn't. The only alternative to end this, is to end Sam, and he's never been able to even entertain the thought, and he still can't. Maybe, if they're lucky, and Sam puts Lucifer away for good and the apocalypse is averted, maybe Sam will just stop using his powers and everything will go back to the way it was – when Dean knew his brother, knew himself. ‘}
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  established  explicit  top!dean  sam:dark  length:1-5000  author:ephemerall 
september 2009 by morgana
I Will Love You In This Dark, by ephemerall
Following "Born Under a Bad Sign" (episode 2.14). Sam is devastated by what happened while he was possessed. Dean is taking care of him. They're on the run. Angsty and painful as hell. And still beautiful and gentle.
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  established  explicit  top!dean  coda:2.14  season:2  length:1-5000  author:ephemerall 
april 2007 by morgana

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