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BewareTheIdes15's Supernatural and J2 Stories
This page has links to BewareTheIdes15's stories for Supernatural, J2, and even Avenger stories. She also posts on LiveJournal.
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august 2016 by morgana
Simple As That, by bewaretheides15
Dean temporarily goes deaf.

{‘ It’s not that he needs Sam to do everything for him or anything like that; he’s got a handle on this shit, thank you very much. It’s not even that he’s scared for himself about something happening – every now and then the idea will crop up, but Dean’s damn good at what he does and hearing or not, he dares any fucking thing to come and try and take him out. Aint happening.

The thing is that he’s got ‘protect Sammy’ engraved on his DNA and unless he’s got Sam in his line of sight or under his hands, he can’t really be sure everything’s ok. It seems idiotic to imagine that every time he turns around Sammy’s going to disappear or get kidnapped or attacked, except it’s Sam and every single one of those things has happened to him more than once, so really, Dean’s just being prudent. He’s not actually sure why this hands-on solution never occurred to him before – maybe because Sam wouldn’t have let him get away with it then.

That first night he spends three hours lying there trying to keep the panic attack he’s having as quiet as possible. Finally he gives up and just moves over to Sam’s bed. ‘}
supernatural  sam/dean  wincest  first.time  explicit  top!dean  dean:deaf  dean:hurt  season:unknown  length:5001-10000  author:bewaretheides15 
october 2011 by morgana

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