Using data selectors for JavaScript functionality | Blog | Decade City
When building websites class and ID selectors are used to provide hooks for both CSS styling and JavaScript functionality. Whilst this i...
js  performance  browsers  dev 
25 days ago
How To Remember The Order of Selectors: LOVE and HATE | CSS-Tricks
Heres a cool way to remember the order of the four selectors, "LVHA (link visited hover active)",....

Just think 'LOVE' (LV) and 'HATE' (HA)....
css  dev 
january 2018
The Silences Of Biosphere. Neo Baroque And Aware Intimacy | Digicult | Digital Art, Design and Culture
Absolutely, I work a lot on the fragment. Even when I am in the studio, I think it is the unit of language which then develops the rest. Even in the approach to Monteverdi, I worked on the fragment, I would say even on the fragmented nature of the creative process: I worked on sound tissue sampling and processing an enormous amount of material taken from all releases, on vinyl and tape, of “Poppea” that I found on e-bay and other e-commerce sites, and that I bought from consumers around the world, especially Italian. These old records, many of them damaged by time, have provided sound materials of great interest, such as glitch, skratch, krakle, on which I built the weaving of sound performance.
interviews  music:biosphere  music  production  sampling  art  dance  performance 
december 2016
Nazi-Era Snapshots and the Banality of Evil - VICE
Yes, these guys went home to their wives and children, and maybe they sang them nice German lullabies, but it's not an exoneration. I mean, Hitler loved dogs, and he was a vegetarian. Great. But, it's all kind of irrelevant. At the end of the day these things are reconcilable. No, not exactly reconcilable, but they coexist. The evil and the not-evil coexist in a person. But, in Nuremberg, it didn't come up that they were nice to their wives because it didn't matter.
nazism  Vice  photography 
december 2016
Elektronauts — The Bug
Dub is at the core of what I do. I see dub as a methodology, not just as a production process. I think dubbing a life is a way of seeing a life: seeing life as this post-structural collage that it is, now. We all live in the most messed up jigsaw puzzle, and we just try and re-put those pieces together.
music  production  dub  elektron  hardware  interviews 
july 2016
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