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Open source monitoring for understanding energy
Exploring the context of renewable energy and zero carbon
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4 days ago
Apache Allura
Apache Allura is an open source implementation of a software forge, a web site that manages source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs, and more for any number of individual projects.
git  development  wiki 
4 days ago
Apache Allura
Apache Allura is an open source implementation of a software forge, a web site that manages source code repositories, bug reports, discussions, wiki pages, blogs, and more for any number of individual projects.
git  development  wiki 
4 days ago
A productive web framework that
does not compromise speed and maintainability.
elixir  erlang  framework  web 
4 days ago
GitHub - atech/postal: 📨 A fully featured open source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing e-mail
Postal is a complete and fully featured mail server for use by websites & web servers. Think Sendgrid, Mailgun or Postmark but open source and ready for you to run on your own servers. Postal was developed by aTech Media to serve its own mail processing requirements and we have since decided that it should be released as an open source project for the community.
26 days ago
The web’s most useful tools and sites
The World Wide Web isn’t all fun and games. This isn’t television! This isn’t an arcade! This is computing! We’ve got high-powered work machines tuned into this thing! With keyboards and mice and productivity software and everything!
tools  reference 
4 weeks ago
GoodNotes - Stunning Digital Ink
Make your handwritten notes last forever.
ipad  ios 
4 weeks ago
explainshell.com - match command-line arguments to their help text
write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument
bash  programming  shell 
5 weeks ago
Seeing Theory
A visual introduction to probability and statistics.
5 weeks ago
Meet Algo, the VPN that works | Trail of Bits Blog
think you’ll agree when I say: there’s no VPN option on the market designed with equal emphasis on security and ease of use.

That changes now.

Today we’re introducing Algo, a self-hosted personal VPN server designed for ease of deployment and security. Algo automatically deploys an on-demand VPN service in the cloud that is not shared with other users, relies on only modern protocols and ciphers, and includes only the minimal software you need.

And it’s free.

For anyone who is privacy conscious, travels for work frequently, or can’t afford a dedicated IT department, this one’s for you.
privacy  security  vpn 
5 weeks ago
jlund/streisand: Streisand sets up a new server running L2TP/IPsec, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, a Tor bridge, and WireGuard. It also generates custom instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run you are give
Streisand sets up a new server running L2TP/IPsec, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, a Tor bridge, and WireGuard. It also generates custom instructions for all of these services. At the end of the run you are given an HTML file with instructions that can be shared with friends, family members, and fellow activists.
cloud  privacy  security  vpn 
5 weeks ago
Minio is a distributed object storage server built for cloud applications and devops.
aws  s3  storage  amazon 
6 weeks ago
Boostnote is an open source note-taking app made for progammers just like you.
editor  mac  markdown 
6 weeks ago
Kotlin Programming Language
Statically typed programming language
for the JVM, Android and the browser
java  programming 
6 weeks ago
Project Jupyter | Home
The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. Uses include: data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, machine learning and much more.
python  programming 
6 weeks ago
Headless Raspberry Pi Setup with Raspbian Jessie – Frederick Vandenbosch
The goal of this procedure is to describe a generic way of setting up a Raspberry Pi without having to attach a screen or keyboard to it.
raspberrypi  howto  scripting 
9 weeks ago
Elm: A Beginners' Guide to Elm and Data - SitePoint Premium
lm, a front-end functional programming language for web apps

Front-end developers have many considerations to make when working with web apps and sites. Once you’ve set up the perfect environment with the right libraries and tools, you’ll have to figure out the coding techniques you’ll apply. What if there was a way to build a web app that would just let you focus on… just building the web app?

Elm is a functional programming language that compiles to HTML, CSS and JavaScript — error free. How? Its strong static typing system and time machine process allow you to crush bugs through reproducible and predictive debugging. Not to mention, Elm’s immutable data structures and compile time error reporting will help you save time and build a solid and robust app.

There are many reasons why you’d want to start learning Elm!

In our new mini course, we’ll show you how to get started with Elm, how to understand and work with Elm’s data structures, and how to continue learning. Our course barely scratches the surface of Elm, but we will give you everything you need to kick-start your new future with Elm.

This mini-course is perfect for those who know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and ready to take their front-end development skills to the next level with some functional programming with Elm.
elm  javascript  css  html  web 
9 weeks ago
Stop Auto-Play Videos from Annoying You in Your Browser on macOS | Kirkville
Auto-play videos suck. They use bandwidth, and their annoying sounds get in the way when you’re listening to music and open a web page. I happen to write for a website that uses them, and it annoys me to no end. (My editors have no control over those auto-play videos, alas.)

But you can stop auto-play videos from playing on a Mac. If you use Chrome or Firefox, it’s pretty simple, and the plugins below work both on macOS and Windows; if you use Safari, it’s a bit more complex, but it’s not that hard.
chrome  firefox  safari  video 
10 weeks ago
Playing with processes in Elixir - O'Reilly Media
Elixir’s key organizational concept, the process, is an independent component built from functions that sends and receives messages.
february 2017
This is a tool for powerful automation of OS X. At its core, Hammerspoon is just a bridge between the operating system and a Lua scripting engine. What gives Hammerspoon its power is a set of extensions that expose specific pieces of system functionality, to the user.
mac  lua  automation  osx  scripting 
january 2017
Calling Bullshit
The world is awash in bullshit. Politicians are unconstrained by facts. Science is conducted by press release. So-called higher education often rewards bullshit over analytic thought. Startup culture has elevated bullshit to high art. Advertisers wink conspiratorially and invite us to join them in seeing through all the bullshit, then take advantage of our lowered guard to bombard us with second-order bullshit. The majority of administrative activity, whether in private business or the public sphere, often seems to be little more than a sophisticated exercise in the combinatorial reassembly of bullshit.

We're sick of it. It's time to do something, and as educators, one constructive thing we know how to do is to teach people. So, the aim of this course is to help students navigate the bullshit-rich modern environment by identifying bullshit, seeing through it, and combatting it with effective analysis and argument.

While bullshit may reach its apogee in the political sphere, this isn't a course on political bullshit. Instead, we will focus on bullshit that comes clad in the trappings of scholarly discourse and buttressed with vast assemblages of data. Of course an advertisement is trying to sell you something, but, but do you know whether the TED talk you watched last night is also bullshit — and if so, can you explain why? Can you see the problem with the latest New York Times or Washington Post article fawning over some startup's "breakthrough" in big data analytics? Can you tell whether a clinical trial reported in the New England Journal or JAMA is solid science, or just a press release for some pharma outfit?

In this course we aim to teach you how to think critically about the data and models that constitute evidence in the social and natural sciences.
january 2017
I was in England again a few weeks ago, mostly in small towns, but here's some o - Pastebin.com
I was in England again a few weeks ago, mostly in small towns, but here's some of what I noticed
january 2017
Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.
Not an app per se, but debuggex.com allows for stepping through matching with a visual FSM even.
debug  online  regex 
january 2017
Home Assistant
Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Installation in less than a minute.
automation  home 
december 2016
Raspberry Pi Security System with Motion Detection / Camera - Hackster.io
Automatic arming/disarming. Motion detection. Mobile notifications with images.
december 2016
Raspberry Pi Weather Station
Put your Raspberry Pi to good use,
build your own weather station!
december 2016
Lindsey Shere’s Almond Tart Recipe on Food52
This tart has an infamous reputation as being difficult, but trust me that it's not if you pay attention to the instructions. And it will be worth it: David Lebovitz wrote or this tart, “It’s the most delicious thing I’ve probably ever had.” I agree.
recipes  sweets 
december 2016
selfcare.tech - developer resources for self-care
i recently had a minor wake up call that i wasn't taking care of myself and it started me thinking about how important self care is, and how little we pay attention to it in the tech community.

so often i see my fellow developers ignoring their basic needs for rest and refreshment. i started this site to provide a central location to find links that will help us all take better care of ourselves.

not a developer or involved in tech? you still deserve to take time for self-care, too! you don't have to be in tech to contribute and use these links.

have a link to share? just submit a pull request!
this project is intended to be a living, breathing resource.
december 2016
Ant Design - Ant Design
In the development process of middleware products, many different design specs and implementations would be involved, which might cause designers and developers difficulties and duplication and reduce the efficiency of development. After massive project practice and summaries, Ant Design, a design language for middleware, is refined by Experience Technology Department of Ant Financial, which aims to uniform the user interface specs for middleware projects, reduce the unnecessary cost of design differences and implementation and liberate the resources of design and front-end development.
Ant Design, created specially for middleware design, is committed to improving the experience of users and product designers. User interface designers and user experience designers, collectively, are considered as product designers, and the boundaries of product managers, interaction designers, visual designers, front-end developers and develop engineers are blurred. Taking advantage of unitary specifications, Ant Design makes design and prototype more simple and accessible for all project members, which comprehensively promotes experience and development efficiency of middleware products.
november 2016
A Tour of Go
Welcome to a tour of the Go programming language.

The tour is divided into a list of modules that you can access by clicking on A Tour of Go on the top left of the page.

You can also view the table of contents at any time by clicking on the menu on the top right of the page.

Throughout the tour you will find a series of slides and exercises for you to complete.

You can navigate through them using

"previous" or PageUp to go to the previous page,
"next" or PageDown to go to the next page.
The tour is interactive. Click the Run button now (or type shift-enter) to compile and run the program on a remote server. The result is displayed below the code.

These example programs demonstrate different aspects of Go. The programs in the tour are meant to be starting points for your own experimentation.

Edit the program and run it again.

Note that when you click on Format or ctrl-enter the text in the editor is formatted using the gofmt tool. You can switch syntax highlighting on and off by clicking on the syntax button.
development  programming  go 
november 2016
The Best [Any Occasion Whatsoever] Cheesy, Bready Appetizer
When we made caramelized onion and Gruyère-stuffed pull-apart bread in the office (inspired by French onion soup and this jaw-dropping Kitchn tutorial), there was not one person who was not thrilled about it.
recipes  bread 
november 2016
Automatically enable HTTPS on your website with EFF's Certbot, deploying Let's Encrypt certificates.
letsencrypt  security 
november 2016
Graphite is an enterprise-ready monitoring tool that runs equally well on cheap hardware or Cloud infrastructure. Teams use Graphite to track the performance of their websites, applications, business services, and networked servers. It marked the start of a new generation of monitoring tools, making it easier than ever to store, retrieve, share, and visualize time-series data.

Graphite was originally designed and written by Chris Davis at Orbitz in 2006 as side project that ultimately grew to be their foundational monitoring tool. In 2008, Orbitz allowed Graphite to be released under the open source Apache 2.0 license. Numerous large companies have deployed Graphite to production where it helps them to monitor their production e-commerce services and plan for growth.
october 2016
Digital Photography
An introduction to the scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photography. Topics include lenses and optics, light and sensors, optical effects in nature, perspective and depth of field, sampling and noise, the camera as a computing platform, image processing and editing, and computational photography. We will also survey the history of photography, look at the work of famous photographers, and talk about composing strong photographs.

This course is based on CS 178 (Digital Photography), which I taught at Stanford from 2009 through 2014. I revised and taught the course again at Google in Spring of 2016, and these web pages are from the Google version. The course consists of 18 lectures. The topics, with dates, are given in the course schedule. The lectures were delivered live on Google's Mountain View campus, broadcast live to Google offices around the world, and recorded for later playback. The videos linked into these web pages are from those recordings, edited slightly to remove discussion of Google internal projects. Keynote slides from these lectures were converted to PDF files and linked into the schedule after each lecture.

I am making these materials freely available, but some of the photographs included in the lectures are individually copyrighted. It should be fine for teachers to re-use this material under fair use, but other uses may be protected. If you re-use the material in substantially the same form it is given here, I would appreciate an acknowledgement.
photography  training 
october 2016
20 great UK walks with pubs, chosen by nature writers | Travel | The Guardian
Pull on your boots and enjoy the countryside in all its autumn glory. Ten of Britain’s best nature writers reveal their favourite routes – and where they like to refuel on the way
october 2016
Subgraph OS
Subgraph OS is a desktop computing and communications platform that is designed to be resistant to network-borne exploit and malware attacks. It is also meant to be familiar and easy to use. Even in alpha, Subgraph OS looks and feels like a modern desktop operating system.

Subgraph OS includes strong system-wide attack mitigations that protect all applications as well as the core operating system, and key applications are run in sandbox environments to reduce the impact of any attacks against applications that are successful.
linux  security 
october 2016
How to: Varnish listen port 80 with systemd - deshack
This simple tutorial guides you in the setup of Varnish Cache in order to make it work properly with systemd, on Debian Jessie for example.

The Varnish documentation is pretty clear and easy to understand, even if you did not study the entire Debian Administrator Handbook. So you should easily come to the chapter of the official tutorial about putting Varnish on port 80. And this is really easy too. Neverthless, you’re on Debian Jessie, which uses systemd as init system. Cool, but hey, after following the official tutorial, Varnish still doesn’t listen on port 80!
varnish  ubuntu 
september 2016
Get Dropbox on Raspberry Pi - The MagPi MagazineThe MagPi Magazine
Connect to the most ubiquitous cloud service on your Raspberry Pi, perfect for uploading pictures and video in a project!
linux  raspberrypi  dropbox 
september 2016
How to install KVM on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Headless Server
Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) is a virtualization module for the Linux kernel that turns it into a hypervisor. How can I install KVM with bridged networking, setup guest operating system as the back-end virtualization technology for non-graphic Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS server?

You can use KVM to run multiple operating systems such as Windows, *BSD, Linux distro using virtual machines. Each virtual machine has its private disk, graphics card, a network card and more.
linux  lvm  howto  ubuntu 
august 2016
Network Boot Your Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Documentation
This tutorial is written to explain how to set up a simple DHCP / TFTP server which will allow you to boot a Raspberry Pi 3 from the network. The tutorial assumes you have an existing home network, and want to use a Raspberry Pi for the server. You will need a second Pi 3 as a client to be booted. Only one SD card is needed because the client will be booted from the server after the initial client configuration.
raspberrypi  hoot  linux  sysadmin  network 
august 2016
NitroShare is designed to make transferring files from one device to another extremely simple.
software  linux  tools  mac 
august 2016
what is wallabag? - wallabag: a self hostable application for saving web pages
wallabag is a self hostable application for saving web pages. Unlike other services, wallabag is free (as in freedom) and open source.

With this application you will not miss content anymore. Click, save, read it when you want. It saves the content you select so that you can read it when you have time.
open  source  software  php  instapaper 
august 2016
How to configure Postfix relayhost (smarthost) to send eMail using an external smptd
How do I configure Postfix MTA to send eMail using an external cloud-based SMTP server (with username: password) from a web server on Linux or Unix-like system? How do I configure an Ubuntu server and postfix as the relay server (smarthost)?

You can configuring Postfix MTA to use as a Smarthost i.e. routing all mails to a smarthost. A smarthost can be an external smtpd server provided by SendGrid, AWS, Rackspace, Google apps/Gmail, ISP or your own server in another data center. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install a Postfix smtpd and send email through ISP/Google Apps/SendGrid/AWS/Rackspace cloud email services with the help of the relay server.
linux  email 
august 2016
Fast https using Pound, Varnish, Let’s Encrypt and Pagespeed
Let’s Encrypt is a great initiative allowing anyone to easily generate and install SSL certificates so that traffic can be securely served over https.

As well as gaining the benefits of secure traffic, by using https we're also setting ourselves up to benefit from HTTP/2, which will allow a number of performance benefits, but is only available over https.

However, generating and installing SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt doesn't inherently make our site faster, and actually adds some overhead in terms of extra negotiation between the client and the server, as well as requiring the client to check with the certificate authorities to determine whether a certificate has been revoked (at least until we configure the server to take over this task using OCSP stapling.)

Two great measures for improving website performance are Varnish and Google's Pagespeed Module for Apache and Nginx.

Below, we'll look at how to generate and install SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt, and then how to configure our site so that we can still make use of Varnish and the Pagespeed Module to optimise our site performance.

We're assuming here that you've already got a site up and running using Varnish, and Apache/Nginx, serving http traffic on port 80.
varnish  apache  nginx  letsencrypt  webserver 
august 2016
Let's Encrypt with Hitch and Varnish
Here’s how to use the automated CA with Hitch TLS proxy, and Varnish HTTP accelerator as a backend for Hitch.
varnish  letsencrypt  webserver 
august 2016
Five Steps to Secure Varnish with Hitch and Let's Encrypt
"Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority: It’s free, automated, and open". Using Let's Encrypt, anyone with ownership of a domain name can acquire a TLS certificate for their own personal use.

There are a number of client-tools available to support this process, and the project also supplies an official version. However this guide is based on the very user friendly Acmetool instead, as it simplifies the process and is available for a number of TLS proxies, including Hitch.

This tutorial will give you instructions for both Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial (soon to be released) and CentOS7. At the conclusion, you will have a fully working TLS setup with automatic certificate renewal.
varnish  letsencrypt  webserver 
august 2016
ESP8266 Web Server (Without Arduino) - Hackster.io
How to build a web server with a $4 WiFi Module called ESP8266 without using an Arduino
electronics  wifi  webserver 
august 2016
Varnish as a frontend for a remote WordPress install – Part 2 at cjhaas.com
Part of this setup Nginx, MySql, PHP and WordPress. This part is for configuring Varnish 4.0 on Ubuntu 14.04
wordpress  varnish 
august 2016
Varnish as a frontend for a remote WordPress install – Part 1 at cjhaas.com
This tutorial assumes two sites, varnish.chris.example.com and web.chris.example.com. Both of my test sites will be created on DigitalOcean but on separate instances. Both will be running basic Ubuntu 14.04.
wordpress  varnish 
august 2016
Setting up an EdgeRouter Lite for an On Demand iOS VPN | Scott Gruby's Blog
Ever since I started my career, I’ve used Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to connect to a company network. My first experience is with AppleTalk Remote Access and I thought it was neat to be able to have my home computer on the work network. Over my career, I’ve used VPNs mostly as a user as I had no use for one as a home user.

When I setup cameras at my house over 3 years ago, I wanted to remotely connect to the cameras. Since I put together my own system, there wasn’t an out of the box way to view the cameras (it does have a web interface, but I didn’t want to directly expose that to the world). This gave me the first experience in setting up a VPN. I turned on Mac OS X Server’s VPN, configured my iOS devices for the VPN and I was easily able to connect.

Recently I’ve been working with mobile device management (MDM) and one of the features that I’ve been reading about is on-demand VPN. I became curious about it and wanted to see if I could set it up more of an exercise than anything else, but also it would be useful to hop on any WiFi network and automatically connect to my home network. The iOS on-demand VPN requires that the VPN use certificate authentication instead of just a username and password. Unfortunately, the OS X Server’s L2TP IPSec VPN doesn’t support certificates, so I had to look to other options. Luckily, my EdgeRouter Lite can be configured as an OpenVPN server with certificate authentication. Given that, the only obstacle to setting this up was time and some futzing to get things right. I’ve scoured the web and managed to find the pieces to get things working.

The rest of this entry will document how to setup the server as well as the iOS client side. For the server setup, I followed this article, but had to make a few changes to get things to work the way I wanted. I then used another article to setup the iOS side.

This is a really long setup, but it is straightforward. If you’re intimidated by command lines and editing text files, this process is not for you!
security  network  vpn 
august 2016
GitHub - puma/puma-dev: A tool to manage rack apps in development with puma
Puma-dev is the emotional successor to pow. It provides a quick and easy way to manage apps in development on OS X.
development  rails  ruby 
august 2016
Project Meshnet Documentation
We're a community of local Wifi initiatives, programmers, and enthusiasts. We run a peer-to-peer IPv6 network with automatic end-to-end encryption, distributed IP address allocation, and DHT-based Source Routing.

Existing applications Just Work
Low entry barriers for users and ISPs
Runs on Linux, Android, OpenWrt, OS X, and many others
Hyperboria is based on the cjdns routing protocol.
privacy  security  network 
august 2016
Introduction | Crystal Programming Language
This is the documentation for the Crystal programming language.

Crystal is a programming language with the following goals:

Have a syntax similar to Ruby (but compatibility with it is not a goal)
Be statically type-checked, but without having to specify the type of variables or method arguments.
Be able to call C code by writing bindings to it in Crystal.
Have compile-time evaluation and generation of code, to avoid boilerplate code.
Compile to efficient native code.
crystal  ruby 
august 2016
The Crystal Programming Language - A compiled language with Ruby like syntax and type inference
Have a syntax similar to Ruby (but compatibility with it is not a goal)
Statically type-checked but without having to specify the type of variables or method arguments.
Be able to call C code by writing bindings to it in Crystal.
Have compile-time evaluation and generation of code, to avoid boilerplate code.
Compile to efficient native code.
crystal  ruby 
august 2016
Getting Started
Hammerspoon is a desktop automation tool for OS X. It bridges various system level APIs into a Lua scripting engine, allowing you to have powerful effects on your system by writing Lua scripts.
automation  mac  lua 
august 2016
My weather station - Six Colors
I’ve mentioned the weather station I have in my backyard in passing on this site and on several podcasts I do, but I realize that I’ve never presented the details here. In the May issue of the Six Colors Magazine—one of the benefits of supporting this site—I did write about it a little.
july 2016
AppConfig - Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments. - metacpan.org
AppConfig - Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments.
july 2016
GitHub - guarinogabriel/mac-cli: The ultimate tool to manage your Mac. It provides a huge set of command line commands that automatize the usage of your OS X system.
The ultimate tool to manage your Mac. It provides a huge set of command line commands that automatize the usage of your OS X system.
mac  tools 
june 2016
Files · master · Jesse Vallaro / UniFi Video HTML5 Embed · GitLab
This script uses the API found in the UniFi Video NVR v3 to grab an image from a specific camera and loop that image to create a faux video. This is the same way the image is displayed in the camera's local web interface and why I chose to do it this way.
RTSP does not work well with browsers so this HTML5 compliant solution was created.
unifi  video 
june 2016
Palette Town | Sass Mixin for Generating Color Palettes
Sass Mixin for Generating Color Palettes.

Sick of putting together a whole bunch of variables to build or prototype something? I am. So I made a color palette generator in Sass. You can use it too, if you'd like.
It's pretty simple, just include the mixin, pass in your color and which type of palette you'd like to create, and voila! A whole bunch of friendly variables are at your disposal for your stylesheets.
The mixin will generate the colors by not only adjusting the hues according to the type, but it will mix the original color back in at 15% in order to create a consistent color palette.
With each color comes shades of that color. Dark shades are slightly desturated, and light shades are slightly more saturated.
sass  css 
june 2016
Ceph is a unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability.
cloud  linux  storage  opensource 
june 2016
Netflix/vmaf: Perceptual video quality assessment based on multi-method fusion.
Perceptual video quality assessment based on multi-method fusion.
june 2016
duplicati/duplicati: Store securely encrypted backups on cloud storage services!
Duplicati is a free, open source, backup client that securely stores encrypted, incremental, compressed backups on cloud storage services and remote file servers.
june 2016
BEM methodology was invented at Yandex to develop sites which should be launched fast and supported for a long time. It helps to create extendable and reusable interface components.
css  html 
june 2016
LiNUX Horizon - Linux Advanced Routing mini HOWTO
This page is a small HOWTO about the advanced linux routing.
linux  network 
may 2016
Mondo Rescue - GPL disaster recovery solution
Mondo Rescue is a GPL disaster recovery solution. It supports Linux (i386, x86_64, ia64) and FreeBSD (i386). It's packaged for multiple distributions (Fedora, RHEL, openSuSE, SLES, Mandriva, Mageia, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo).

It supports tapes, disks, network and CD/DVD as backup media, multiple filesystems, LVM, software and hardware Raid, BIOS and UEFI.

You need it to be safe.
backup  linux  tools 
may 2016
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