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Safari Tab Search on the Mac
> Hit Shift-⌘-\ to enter the Safari "Show all tabs" mode. From there it's just a simple ⌘-F to search the open tabs.
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december 2017 by mkalmes
OS X cmd line tool to keep your mac awake.
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july 2017 by mkalmes
Managing an Amazon wishlist with price drops.
amazon  tip 
january 2017 by mkalmes
Xcode’s “Copy Qualified Symbol Name” Command
[Xcode > Edit > Copy Qualified Symbol Name]

Or: Cmd+Shift+Option+Ctrl+C
Xcode  tip 
august 2016 by mkalmes
Michael Tsai - Blog - Use and Misuse of NSUserDefaults
Michael Tsai:

> I used to use `-registerDefaults:` more, but now I mostly use a category method like:
> `- (id)mjtObjectForKey:(NSString *)key defaultValue:(id)defaultValue;`
> that returns `defaultValue` if `NSUserDefaults` returns `nil`. This is more convenient (one line of code) and makes it impossible to look up a key that has not been registered.
cocoa  programming  tip 
march 2016 by mkalmes
Hiding empty table view rows
`self.tableView.tableFooterView = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectZero];`
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march 2016 by mkalmes
Eating the Menu
Robert Peake:

> So if you’ve been feeling a little panicky after clarifying and organising your inputs into a nice big list of all your next actions, repeat after me: it’s not a to-do list; it’s just a menu.
tip  inspiration  GTD 
january 2016 by mkalmes
Designing at 1x — Design + Sketch App — Medium
> So where do I start?
> Before doing anything, I make sure everyone has “font anti-aliasing” turned off (un-checked) in their Sketch preferences. Otherwise, type looks terrible. I won’t get into why, but trust me. It does.

> Our canvas sizes are as follows:
> Desktop: 1440 x 900
> Web: 1440 x 900
> iOS iPhone 6: 375 x 667
> Android Nexus 5: 360 x 640 (mdpi)

> Create A Sticker Sheet
design  productivity  tip 
october 2015 by mkalmes
How to Make Text in a UIVisualEffectView Readable on Any Background
How to use blurred views over a background you don't control.
tip  ios  development 
september 2015 by mkalmes
How to set the size of Finder windows, and other tips | Christopher Phin
> Finally, remember that you can set which folder a new Finder window opens with in the General tab of Finder’s Preferences.
mac  osx  tip 
september 2015 by mkalmes
Goodbye to the ghosts of emails past
> More than likely what you really want to do is remove the many oddball email addresses collected by the Mail app. For my money the easiest way to figure out which addresses to get rid of is to sort the list by Last Used date and delete from the top down:
> 1. Open the Previous Recipients window. (Window > Previous Recipients)
> 2. Click the Last Used column header until the oldest date appears at the top.
> 3. Click the first address appearing in the list.
> 4. Scroll to the last date you want to delete address for and shift-click that contact.
> 5. Click the Remove From List button.

tip  email 
august 2015 by mkalmes
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