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I fully agree on this productivity advice.
june 2018 by mkalmes
✚ Quality Over Quantity
Shawn Blanc:
> I think it was David Allen who said you can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want. It’s ironic how an attempt to do everything will actually keep you from doing anything.
> Instead of focusing on everything, focus on one or two things that matter most. It’s amazing how liberating that can be to your own quality of life as well as your ability to get things done.
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january 2018 by mkalmes
The Wrong Way to Manage Your Time – The Sweet Setup
Shawn Blanc:

> Your schedule is not your boss, it’s the other way around. (But unfortunately that’s now how most people see it.)
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december 2017 by mkalmes
Reading at Work
Seth Godin via Shawn Blanc:

> Most organizations think nothing of having twenty valuable employees spend an hour in a meeting that’s only tangentially related to their productive output.
> But if you’re sitting at your desk reading a book that changes your perspective, your productivity or your contribution, it somehow feels like slacking off…
december 2017 by mkalmes
Safari Tab Search on the Mac
> Hit Shift-⌘-\ to enter the Safari "Show all tabs" mode. From there it's just a simple ⌘-F to search the open tabs.
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december 2017 by mkalmes
How To Build Your Own Index of Notes and Ideas When Reading Books — The Power of a Focused Life

> Physical books are easier to read and digest quickly.

I made the same obversavtion while trying to implement the first level of inspectional reading from the Book "How to read a book". I had my Kindle in front of me and skimmed over the table of contents and than noticed that the index was missing. The Kindle version of my book didn't had the index. After a short search online I discovered that not all Kindle books have an index, even when there is one in the print version.

> Create Your Own Alternate Index of Ideas

See for details.

> Here’s How to Create Your Own Index
> It’s quite simple:
> 1. As you’re reading a book and encounter a quote, phrase, statistic, or idea that stands out to you, then you highlight it.
> 2. Now, think about the theme(s) or idea(s) that this highlight fits in to. How would you “tag” this highlight?
> 3. Go to the back of the book where there will always be a few blank pages.
> 4. Write down the name of the theme or idea.
> 5. Write down the page number of your highlight.
> Maria Popova says that “it’s an index based not on keywords, but on ideas.”

> The Beautiful Language Index
> The point of the Beautiful Language tag is that it serves as a catch-all for those phrases or quotes that really stand out to you but which may not necessarily fit into a particular category of your index.

> The Action Index / Key Takeaways list is there so you can make notes about what you are doing differently or thinking differently now that you’ve read the book.

> Who, Why, When?
> As soon as you buy a book, something you may want to write down right away is the following:
> 1. Who recommended the book to you?
> 2. Why did you get it?
> 3. When did you buy it?
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march 2017 by mkalmes
Software vorausschauend entwickeln
> Oftmals gipfelt das beispielsweise in Code, der aus endlosen if-else-Kaskaden besteht, statt das wesentlich elegantere und pflegeleichtere Strategy-Entwurfsmuster zu nutzen.

> Um dem Problem aus dem Weg zu gehen, lassen sich aber vier konkretere Forderungen stellen, die greifbarer als das KISS-Prinzip sind, und das sogenannte CUTE-Prinzip ausmachen:
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december 2016 by mkalmes
Spend More Time Managing Your Time - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
> It’s not unusual for me to spend two or more hours at the beginning of each week playing with the puzzle pieces that are my commitments, big and small.


> It’s hard work figuring out how to make a productive schedule come together
productivity  calendar 
december 2015 by mkalmes
Niklas Saers
Step by step description on how to approach a new project.
development  business  productivity 
december 2015 by mkalmes
Donut Manifesto | The importance of donuts
> Eating a donut is an integral part of my career celebration process.
december 2015 by mkalmes
Designing at 1x — Design + Sketch App — Medium
> So where do I start?
> Before doing anything, I make sure everyone has “font anti-aliasing” turned off (un-checked) in their Sketch preferences. Otherwise, type looks terrible. I won’t get into why, but trust me. It does.

> Our canvas sizes are as follows:
> Desktop: 1440 x 900
> Web: 1440 x 900
> iOS iPhone 6: 375 x 667
> Android Nexus 5: 360 x 640 (mdpi)

> Create A Sticker Sheet
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october 2015 by mkalmes
Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. | James Clear
> Each Friday, I spend 15 minutes filling out a small spreadsheet with the most critical metrics for my business. For example, in one column I calculate the conversion rate (the percentage of website visitors that join my free email newsletter each week). I rarely think about this number, but checking that column each week provides a feedback loop that tells me if I’m doing things right. When that number drops, I know that I need to send high quality traffic to my site.

> Forget about predicting the future and build a system that can signal when you need to make adjustments.
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august 2015 by mkalmes
How to Write a Git Commit Message
How to write a good git commit message.
git  writing  productivity 
july 2015 by mkalmes
Code Sleuthing with Git
git log -S to search your /commits/ and not the commit messages.
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may 2015 by mkalmes
The power of Pomodoro (or, how to slice your time to stay on task) | Macworld
The Pomodoro Technique can help you focus on the task at hand. And there are plenty of Pomodoro timers to choose from.
pomodoro  productivity 
may 2015 by mkalmes
1 hour of research saves 10 hours of development time
Joshua Porter describes his expirience with developing features and how to evaluate if those features are really needed.
development  productivity  business  advisory 
may 2015 by mkalmes
Webcast • Your Commits Should Tell a Story • Featuring Eliza Brock Marcum - YouTube
When you first get started with Git and GitHub, your modest goal might be just to get the code committed into the repository. But since the platform and tool...
git  productivity 
april 2015 by mkalmes
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