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Uncensored: A Word from Our Contributing Doctors | Goop
What we don’t welcome is the idea that questions are not okay. Being dismissive—of discourse, of questions from patients, of practices that women might find empowering or healing, of daring to poke at a long-held belief—seems like the most dangerous practice of all. Where would we be if we all still believed in female hysteria instead of orgasm equality? That smoking didn’t cause lung cancer?

As women, we chafe at the idea that we are not intelligent enough to read something and take what serves us, and leave what does not.
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february 2018 by mjs
Beware the Nocebo Effect - NYTimes.com
Telling people the side effects of drugs sometimes leads them to experience those side-effects, even if the drug itself was a placebo.
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august 2012 by mjs
Don't call us mister, say surgeons after 150 years - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent
Why surgeons traditionally called themselves "Mr": "The use of the title dates back to the Middle Ages when surgeons served an apprenticeship, like other tradesmen, while physicians required a university degree in medicine before they could enter practice." (Though they're switching to "Dr" partly because the public are confused...)
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july 2012 by mjs
Cool Tools: Where There Is No Doctor
PDF/book of basic medical information, including how to diagnose and treat malaria, typhoid, various injuries, etc.
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april 2012 by mjs
Jay Parkinson + MD + MPH = a doctor in NYC (Consider two numbers: 800,000 and 21. The first...)
"Consider two numbers: 800,000 [no. of medical papers published in 2008] and 21 [the no. of drugs approved]."
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july 2011 by mjs
Can hand sanitizers like Purell really stop people from getting the flu? - By Darshak Sanghavi - Slate Magazine
According to this article, there's surprisingly little evidence that widespread & frequent household use of hand sanitiser helps very much.
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march 2010 by mjs
Anne Applebaum - Anne Applebaum on the political response to swine flu - washingtonpost.com
On H1N1, and the curiously different responses of governments: "Each of these countries has produced different medical explanations for its actions, and each medical explanation is widely perceived to be a cover for political machinations, at least by the opponents of the relevant government."

Oh WHO: "And hardly anyone knows what to make of the WHO or its Web site. Is the word "pandemic" just medical bureaucratese for a cough and a sore throat? Or does it mean that everyone who isn't vaccinated will die?"
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november 2009 by mjs
If Health Care Is Going to Change, Dr. Brent James's Ideas Will Change It
"During one of our first conversations, Brent James told me a story that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to hear from a doctor. For most of human history, James explained, doctors have done more harm than good. Their treatments consisted of inducing vomiting or diarrhea and, most common of all, bleeding their patients. James, who is the chief quality officer at Intermountain Healthcare, a network of hospitals and clinics in Utah and Idaho that President Obama and others have described as a model for health reform, then rattled off a list of history books that told the fuller story. Sure enough, these books recount that from the time of Hippocrates into the 19th century, medicine made scant progress. “The amount of death and disease would be less,” Jacob Bigelow, a prominent doctor, said in 1835, “if all disease were left to itself.”"
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november 2009 by mjs
Medicines to Deter Some Cancers Are Not Taken
Surprisingly little evidence that eating healthily, exercising, and not being overweight do anything at all to prevent cancer.
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november 2009 by mjs
Dalrymple: There Is No ‘Right’ to Health Care - WSJ.com
"Where does the right to health care come from? Did it exist in, say, 250 B.C., or in A.D. 1750? If it did, how was it that our ancestors, who were no less intelligent than we, failed completely to notice it?"
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july 2009 by mjs
Print Story: Mixed-race patients struggle to find marrow donors - Yahoo! News
Re bone-marrow transplants: "Multiracial patients often have uncommon profiles and a much harder time finding a donor."
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may 2009 by mjs
Sword swallowing and its side effects
"Proprietary medicines are used for this problem, physicians are rarely consulted, and abstinence from swallowing swords is the main treatment."
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february 2007 by mjs

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