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Proxmox VE
Open-source server virtualization platform.
virtualization  kvm  lxc  sysadmin  infrastructure 
10 weeks ago by mjlassila
NCSA Brown Dog
Research data management and preservation for non-structured data too.
data-management  service  infrastructure  digital-humanities  preservation  archive 
may 2018 by mjlassila
Mana central database - Koha Wiki
Global central DB and Rest API for library data, such as subscription models, reports, social data.
libraries  api  infrastructure  koha  rest 
may 2017 by mjlassila
jiemakel/las-cl: Lexical Analysis Command-Line Tool
Multilanguage (including Finnish) Lexical Analysis Command-Line Tool (for lemmatizing, language identifying etc.)
lemma  nlp  text-analysis  infrastructure  cli  finnish 
may 2016 by mjlassila
Toolkit for DNS diagnostics and measurement.
dns  security  audit  evaluation  diagnostics  infrastructure 
may 2016 by mjlassila
Hosted service for webmentions and pingbacks too.
webmention  tech  infrastructure  commenting  pingback 
march 2016 by mjlassila
Library Simplified · Home
Infrastructure for library ebook lending.
libraries  ebooks  infrastructure  opds 
november 2015 by mjlassila
odewahn/docker-jumpstart · GitHub
Source for the Docker Jumpstart book, a short guide by Andrew Odewahn from O'Reilly Media
docker  devops  tutorial  infrastructure  virtualization  via:cells 
june 2015 by mjlassila
Good blog on server administration.
inspiration  devops  infrastructure  Server 
january 2015 by mjlassila
Open source cloud storage infrastructure.
amazon  s3  backup  infrastructure 
december 2014 by mjlassila
OSM+CAD experiments
CAD models created from OSM data.
osm  data  modeling  city  cad  infrastructure 
august 2014 by mjlassila
For creating permanent archived citations.
citation  infrastructure  publishing 
november 2013 by mjlassila
Automatic deployment of virtual machines in cloud.
infrastructure  cloud  server  cluster 
november 2012 by mjlassila
Distributed build system and UI. Available as service.
github  build  testing  infrastructure 
may 2012 by mjlassila

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