Trump's attempt to repeal Obamacare fails
You might wonder why I care; this link will tell you why.
2 days ago
Kathy Sheridan: Another day, another Brexit lie exposed
This is how the Irish are seeing us right now, folks.
11 days ago
Government Petition: To make votes matter, adopt Proportional Representation for UK General Elections
Has gone over 95000 signatures, which could be interesting. Only needs 1000k for parliamentary debate to be considered.
Obvs I would like to see STV, rather than some nebulous "PR". It's interesting that the government response at 10k is refuted in the text of the petition, too.
13 days ago
andrewducker has A thought on referendums
... I'm not sure if I like it or not. I think I do, but I think I need to think more about it as well.
13 days ago
Here's what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Beyoncé
Jonathan O’Brien is my favourite.
Someone should repeat this with UK parliamentarians.
13 days ago
The Insider’s blog: Steve Uncles found guilty
Something for those of us who have been blogging since before the word "blogging" was coined to celebrate, here. I don't know any of us Ancient Ones who didn't have some sort of skirmish with this tosser. Also, though, noteworthy for precedent for what might happen to Paul Nuttalls of the UKIPs once the wheels of justice have slowly ground him.
13 days ago
Margaret Atwood on What ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Means in the Age of Trump
This article is a (horrifying, terrifying) beautiful pearl of wisdom. I hope she's right in the last couple of paras.
13 days ago
Nevertheless, she persisted: flash fiction by women
some pretty awesome women too. Catherine Valente, Seanan McGuire, etc
18 days ago
My IWD thread of inspiring women on Twitter
Mostly lib dems, but enough others to be interesting I think. I hope.
18 days ago
I'n which I get a surprise feature on LDV for International Women's Day
Genuinely 1, stunned and 2, touched by this. It was completely unexpected.
18 days ago
We're entering the post antibiotic age
and it's all because ppl weigh up "future ability for all of humanity to live" against "ability for me to eat today" and plump for the latter. see also why we're never going to stop climate change.
20 days ago
Sally Wainwright is doing Ann Lister :)
it's great to see local LGBT history getting national recognition
21 days ago
Interesting article about autism diagnoses
I suspect I'm reasonably skilled at masking l
23 days ago
Excellent post about Judge Dredd and his relevance to the current world
Happy birthday 2000ad.
Incidentally, if you're in Manc today there's a signing for 2000ad's 40th birthday.
4 weeks ago
Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber — Susan J. Fowler
What amazes me is the number of (generally male) people who think this isn't just normal life in the workplace for a lot of women. I've worked in places like that. My friends have worked in places like that. Obviously I am lucky enough to not work in places like that any more, but, this is not in any way unusual.
4 weeks ago
Nominate Your 2017 Pride Charity : Out at Tesco
So Tesco is after an LGBT charity to big up. I nominated Mermaids, and would politely suggest that you do too, for the lifesaving work they do.
5 weeks ago
Labour absolutely do not condone these test messages saying "vote Labour or go to hell"
OfC, if failing to vote Labour means going to hell, well…
"Don't need reason
Don't need rhyme
Ain't nothin' that I'd rather do
Goin' down
Party time
My friends are gonna be there too"
5 weeks ago
What You Can Learn from Polyamory
This is aimed at monogamists, but there's stuff in there for everyone
5 weeks ago
Interesting post on the potential realignment in British politics
OfC while Andrew is right in everything he says here, I think it's worth bearing in mind it's ALWAYS women, LGBT folk, BAME folk and the disabled that get thrown under the bus. Its almost like the kyriarchy will use any excuse to reassert and reinforce itself.

It's a good point he makes about us all being multi-faceted and multi-identity, but I suspect that's not going to make a difference, sadly.
5 weeks ago
Boris Johnson urged UK to continue Saudi arms sales after funeral bombing
can't understand why so many people STILL think this man is a buffoon, and not an evil opportunist who's worked oor that pretend buffoonery lets him get away with it
6 weeks ago
Rupert Murdoch sat in on the Gove/Trump interview
is anyone really surprised by these things any more?
6 weeks ago
Why Diane Abbott was right to tell David Davis to fuck off
Nobody seems to listen when women say this, so here's a man saying it.
6 weeks ago
JRF reports on how poverty affects people's decision making processes
It's interesting stuff, but does involve downloading a .pdf
6 weeks ago
Saatchi & Saatchi to head up government anti racism campaign
"The advertising giant M&C Saatchi is working with the UK government to tackle racist myths perpetuated online by the far right."
… and the Tories. And Labour. And most of the mainstream newspapers…
I think this might be a bit beyond an advertising campaign TBH
6 weeks ago
Cards Against Humanity collapse under the weight of their own hubris
In a lot of ways Cards Against Humanity are to tabletop gaming what Brewdog are to beer: astoundingly interesting and creative marketing retirement attached to a desperately mediocre product.
6 weeks ago
97 companies suing Trump over Muslim ban
and in along all the hip trendy tech companies is dear old Levi Strauss ♡
6 weeks ago
Smart Glasses work out what you're looking at and focus on it
they're not the prettiest, but doubtless this will change
7 weeks ago
Election Data has done a clickable map of the brexit voting data.
4 wards where remain won in Calderdale; Brighouse depressingly leave :(
7 weeks ago
Very detailed nationwide brexit voting data
the report itself is interesting - although watch out for some fluent bullshit from Dominic Cummings - but politics geeks will want to download the raw data (link at the end)
7 weeks ago
Cuts to services result in 50% rose in unexpected deaths
I quibble about the use of the word unexpected, there. while each individual death might be unexpected, surely a statistical rise is entirely within the realms of expectation?
7 weeks ago
Budweiser's SuperBowl ad
Holy Shit. I mean there's nailing your colours to the mast, and there's doing it with style, and this is definitely the latter.
Budweiser is horrible horrible beer, but props to them for this.
7 weeks ago
Farron attacks Hunt for his "blame foreigners for the state of the NHS & maybe the electorate went notice we're underfunding it" stance
honestly, there's a reason Jeremy Hunt is always referred to as The Former Hulture Secretary in our house
7 weeks ago
Gove still promising £350 million a week post-brexit
i guess he thinks if it doesn't happen for any reason he can always blame "remoaners"
7 weeks ago
Screencap of 1983 dictionary definitions of "trumper" & "trumpery"
No wonder the poor guy has such an inferiority complex
7 weeks ago
Brexit Lies
a handy collection of lies told by the brexit campaign
7 weeks ago
Imagine Dragons Parking
this post had me cackling muchly
7 weeks ago
How to Taste Gin
A helpful guide. Works for other drinks too.
7 weeks ago
Trump and Bannon's coup in the making (contains autoplaying video)
The article below is what you want to read, though. It's written by a professor of history and Italian studies at New York University.
7 weeks ago
jducoeur | A Half Second
This for when you are feeling helpless
7 weeks ago
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