anime, spoilers, mild horror implication
Language Log on the title of the Japanese film "I want to eat your pancreas"
anime  2masto  horror  japan  culture 
4 days ago
I tell ya, Monday evenings are better if you spend them with , , , ,…
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6 days ago
The Spilhaus Projection
"putting the Earth's water at the centre and turning negative space into positive"
2masto  cartography  ocean 
6 days ago
Have Balloons and Ice Broken the Standard Model? - Issue 65: In Plain Sight - Nautilus
this is a good explanation of the handful of cosmic rays detected coming up of the Earth which might be evidence of "new physics" (beyond the Standard Model)
2masto  physics  astronomy 
8 days ago
I worry I’ve done something wrong. ‘What do you mean?’ He looks genuinely confused: ‘Why are you helping me?’ I hol…
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8 days ago
How Australia played the world's first music on a computer
On CSIRAC, a first-generation machine whose memory was mercury acoustic delay lines!
music  australia  computer  2masto 
10 days ago
The secret intellectual history of mathematics
Great article on why #mathematics gets left out of mainstream histories of knowledge, gives Heidegger a kick for good measure
history  mathematics  2masto 
10 days ago
This information service has now moved to a FEDERATED COMPUTATIONAL PLATFORM at to which yo…
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12 days ago
FSVO (@FSVO@icosahedron.website) - Icosahedron
This information service has now moved to a FEDERATED COMPUTATIONAL PLATFORM at to which yo…
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12 days ago
The Case for Making Cities Out of Wood
skyscrapers build with high-tech timber laminates are very #solarpunk
2masto  architecture  timber  materials 
12 days ago
The multiple souls of Paul Linebarger aka Cordwainer Smith
Threatening to divide Mastodon, sf author Cordwainer Smith was really, really into catgirls and a lifelong anticommunist
sf  history  military  science  cordwainersmith  2masto 
16 days ago
Er hey Melbourne folks who I might have missed on the facebook, we're in your fair city in a couple of weeks and I'…
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17 days ago
Lenses for philosophers – Jules Hedges
How lenses (in the functional programming sense) were independently discovered about nine times, starting with Gödel (!) and ending with deepdreams (!!) Is also a great example of a mathematician throwing shade on FP's "folkloric" version of category theory.
logic  haskell  philosophy  2masto 
19 days ago
Walkways in the sky: the return of London's forgotten 'pedways'
"It wasn’t driven by some great feeling of compassion towards pedestrians; it was simply about getting people out of the way in order to speed up traffic flow."
london  pedestrian  architecture  2masto 
19 days ago
big collection of links about German artist Jeanne Mammen
"I have always wanted to be just a pair of eyes, walking through the world unseen, only to be able to see others."
2masto  glbt  germany  jeannemammen 
19 days ago
The Movie Assassin - How The English Patient almost ruined my life
I liked the book more than this writer did, but the movie is awful
2masto  film  culture 
21 days ago
People Like Us / Vicki Bennett
One of my favourite plunderphonic/sampler musicians is on Bandcamp
music  2masto  peoplelikeus  plunderphonic 
4 weeks ago
Titans of Mathematics Clash Over Epic Proof of ABC Conjecture
“Each time I hear of an analysis of Mochizuki’s papers by an expert (off the record) the report is disturbingly familiar: vast fields of trivialities followed by an enormous cliff of unjustified conclusions”
2masto  mathematics  numbertheory 
4 weeks ago
"When the referees have a problem, there's a problem"
in the context of academic peer review but it's applicable to anyone writing documentation, reports or anything designed to convey ideas
academia  2masto  writing 
4 weeks ago
Florentin Smarandache (pseudomathematics / outsider science)
I discovered this guy via a Wolfram Mathworld page which had a big list of integer sequences he'd named after himself. Hoo boy.
2masto  mathematics  science  kook 
4 weeks ago
Tai-Danae Bradley: What is Applied Category Theory?
"a collection of introductory, expository notes on applied category theory, inspired by the 2018 Applied Category Theory Workshop"
2masto  categorytheory  mathematics  science 
4 weeks ago
M John Harrison: experts hate the Flat Earth Society for revealing this writing secret
Is he on the fediverse? he was one of my few writer-follows and always worthwhile on the birdsite
2masto  mjohnharrison  writing 
5 weeks ago
Daniel Mallory Ortberg on Transitioning and His New Book
missed this interview from March of one of my favourite internet writers by one of my other favourite internet writers
interview  gender  trans  transgender  2masto  toread 
5 weeks ago
Tales of Neverÿon
Review of the first of Samuel Delany's deconstructionist fantasy novels (I've just re-read the first two books and am starting the third for the first time)
theory  sf  fantasy  delany  2masto 
5 weeks ago
FRB 121102: New Bursts From Older Data
SETI surveys as datamining the existing astronomical observation archive with new techniques, which can produce new results unrelated to SETI
2masto  astrophysics  machinelearning  SETI 
5 weeks ago
Drawing Geological Structures by Jörn Kruhl (short book review)
"Graphical representation — manual drawing — is nothing old-fashioned and superfluous, or just a nice pastime. In the digital age, it is urgently needed, because it teaches us to observe and reflect and it leads to concentration and mindfulness."
2masto  geology  art  science  drawing 
5 weeks ago
Mastodon Widget Wizard
to do: replace the twitter timelines on my bots site with a masto version
2masto  blog  mastodon 
5 weeks ago
Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours
Lovely online rendition of a 1821 colour reference manual
design  science  colour  vision  2masto 
5 weeks ago
Technical mastery v creative achievement
"the best comment ever" - on digital photography, but could be applied to any number of fields
2mast  2masto  art  technology  photography 
6 weeks ago
The Word Made Fresh: Mystical Encounter and the New Weird Divine
Beautiful essay tracing links between Jeff Vandermeer's Annihilation, the female mystics of the Middle Ages and the Anthropocene
2mast  biology  literature  mysticism  sf  religion 
6 weeks ago
How to Post to Mastodon From Anything Using IFTTT
If you can see this, my IFTTT Pinboard-to-Mastodon applet is working.
2mast  mastodon  ifttt  howto  webhooks 
6 weeks ago
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