YouTube link - Manifold Garden
I've been following development on this game for years: it's going to drive me insane with delight when it comes out
2masto  games  video 
Population Mountains
Visualising the populations of cities in 3D
visualisation  population  maps  world  2masto 
Provisioner - a Framework for Integrated Research Data Management
Blog-ified version of slides from my presentation at eResearch 2018 in October
eresearch  personal  2masto  datamanagement  provisioner 
10 days ago
Cosma Shalizi talks good sense on machine learning
"If we have to talk about our learning machines psychologically, try not to describe them as automating thought or (conscious) intelligence, but rather as automating unconscious perception or reflex action."
ai  2masto  economics 
5 weeks ago
NaNoWriMo side effects · Issue #37 · NaNoGenMo/2018
My #NaNoGenMo entry this year will be a by-product of my #NaNoWriMo attempt
2masto  NaNoGenMo  NaNoWriMo 
5 weeks ago
Instructive read on Michael Young
An architect of the British welfare state who coined the term "meritocracy" in a satire showing how that it would simply lead to another class system
education  2masto  history  uk  left  politics 
6 weeks ago
On Jukeboxy-ness. Also, How Will Jukebox Musicals Age?
Is there #musicaltheatre Mastodon? If so, here's an old friend of mine whose blog on the subject is always worth reading.
musicaltheatre  2masto  music  theatre 
6 weeks ago
wishful thinking about interstellar asteriod
Various scientific papers speculate that 'Oumauamua was an artifact, perhaps a discarded lightsail; this all seems a bit desperate to me, though I understand the impulse
2masto  space  science  exobiology 
6 weeks ago
this article hits so many of my emotional buttons, mostly around being the father of a trans son, that it's hard for me to summarise
2masto  glbt  trans  parenthood 
6 weeks ago
Madeleine Watts - The Sunburnt Country
very good meditation on white supremacy in a climate where whiteness is literally carcinogenic
australia  race  politics  2masto 
6 weeks ago
Scientific Instruments Collection
Adorkably old-school web presentation, beautiful instruments - ping @liamvhogan@aus.social
2masto  history  draughtsmanship 
6 weeks ago
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