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Belle and Sebastian: The Boy With the Arab Strap Album Review | Pitchfork
The central truth of music in the digital era is that while it’s easier than ever to locate an audience, it’s more difficult to maintain one, and more difficult still to foster an intensity of admiration from a fanbase if they don’t have to put in the effort to seek out and experience shared secrets such as an indie band with difficult-to-find records. It’s a type of IRL-only fanaticism that the social media era doesn’t allow for; the economy of likes is a volume-play and the slot machine of swiping up or down your feed demands scannable content and recognizable names. Waving your arms frantically to get people to pay attention to your private obsessions isn’t a game with many rewards, let alone one that many people play. There aren’t hot takes about nobodies. The Boy With the Arab Strap is one of the more context-laden records of its era but it doesn’t suffer from the lack of noise around it, and in many ways is better off without it. The stakes of having to be a proper band clearly weighed on Murdoch and his cohorts in subsequent years and much of the music the group made between Arab Strap and 2003’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress sounds oddly labored. Here they sound like promise and hope; a gang of misfits so comfortable being out of step with the world that they created their own.
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Stanislav Nikolov on Twitter: "Dancing is a kind of encoding of music"
I'm going to use this metaphor in a talk one day so I'm bookmarking it now
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