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What's Functional Programming All About?
Now that we've looked at a few common misconceptions of what FP is, let's look at what the core of FP actually is (according to me) in contrast to "imperative" programming, using Michael Chu's Classic Tiramisu:
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january 2017 by mike
Why Do Monads Matter? | Sententia cdsmithus
These are the kinds of questions I begin with. My goal is to demonstrate for you, with details and examples:

Where category-based intuition and ideas, and monads in particular, come from in computer programming.
Why the future of programming does lie in these ideas, and their omission in today’s mainstream languages has cost us dearly.
What the state of the art looks like in applying category-based ideas to problems in computer programming.
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december 2016 by mike
DS12 | Overview
🤔 "Python and R are the legacy languages of data science; however, both were designed during the single processor era and are beginning to show their limitations. That’s why we’ve chosen to teach Scala, DataScience’s programming language of choice. Despite being embraced by companies like Twitter, Netflix, and LinkedIn, Scala is largely perceived as “too difficult” for the average data scientist."
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april 2016 by mike

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