I’m not organizing Open Data Day DC this year — these three reasons won’t surprise you. – Medium
Open data is a method, not a goal. Open data practitioners have had the luxury till now of not needing to be overly precise that their goals were, typically, civic innovation. We can’t take for granted anymore that our goals are shared or that they are going to be understood by others if we don’t articulate them. We can’t continue to hold “transparency” and “open data” events anymore and expect to be understood as actually being civic innovators when others more powerful than us are using the same terms and techniques to hurt people.
politics  datascience 
12 days ago
PPE: the Oxford degree that runs Britain
Oxford PPE, he wrote, “gives no training in scholarship, only refining to a high degree of perfection the ability to write short dilettantish essays on the basis of very little knowledge: ideal training for the social engineer”.
economics  oxford  education  politics  philosophy 
22 days ago
Making Git and Jupyter Notebooks play nice - Tim Staley
Summary: jq rocks for speedy JSON mangling. Use it to make powerful git clean filters, e.g. when stripping out unwanted cached-data from Jupyter notebooks. You can find the documentation of git 'clean' and 'smudge' filters buried in the page on git-attributes, or see my example setup below.
jupyter  git 
24 days ago
The Zero Bug – Win-Vector Blog
Here is the zero bug in a nutshell: common data aggregation tools often can not “count to zero” from examples, and this causes problems. Please read on for what this means, the consequences, and how to avoid the problem.
r  python  datascience 
29 days ago
Translating between monitoring languages | Robust Perception
Graphite, InfluxDB and Prometheus query language comparison
4 weeks ago
Learning to protect communications with adversarial neural cryptography | the morning paper
The kind of network setup shown here is a general pattern for learning goals of the form in which we want to maximise performance in task A without permitting task B to be accomplished.
neuralnetworks  cryptography 
4 weeks ago
Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
You'll start off using and parsing the command-line, then progress to writing a fully-functional Scheme interpreter that implements a decent subset of R5RS Scheme. Along the way, you'll learn Haskell's I/O, mutable state, dynamic typing, error handling, and parsing features. By the time you finish, you should become fairly fluent in Haskell and Scheme.

This tutorial targets two main audiences:

People who already know Lisp or Scheme, and want to learn Haskell
People who don't know any programming language, but have a strong quantitative background, and are familiar with computers
The second group will likely find this challenging, as this tutorial glosses over several concepts in Scheme and general programming in order to stay focused on Haskell. A good textbook such as Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs or The Little Schemer should be very helpful.
haskell  scheme  lisp 
4 weeks ago
Why Do Standup | Accidentally in Code
Share work before it happens – prevent overlap, raise gotchas.
Foster communication and collaboration – offer help rather than waiting for someone to ask.
Start the day with intention.
4 weeks ago
Machined Learnings: Software Engineering vs Machine Learning Concepts
Does this mean we are doomed to think holistically (which doesn't sound scalable to large problems)? No, but it means you have to be defensive about subproblem decomposition. The best strategy, when feasible, is to train the system end-to-end, i.e., optimize all components (and the composition strategy) together rather than in isolation. Often this is not feasible, so another alternative (inspired by Bayesian ideas) is to have each component report some kind of confidence or variance along with the output in order to facilitate downstream processing and integration.
Unfortunately what I find is many software systems with machine learning components are tested in a way that would make traditional software engineers cringe: we look at the output to see if it is reasonable. Crazy! As machine learning becomes a more pervasive part of software engineering, this state of affairs must change.
machinelearning  engineering  testing 
4 weeks ago
L.A. Has The Worst Idea On Housing
This sort of blanket ban on building more housing—the very thing that cities in housing crises need to do more of—reflects, I am sorry to say, plain old stupidity. It is the slack-jawed response of someone who looks at new apartment towers being built and concludes that they are the reason that they can no longer afford the rent. They’re not. In fact, cities that don’t have enough housing to meet demand—cities like Los Angeles, and New York, and San Francisco—are cities that fall into affordable housing crises, with rents skyrocketing and middle and lower class people being priced out. This is common sense, if you think about it. Want to make sure that lower and middle class people can afford to live in your city? Don’t make housing such a rare commodity that it becomes impossible to afford! Average people on the street can be forgiven for drawing surface conclusions based on walking past some fancy new condo building, because they don’t have all the municipal housing data at their fingertips. But any group well-financed enough to design and run a sophisticated ballot measure campaign in a major city has no such excuse. There are surely many productive reforms that can be made to city development laws to make them smarter and fairer, but this is not one of them.
housing  losangeles 
4 weeks ago
Artificial Intelligence Pioneers: Peter Norvig, Google
Norvig goes further to make a useful distinction between neuroscience and artificial intelligence research. “Understanding the brain is a fascinating problem but I think it’s important to keep it separate from the goal of AI which is solving problems,” he says. Each field can learn from the other, but “if you conflate the two it’s like aiming at two mountain peaks at the same time—you usually end up in the valley between them.” To avoid ending up in the valley, it’s advisable to be clear about goals and to be careful about using misleading labels: “I think we’d be better off if we had better names other than neural nets and maybe we would be better off if the Google Brain team had a different name. What the Google Brain team provides is programming tools for solving problems—it’s not a tool for understanding the brain and it’s not necessarily linked to how the brain works.”
ai  machinelearning  neuroscience  neuralnetworks 
4 weeks ago
Definitions of fascism - Wikipedia
A form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.[29]
facism  politics 
5 weeks ago
Fueling the Gold Rush: The Greatest Public Datasets for AI – Startup Grind – Medium
Canonical benchmark/research/industrial datasets with remarks on quality
5 weeks ago
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) - Quotes - IMDb
Ed: Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50/50 chance of living, though there's only a 10 percent chance of that.
anecdata  statistics  probability 
5 weeks ago
The Love Portfolio: Darryl Pinckney + James Fenton | Out Magazine
And sometimes, when I’ve been away and come back, he’s had things that he can’t have around me, like game and oxtail and offal—English things. And you think of these sad heaters that you have to put these heavy coins in that you see in black-and-white films—that gray dampness. And then the stoicism is just maddening.
culture  usa  uk 
6 weeks ago
What I Fought For – Michael O. Church
I’m not going to come out against unions. Collective bargaining is a complicated topic. I could gain, economically, in voicing a simplistic view; but it wouldn’t be intellectually honest to do so.

I might as well take this opportunity to explain what I do and do not believe.
management  unions  tech 
7 weeks ago
Barack and Joe’s Secret Code - POLITICO Magazine
He’s still ticked off at Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, for lobbying him on an internet piracy bill with the argument: “You understand we’re the economic engine of America. We will deluge the White House.” Biden offered respect for Google’s “value-added” but told me he felt like throwing Schmidt out of his office. He pointed out that, all together, the tech sector employed fewer workers than GM shed in a single year during the Great Recession.
politics  usa  technology  google 
7 weeks ago
1.1 Billion Taxi Rides on kdb+/q & 4 Xeon Phi CPUs
k).Q.p:{$[~#.Q.D;.Q.p2[x;`:.]':y;(,/(,/.Q.p2[x]'/':)':(#.z.pd;0N)#.Q.P[i](;)'y)@<,/y@:i:&0<#:'y:.Q.D{x@&x in y}\:y]}
q  kdb  timeseries  database 
7 weeks ago
What's Functional Programming All About?
Now that we've looked at a few common misconceptions of what FP is, let's look at what the core of FP actually is (according to me) in contrast to "imperative" programming, using Michael Chu's Classic Tiramisu:
functional  programming  recipe 
7 weeks ago
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