Think OS
A Brief Introduction to Operating Systems
c  linux  unix  os 
2 days ago
Be Our Guest! – Track Changes
A guide for people doing media things

I wanted to put together a short guide for people who have been asked to be in the media—whether called for comment, asked to appear on a podcast or TV show—but are nervous and afraid.
communication  media  journalism  tv 
3 days ago
This artist’s new landscape studies are of melting glaciers - The Verge
On its own, data isn’t particularly sublime. It’s scary, and it can be awe-inspiring if you know the context, but it doesn’t come with the gut punch of art. But art that’s overly didactic is often boring. At best, artists can both help us understand our current nightmare — by provoking an awareness that we are in immediate trouble — and help us find a new way forward by showing that different possibilities exist, renegotiating our relationship to the world around us. The art historian Alan Braddock points out the need for “imagining new sensibilities and new attitudes that are not just about acquisition and conquest and exploitation.”
art  science  climate 
3 days ago
Applied Machine Learning at Facebook: A Datacenter Infrastructure Perspective – Facebook Research
Machine learning sits at the core of many essential products and services at Facebook. This paper describes the hardware and software infrastructure that supports machine learning at global scale. Facebook’s machine learning workloads are extremely diverse: services require many different types of models in practice. This diversity has implications at all layers in the system stack. In addition, a sizable fraction of all data stored at Facebook flows through machine learning pipelines, presenting significant challenges in delivering data to high-performance distributed training flows. Computational requirements are also intense, leveraging both GPU and CPU platforms for training and abundant CPU capacity for real-time inference. Addressing these and other emerging challenges continues to require diverse efforts that span machine learning algorithms, software, and hardware design.
facebook  hardware  infrastructure  machinelearning 
9 days ago
Accumulations (Appendix F) - The White Review
I’ve been keeping a mental list of all the pieces of art that I’ve nursed Leo in front of this past year. I remember at first, the two times I was out in public afterwards, both times at the Whitney, I was nervous to take my breast out, because Leo was crying and people were staring, I felt panicky and self-conscious, which I think made the baby more agitated. I became used to taking my breast out in art spaces, and began to savour it with sometimes a fatigued perversity and other times something more sacred, like the installation at the Lygia Pape show at the Met Breuer, in the corner of the nearly pitch-black room where gold thread made geometric curtains like beams of light, or recently on a bench in front of the El Greco ‘Holy Family’ at the Met, the way in which Mary presses down on her breast and points the nipple towards baby Jesus, both her and Joseph gazing downwards at the central point of the baby, the baby’s little hand on his mother’s hand.
art  motherhood  culture 
14 days ago
The Real Danger To Civilization Isn’t AI. It’s Runaway Capitalism — Ted Chiang
There are industry observers talking about the need for AIs to have a sense of ethics, and some have proposed that we ensure that any superintelligent AIs we create be “friendly,” meaning that their goals are aligned with human goals. I find these suggestions ironic given that we as a society have failed to teach corporations a sense of ethics, that we did nothing to ensure that Facebook’s and Amazon’s goals were aligned with the public good.
The fears of superintelligent AI are probably genuine on the part of the doomsayers. That doesn’t mean they reflect a real threat; what they reflect is the inability of technologists to conceive of moderation as a virtue.
What we need is for companies to do the same — not to abandon capitalism completely, just to rethink the way they practice it. We need them to behave better than the AIs they fear and demonstrate a capacity for insight.
scifi  ai  siliconvalley  capitalism 
5 weeks ago
Downward Spiral | David Roth
A fan’s notes on the decline of the NFL
nfl  sport 
5 weeks ago
Why You Should Use a Rebase Workflow
describes good workflow, but commands in post are not the good workflow (see comments)
6 weeks ago
Flake8 Rules
Descriptions and examples for each of the rules in Flake8 (pyflakes, pycodestyle, and mccabe). Pulled directly from Lintly, the continuous Python code linting application.
7 weeks ago
Inside Wade | Kabir Shah
Wade is a 1kb Javascript search library. It allows you to search for a query through a set of documents. This query is processed, split into keywords, and then searched within an index structure.
algorithms  js 
8 weeks ago
Spies Like Us: A Conversation With John le Carré and Ben Macintyre - The New York Times
B.M. I was flattered and interested, and David was probably responsible for my interest. I just thought that the characters seemed so complicated and fascinating and corrupted. I mean, there’s something very louche about British intelligence, something very unmoored. I don’t know whether it creates people who go off the rails, or whether you have to be slightly off the rails to want to do it.

J.L.C. I think it’s because hypocrisy is the national sport. For our class in my era, public school was a deliberately brutalizing process that separated you from your parents, and your parents were parties to that. They integrated you with imperial ambitions and then let you loose into the world with a sense of elitism — but with your heart frozen.
espionage  england  cambridge  fiction  interview 
8 weeks ago
Ashamed to work in Silicon Valley: how techies became the new bankers | Technology | The Guardian
It’s a view echoed by one current Googler in her 20s, who is embarrassed by tech companies’ cluelessness about their reputation outside of the Silicon Valley bubble.

“[Googlers] will say ‘why are the papers making a big deal out of this, I don’t get it’. Are you fucking joking? These people don’t realise the scale of what they are doing,” she said.
tech  sanfrancisco 
8 weeks ago
The software engineering rule of 3 · Erik Bernhardsson
This is what I’ve noticed:

Don’t factor out shared code between two classes. Wait until you have at least three.
The two first attempts to solve a problem will fail because you misunderstood the problem. The third time it will work.
Any attempt at being smart earlier will end up overfitting to coincidental patterns.
architecture  programming 
8 weeks ago
One On One – Andreessen Horowitz
Some questions that I’ve found to be very effective in one-on-ones:
management  professional 
8 weeks ago
Outsmarted | Rick Perlstein
He cites former Harvard president and economics wizard Lawrence Summers, and observes, “Being extremely intelligent is rather like fucking sheep—once you’ve got a reputation for either, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of it.”

“Why do working-class Bush voters tend to resent intellectuals more than they do the rich?” David Graeber asked in 2007. “It seems to me the answer is simple. They can imagine a scenario in which they might become rich but cannot possibly imagine one in which they, or any of their children, would become members of the intelligentsia.”
politics  culture  education  usa 
8 weeks ago
effective-pandas/modern_1_intro.ipynb at master · TomAugspurger/effective-pandas
This first post covered Indexing, a topic that's central to pandas. The power provided by the DataFrame comes with some unavoidable complexities. Best practices (using .loc and .iloc) will spare you many a headache. We then toured a couple of commonly misunderstood sub-topics, setting with copy and Hierarchical Indexing.
8 weeks ago
Superintelligence: The Idea That Eats Smart People
"Note especially that the constructs we use in AI are fairly opaque after training. They don't work in the way that the superintelligence scenario needs them to work. There's no place to recursively tweak to make them "better", short of retraining on even more data."
ai  machinelearning  futurism 
9 weeks ago
You’re working in the wrong place. – Amar Singh – Medium
Open plan offices "optimize for a long tail event at the expense of something every single employee will benefit from — focus."
office  architecture  tech 
9 weeks ago
pretrained.ml - Deep learning models with demos
Sortable and searchable compilation of pre-trained deep learning models. With demos and code.
10 weeks ago
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