Video Transvoder at F-Droid
Do you want to encode videos on your phone into different formats, trim videos, or extract audio? Are you looking for a free solution which will not take your information? Video Transcoder is an application which uses the open source program FFmpeg to transcode video files from one format to another. By selecting the video to process, details for the video are provided and the desired settings can be configured.
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Net SE, parent company for Meyer Optik, others files for bankruptcy
Kickstarters should not moan over lost money. Funding a kickstarter project by itself is already a high risk gamble. Many kickstarter projects came to life due to the fact that a bank didn't see any Return On Investement on the idea that the kickstarter has. So they turn to private investors to give their idea a new chance. A private investor is what you are when you backup such project. You could have known beforehand that some of the projects may fail soon or later on during the project. Some projects remain paperware forever and others (like these lenses) fail due to unforeseen circumstances. Call yourself lucky when you get what you paid for. But don't moan if your investment didn't come to fruition.Too bad - Learn your lesson and get over it.
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Konspirationsteorier – ett vapen för sluga maktspelare
Auktoritära ledare världen över använder konspirationsteorier för att utöva sin makt. För att förstå vår tids politik måste vi förstå lockelsen i att se världshistorien som en enda sammansvärjning, skriver Rasmus Fleischer.
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Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL now support official LineageOS 15.1
After adding support for devices with A/B partitions (which you can learn more about here), LineageOS 15.1 now officially supports the first-generation Google Pixel and Pixel XL.
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Google Camera Port
With HDR+, 60fps video, slow motion, motion photos, portrait mode, and more.
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2 days ago
Addons.mozilla.org: View Image
Re-implements the google image, "View Image" and "Search by Image" buttons.
google  search  extensions  firefox 
3 days ago
Salt not as damaging to health as previously thought, says study
Mente and colleagues found that the harmful effects of sodium – raised blood pressure and stroke – only occurred in countries like China, where the liberal use of soy sauce leads to sodium levels over 5g a day, the equivalent of 12g of salt. And they found that very low levels of salt actually led to more heart attacks and deaths, suggesting moderate salt intake may be protective. “Our study adds to growing evidence to suggest that, at moderate intake, sodium may have a beneficial role in cardiovascular health, but a potentially more harmful role when intake is very high or very low. This is the relationship we would expect for any essential nutrient and health. Our bodies need essential nutrients like sodium, but the question is how much,” said Mente.
articles  science 
3 days ago
Mille Berg har gått i Prideparaden sedan 80-talet: ”Vår kamp har gett resultat”
Tidigare tilläts de inte att bära sina uniformer under paraden eftersom uniformsreglementet förbjuder uniform vid politiska manifestationer. Men 2008 slogs det fast att Prideparaden inte är en politisk manifestation.
politics  swedish  sweden  articles  gay 
3 days ago
From Harlem to Herrang: An Original Lindy Hopper Blooms in Sweden
Norma Miller (seated in blue cap) at a workshop at the Herrang Dance Camp, in the Swedish countryside about 70 miles from Stockholm.
sweden  dance  culture  usa 
3 days ago
News.ycombinator.com: tptacek's comment on I don't trust Signal
Drew DeVault doesn't trust Signal because its Android incarnation uses the Google Play Store --- the app market virtually all of its real users use --- and not F-Droid. DeVault would also like it if Signal would interoperate with other chat programs.

Instead, DeVault would prefer that you use Matrix, a system for which end-to-end encryption is (according to its own website) "in late beta", offered on a select subset of clients, and "not enabled by default"†.

This argument is clownish and we should be embarrassed it's on the front page.

There are people in the world that want to sysadmin their phones. It's a life choice they are free to make and I don't hold it against them. But the vast, overwhelming majority of users do not want to make the app market on their phone work more like Debian and less like the Play Store. Signal, to put it bluntly, does not care about the desires of the phone sysadmins. Even if they caved to the sysadmins, the application would, for virtually all its users, be no more secure. This bothers DeVault a lot, enough that he's constructed an entire psychoanalysis of Moxie Marlinspike to explain to himself how it could possibly happen that someone else on the Internet doesn't agree with him.

Also, just as a note to DeVault: the point of end-to-end encryption is that you don't have to trust Signal's server. All it does is arrange for the delivery of messages, which are secured client-to-client. Compare Signal's server to Wire's, which --- last I checked --- retains a record of every pair of users who have communicated in the past.

† When this was pointed out downthread, DeVault responded: "[o]ther alternatives (which I have not reviewed in depth) include Tox, Telegram, Wire, and Ring". Telegram is a particularly funny reference to make, because not only is E2E not the default there, but --- last I checked --- it can't even do E2E group chat. Telegram's owners are adamant that TLS is adequate for group secure chat.
instant-messaging  decentralization  forum-posts  hackernews  software  security 
3 days ago
Sweden’s Tallest Peak Shrinks in Record Heat
The southern peak was first measured in 1880, when it stood at 2,123 meters. Its height has varied from year to year, growing in colder years and shrinking in warmer ones. But since 1995, it has shrunk almost a meter a year, with few exceptions, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported.
articles  environment  sweden 
4 days ago
https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2018/08/02/635017716/some-bacteria-are-becoming-more-tolerant-of-hand-sanitizers-study-finds?t=1533329863270Some Bacteria Are Becoming 'More Tolerant' Of Hand Sanitizers, Study Finds
New research published by Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday shows that several strains of these bacteria have begun adjusting to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. They're not resistant to the alcohol — at least, not yet — but they're becoming "more tolerant" of it, the authors write. That means the bacteria were able to survive for longer periods of time after being doused with alcohol.

The researchers used different strengths of alcohol concentrations to combat the bacteria, starting with 23 percent. Eventually, at a 70-percent alcohol mixture, the bacteria were conquered. Typically, hand sanitizers are 60 percent alcohol.

To make matters worse, many of these alcohol-tolerant bacteria are resistant to multiple drugs as well. Half of the strains the researchers studied cannot be treated with vancomycin, a last-line antibiotic. That means the bacteria are spreading more easily within hospitals, and there aren't many options for treatment.
VIDEO: Are We Headed Toward A Post-Antibiotic World?
Goats and Soda
VIDEO: Are We Headed Toward A Post-Antibiotic World?

The researchers were surprised by their findings.

"To our knowledge this was the first time anyone had shown hospital bacteria becoming tolerant to alcohols," says Timothy Stinear, a coauthor of the study and a researcher at the University of Melbourne's Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity.

First the researchers compared 139 types of bacteria, looking at the same strains over a 19-year stretch — from 1997 to 2015. As time passed, the bacteria evolved to tolerate alcohol better. To be exact, bacteria collected after 2009 were 10 times more tolerant than pre-2004 bacteria — which corresponds to the national push to use more hand sanitizers.
medicine  science  health  future  alcohol 
4 days ago
SRAM® HydroR™ Brake Service Tips and Tricks
Over time caliper pistons can get sticky and no longer advance properly. This can lead to low braking power, a spongy lever feel, uneven pad wear, and noise. Fixing the problem is often as easy as performing a piston advance. This can be accomplished by first removing the wheel and taking the brake pads out of the caliper; then using a plastic tire lever, push one piston in while you squeeze the brake lever. This will force the other piston to advance. After the piston advances, use the tire lever to press the piston back into the caliper to its original position. Repeat the process on the other side. Do this to both pistons three to four times and the pistons will free up and advance properly. When performing a piston advance be careful not to advance the piston so far that it falls out of the caliper. If you do accidentally eject a piston, you can carefully reinstall it by pressing it back into the piston bore. When doing this, be careful to install the piston in the correct orientation. Even if your brakes don’t have a piston advance problem, performing this procedure every time you replace your brake pads is a good preventative maintenance practice. If a piston advance doesn’t free up the caliper pistons to advance and retract properly, a caliper overhaul is required. This service procedure includes replacing caliper piston seals.
bikes  cycling  tutorials  brakes  repair 
4 days ago
Hydraulic Disk brake piston not fully retracting
If the steps suggested by @DWGKNZ don't work you should consider taking it apart and inspect the Piston seals. Over time the piston seals can dry up and get gummed up with a little dirt and what looks like limestone.

Overhauling most hydraulic brake systems is doable by the home mechanic and Avid sells a parts kit for the Juicy 7's.

After I rebuilt mine I noticed the pistons still didn't retract evenly. One side would move more then the other. The reason for this is the friction between the piston and the piston seal. Dot fluid will help lubricate the retraction movement but that alone may not be enough. Ideally as part of the overhaul you should use some form of silicon grease. Avid sells a compound called DOT GREASE that is specifically designed for piston seals and O rings.

You also need a bleed kit if your are going to rebuild.

Take the pads off and clean the area with brake cleaner.
Pump the lever to push the pistons out a 4-5 mm and dab dot grease around the piston edge with a cotton wool bud or very small paint brush.
Push the piston back in and repeat the process a few times, forcing the grease into the piston seal surface.

Eventually it should be nicely lubricated and pistons should retract quickly and evenly.

Obviously it would be easier to just buy a new set of brakes but I personally learned a great deal by doing it myself and found the whole process very rewarding when you finally fix it.
bikes  maintenance  repair  cycling 
4 days ago
Play.google.com: Camera2 API Probe
Probe Android camera2 API capabilities on your phones.
photography  cameras  android  software  api 
4 days ago
chaos.social - because anarchy is much more fun with friends.
chaos.social is a small Mastodon instance for and by the Chaos community surrounding the Chaos Computer Club.
mastodon  microblogging  services 
4 days ago
Learning How to Die in the Anthropocene
If we want to learn to live in the Anthropocene, we must first learn how to die.
environment  articles  death  future  books 
4 days ago
Townies on Mastodon
Put a .mastodon file in your home directory with a new mastodon account on each line to have it appear here. Data from here is accessible from my home directory at `~minerobber/towniesonmasto.csv`.
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4 days ago
Red Bull Radio Peak Time – Atari Teenage Riot's Protest Songs and 20 Years of RBMA
Alec Empire of ATR on breakcore and his favorite protest songs, and the best stories and music from two decades of Red Bull Music Academy.
podcasts  audio  music  digitalhardcore  interviews 
4 days ago
Youtube.com: Canuck and I
Meet Canuck – a wild crow who formed an unlikely bond with his human friend, Shawn. The mischievous crow has captured the hearts of Vancouverites and garnered global attention through his antics.
birds  animals  documentaries  videos 
4 days ago
Recension av filmen om Gudrun Schyman i regi av Hampus Linder
Att Hampus Linder gör en film om en av Sveriges mest kontroversiella politiker utan att själv våga prata politik är tyvärr symtomatiskt för hela vår ängsliga tidsanda.
reviews  movies  swedish  politics  documentaries  feminism 
4 days ago
Recension: Gudrun – konsten att vara människa
Vi är så många som skulle kunna vara överens med Gudrun om så mycket. Alla människor är lika mycket värda, till exempel, check på den! Och bu för rasism och fascism! Absolut. Själv är jag därtill beredd att följa Gudrun ytterligare ett steg och säga tack och hej till nationalismen. Men så tar hon språnget ut i förkunnelse av farligt nonsens och börjar prata om "samma mönster". Det patriarkala förtrycket är, enligt detta synsätt, ett och detsamma överallt. Det vill säga: alla dessa tonårsflickor som ramlar från förortsbalkonger är underkastade samma repression som en kvinnlig managementkonsult som löneförhandlar. Mellanmjölksdrickande mellanchefer i Mellansverige tänker och agerar som talibaner. Att hävda något annat vore rasistiskt.
feminism  movies  reviews  politics  swedish  documentaries 
4 days ago
How to fit disc brake pads
We're using a SRAM Rival calliper to demonstrate the process, which is the same for all SRAM hydraulic disc brakes.
cycling  bikes  tutorials  maintenance  repair  br 
6 days ago
C8 - Dark, sick music
C8 is a website dedicated to music and the ideas that flow from music. It is not about any single genre or idea. It is about all original music and all original ideas (and a few old cheesy ones!). If you feel your music/label/ideas (as long as it's not the usual "breakcore/noise/industrial" genrefied rubbish ... or, PLEASE, NO combination of Goa, Trance, House, Deep House, techno!) would fit in here, please contact me at the email address mentioned below.
breakcore  music  history  resources 
11 days ago
the devil on the dancefloor
The Disciples of Belial are the originators of the increasingly popular satanic-speedcore scene. Very little is known about them, their live appearances in London and Europe being the stuff of legend. I had to work through a series of mobile telephone numbers before finally reaching someone who would only admit to being "a spokesman" for the group. He confirmed that, yes, the band are Satanists, and that they are involved with others across the globe. Apparently they perform rituals "when the stars are right" and the forces invoked are then "channelled" into two of the English initiates ("Seth Mendes" and "Baal Equananthorn") who then create the tracks "somewhere near Highgate cemetery". When asked about the ideas behind titles like "Torment of the bastard Nazarene" and "Infibulation of the Virgin Mary" my contact just laughed. And then put the phone down. Eeeeek!
history  reviews  music 
11 days ago
Children learn best when engaged in the living world not on screens
Children learn best when their bodies are engaged in the living world. We must resist the ideology of screen-based learning.
education  children  digitization 
11 days ago
How 00s style took over fashion
From Vetements velour to Dior Saddle bags – six moments that heralded its inevitable return.
fashion  articles 
11 days ago
Youtube.com: ANTHROPOCENE Trailer | TIFF 2018
Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier, and Edward Burtynsky follow up Manufactured Landscapes and Watermark with a sobering meditation on psychedelic potash mines, expansive concrete seawalls, mammoth industrial machines, and other examples of humanity’s massive, destructive reengineering of the planet.
movies  documentaries  environment 
11 days ago
Children Face Highest Health Risk From Cell Phones
Children and unborn babies do face a greater risk for bodily damage that results from MWR given off by wireless devices, according to Morgan and colleagues. The rate of MWR absorption is higher in children than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner, and their relative size is smaller. Fetuses are particularly vulnerable, because MWR exposure can lead to degeneration of the protective sheath that surrounds brain neurons, they report. Multiple studies have shown that children absorb more MWR than adults. One found that that the brain tissue of children absorbed about two times more MWR than that of adults, and other studies have reported that the bone marrow of children absorbs 10 times more MWR than that of adults.
children  safety  mobile  wifi  health  science  medicine 
11 days ago
The City That Remembers Everything
The smart city is moving beyond cameras and microphones to stranger surveillance tools.
smartcities  surveillance  cities  articles 
12 days ago
Social Feed Manager
Social Feed Manager is open source software that harvests social media data and web resources from Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Sina Weibo. It empowers researchers, faculty, students, and archivists to collect, manage, and export social media data. By running Social Feed Manager on behalf of their communities, cultural heritage and research organizations can provide an innovative service.
open-source  software  preservation  archiving  socialmedia  work  twitter  tumblr  flickr 
15 days ago
Dockdrop - Share files fast
Drag any file or folder you want to share onto the Dockdrop dock icon and then choose how you want to send it. Dockdrop handles the upload and puts the URL of the file on the clipboard, ready for pasting into an Email, chat program or website.
apple  osx  software  freeware  dock  ssh 
15 days ago
Youtube.com: Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life
Jaron Lanier, the Silicone Valley ‘computer philosopher', thinks social media is ruining your life. In this interview Jaron Lanier talks about Facebook, YouTube, Google and how the tech and social media giants are using algorithms to record data about their users - and how internet algorithms shape how we see the world and what we’re shown online.
videos  netcritique  interviews  socialmedia  facebook 
16 days ago
Artificial intelligence can predict your personality ... simply by tracking your eyes
It's often been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, revealing what we think and how we feel. Now, new research reveals that your eyes may also be an indicator of your personality type, simply by the way they move.
articles  ai  eyes  science 
16 days ago
How Tom Tryniski digitized nearly 50 million pages of newspapers in his living room
Tryniski has no formal training in archiving and isn’t particularly interested in working with any of the various other online newspaper directories, especially those with regimented archival requirements. He has, on occasion, been approached by companies looking to partner with him or purchase licenses to his archives. He’s turned them all down, including one offer for half a million dollars. “I knew [my collection] would ultimately be charged for,” Tryniski says nonchalantly, explaining why he declined the offer—for most people, an enormous sum of money. “I really didn’t like the idea of charging a guy to use my site, and then for them to take the biggest profit. You know what I’m saying?” Tryniski, who rarely travels, owns his home in low-cost Fulton, and eats meals at a diner (he doesn’t even own dishes, he says), funds the operation himself. His efforts have been covered in a variety of publications including on Browsings, a blog published by Harper’s Magazine.
scanning  archiving  preservation  digitization  history  usa  articles 
17 days ago
ActivityPub could be the future
I think the growing ActivityPub federation has a good chance. No one interacts with my tweets anymore. Meanwhile, I get response on Mastodon that reminds me of the early days of Twitter, before they betrayed their developer community and hired a legion of people to cut ad deals. [ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17624917 ]
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17 days ago
Magnus Linton: Storstaden är klimatförändringens drivkraft
Under 1900-talet sågs ”staden” som mänsklighetens fullbordade kontroll över naturen. I dag framstår de urbana noderna allt mer som okontrollerbara brännpunkter i en ny tid av klimatdriven sårbarhet, skriver Magnus Linton.
environment  swedish  politics 
17 days ago
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