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Scrum THIS
Product management as incompatible with spending enough time with the Scrum team.
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august 2015 by microcline
Product Manager vs Product Owner
"a single product owner who shares product manager responsibilities is the best choice in all quadrants except for a mature commercial product."

"The Product Manager should team with a product owner on mature mass-market products"
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august 2015 by microcline
Differentiating Product Management Roles
* Technical Product Manager
"A TPM can act as a Product Owner in an Agile environment"

* Product Marketing Manager
* Solution Architect
* Product Manager
* Other roles
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august 2015 by microcline
ProdMgmtTalk: Product Manager vs. Product Owner
“Product Manager and Product Owner are two roles, sometimes occupied by the same person.”

"One huge problem is when one person tries to do both roles. From personal experience, I can confirm that especially with large-scope products in multi-national corporations with products in multiple silos, it’s practically and effectively impossible."
august 2015 by microcline
Splitting the product manager and product owner roles
"When companies achieve a meaningful level of customer success and the engineering team is larger than about 20 — many companies split the product role. They decide to invest in a market-focused product manager who is externally focused and works on the long term vision, and an internally focused product owner who supports the engineering team and manages the software development details."
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august 2015 by microcline
The Scrum Title "Product Owner" must die!
Argument is:

Scrum got it wrong: Product Owner role is way too big, with both tactical and strategic responsibilities. Instead, have a Backlog Manager, maybe called a "Technical Project Manager", responsible only for ongoing backlog prioritization and the necessary interaction with the development team to allow progress on the backlog aligned with needs of the business.

Everything else, from ROI to budgets to roadmap to vision, are all irrelevant, and are not necessary for the Backlog Manager role.
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august 2015 by microcline
The Scrum Product Owner as Backlog Manager
Instead of Product Owner, separate Product Manager and Backlog Manager, for ISV software after initial release. For custom software and ISV software pre-release, go with single Product Owner ala Scrum orthodoxy.

Term "Backlog Manager" to describe what elsewhere has been called "small product owner".

"For custom software vendors developing the first (or subsequent) versions of a product, there really is a single “Product Owner” that fits with Scrum orthodoxy. There is no “Product Manager” in this scenario representing a market of customers. This “Product Owner” is a representative of the single customer."

"For ISVs developing later releases of an off the shelf product, the backlog management responsibilities can be split from P&L / business responsibilities. The boundaries are set, and a “backlog manager” or “technical product manager” can work with the Product Manager to understand the goals of the next release and execute, while the product manager coordinates sales, channels, support, and other arms of the company. That backlog manager is most commonly known as a “Product Owner.”"
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august 2015 by microcline
Separating Product Owner and Product Manager roles and mapping their duties
Pursuing the "small product owner" model, a decomposition of duties between the Product Manager and the Product Owner.
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august 2015 by microcline

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