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What makes a good community (Sage Sharp)
Posits a level 0 to 6 model with communities needing to master lower levels (basic decency) and only from strong foundations work up towards high levels (diversity).
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october 2018 by microcline
Make it Open Source (Confessions of a Necromancer, Hintjens)
"Make it Open Source
Not eventually. Not when it's working. Not if you get management approval." -
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july 2018 by microcline
Avoid private discussions
As slow and cumbersome as public discussion can be, it's almost always preferable in the long run. Making important decisions in private is like spraying contributor repellant on your project. No serious contributor would stick around for long in an environment where a secret council makes all the big decisions. Furthermore, public discussion has beneficial side effects
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march 2017 by microcline
Develop both public and private community spaces
Avoiding the cabal mentality does not mean having every single conversation in public, ever. Transparency is great, but it is unreasonable to expect everyone to be comfortable with full transparency, all the time.
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march 2017 by microcline
Copyright notices for open source projects
"Copyright [year project started] - [current year], [project founder] and the [project name] contributors."
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october 2016 by microcline
Open Source does not mean open governance
"open source projects work best with benevolent dictators."

"Open source gives you rights as a recipient of the software, and sometimes as a contributor. It does not give anyone license over the author’s process, intent or life.
You want a project to be run a different way? Open source licenses give you the right to fork the project and run it yourself. Good luck."
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august 2016 by microcline
Developer Certificate of Origin
Think of it as a minimal Contributor License Agreement, leveraging inbound == outbound.
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june 2016 by microcline
Why Your Project Doesn't Need a Contributor Licensing Agreement
In practice, most CLAs in use today are deleterious overkill ...

CLAs simply shift legal blame for any patent infringement, copyright infringement, or other bad acts from the project (or its legal entity) back onto its contributors.

disastrously, CLAs require the first interaction between a FLOSS project and a new contributor to involve a complex legal negotiation and a formal legal agreement. CLAs twist the empowering, community-oriented, enjoyable experience of FLOSS contribution into an annoying exercise in pointless bureaucracy, which (if handled properly) requires a business-like, grating haggle between necessarily adverse parties.

The most ardent supporters of CLAs have yet to experience first-hand the arduous daily work required to manage a queue of incoming FLOSS contributions. Those of us who have done the latter easily see that avoiding additional barriers to entry is paramount. While a beautifully crafted CLA — jam-packed with legalese that artfully shifts all the blame off to the contributors — may make some corporate attorneys smile, but I've never seen such bring anything but a frown and a sigh from FLOSS developers.
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june 2016 by microcline
Can You Contribute Code To An Open Source Project?
Most employees are not in fact the copyright holders for copyright material that is generated as part of their work. This will vary from organisation to organisation, and possibly between job roles within an organisation. Please note: having written this code at home will not, by itself, indicate that you hold the copyright on it

How do you get the consent of your employer or institution to contribute their copyright material to an open source project?

Regrettably the steps involved may be numerous, and are almost inevitably peculiar to your organisation. Nor do they guarantee that consent will be forthcoming.
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june 2016 by microcline

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