Mopidy is an extensible music server written in Python.
Mopidy plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more. You edit the playlist from any phone, tablet, or computer using a range of MPD and web clients.
music  software  mediacenter 
7 days ago
RetroPie - Retro-gaming on the Raspberry Pi
Welcome to RetroPie. RetroPie allows you to turn your Raspberry Pi, ODroid C1/C2, or PC into a retro-gaming machine.
emulator  gaming  raspberrypi  arcade 
9 days ago
Hopper - Book Flights & Hotels on Mobile
Book at exactly the right time
Hopper predicts prices with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. No ads, no spam, no stress — just accurate predictions and the easiest way to book and save.
travel  flights  flying  booking 
25 days ago
Chart.xkcd | xkcd styled chart lib
Chart.xkcd is a chart library plots “sketchy”, “cartoony” or “hand-drawn” styled charts.
charts  xkcd 
26 days ago
Bar Chart Race, Explained / D3 / Observable
Mike Bostock wrote a tutorial on how to make animated bar chart races, including code you can fork and drop your data into.
d3  animation  infographics 
4 weeks ago
Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right
Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of seconds. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely.
photography  photos  opensource  server 
4 weeks ago
Meet Blue, the low-cost, human-friendly robot designed for AI | Berkeley News
Enter Blue, a new low-cost, human-friendly robot conceived and built by a team of researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. Blue was designed to use recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep reinforcement learning to master intricate human tasks, all while remaining affordable and safe enough that every artificial intelligence researcher — and eventually every home — could have one.
robots  AI 
5 weeks ago
PiSignage - Digital Signage Software Platform for Raspberry Pi
Do-it-yourself Signage
Build your own digital signage network with piSignage and raspberry pi - Lean, reliable, scalable and full HD.
digital_signage  dashboard  raspberrypi 
5 weeks ago
Portainer Management, Docker User Interface, Container Software
Portainer is a powerful, open-source management toolset that allows you to easily build, manage and maintain Docker environments.
docker  development  server 
5 weeks ago
The Syllabus
An eclectic weekly selection of new academic articles, essays, talks, podcasts, and more.
Every week, we send out our carefully curated syllabi (the full list). You can also build – and receive – your own. We also invite interesting people to play with our infrastructure and choose their own favorite pieces.
curation  reading  Morozov 
5 weeks ago
Our AI intelligently summarizes, converts articles, social and news feed into audio and creatively mixes it with music, sound effects, etc. to create engaging radio programs.
Radio  AI 
5 weeks ago
"Piekeren is zoals schommelen: je gaat heen en weer, maar niet vooruit" | Radio 1
Er is niks fout met nadenken over de dingen. Maar piekeren is zoals schommelen: je gaat heen en weer, maar niet vooruit. Piekeren laadt mensen op met spanning. En die spanning kan leiden tot slaapstoornissen of psychofysiologische klachten", zegt psychotherapeut en seksuoloog Wilfried Van Craen in Touché.
procrastination  mindfulness 
5 weeks ago
BladeRunner 9732 | Virtual Reality Tour inside Deckard's apartment
BR9723 is a virtual tour inside Deckard's apartment
Want to have a drink at the balcony watching the streets from the 97th floor?
Always wanted to start the Esper Machine by yourself and play the piano?
Enjoy 3D sound effects and Vangelis ambient music through your VR headset right now and take a walk inside this mythic Cyberpunk atmosphere!
blade_runner  cyberpunk  movies  VR 
5 weeks ago
Five Principles for Thinking Like a Futurist | EDUCAUSE
Thinking about the future allows us to imagine what kind of future we want to live in and how we can get there.

In my twenty years at the Institute, I've developed five core principles for futures thinking: forget about predictions, focus on signals, look back to see forward, uncover patterns, create a community.
future  principles  futurism 
6 weeks ago
Open Source Password Management Solutions | Bitwarden
Solve your password management problems
The easiest and safest way for individuals, teams, and business organizations to store, share, and sync sensitive data.
opensource  password  security  tools 
6 weeks ago
Carrd - Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything
Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything.
website  builder  tool 
6 weeks ago
Maperitive is a FREE desktop application for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data. You can define what gets on the map and how it is painted. You can also export these maps into bitmaps and SVG files and print them.
mapping  maps  gpx  export 
6 weeks ago
Niko Savas - Projects
LastWave is a web app that uses Last.fm's API to pull your music listening history over time and makes a wave graph of the artist trends.
last.fm  visualisation  music 
8 weeks ago
Last.fm Collage Generator - tapmusic
Because what's the point in listening to music if you can't let others know? Use our generator to create astonishing album and artist collages based on your Last.fm charts!
8 weeks ago
Pleexy boosts your personal productivity by channeling tasks from your email, note taking, collaboration, mind mapping and tracking apps into your Todoist or Wunderlist. Just set up a connection between the supported application and your task manager and Pleexy will make sure your tasks stay up-to-date in both places!
integration  productivity  synchronisation  todoist 
8 weeks ago
Secrets Of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey Documentary
An inside look at the making of the movie Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015), featuring footage and exclusive interviews with the actors and filmmakers.
documentary  video  starwars 
8 weeks ago
Cool Tools
Cool tools really work.
A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. All reviews on this site are written by readers who have actually used the tool and others like it. Items can be either old or new as long as they are wonderful. We post things we like and ignore the rest. Suggestions for tools much better than what is recommended here are always wanted.
tools  reviews 
9 weeks ago
Recomendo: a book of 550 recommendations of cool stuff / Boing Boing
This book features 550 recommendations grouped by subject. These “best of” recommendations have been selected from the accumulated pool of 6 brief suggestions Kevin Kelly, Claudia Dawson, and I have sent out each Sunday for the past two years in a free email newsletter called Recomendo.
tools  tips  book 
9 weeks ago
Pi MusicBox - A Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Music player for the Raspberry Pi, with remote control
Welcome to the Swiss Army Knife of streaming music using the Raspberry Pi. With Pi MusicBox, you can create a cheap (Sonos-like) standalone streaming music player for Spotify, Google Music, SoundCloud, Webradio, Podcasts and other music from the cloud. Or from your own collection from a device in your network. It won't drain the battery of your phone when playing. The music won't stop if you play a game on your phone.
raspberrypi  streaming  music  audio 
9 weeks ago
Ferraris kaart - Geopunt Vlaanderen
Kabinetskaart der Oostenrijkse Nederlanden en het Prinsbisdom Luik, 1771 - 1778 - Geopunt Vlaanderen
maps  flanders 
10 weeks ago
Geopunt - Reis door de tijd | Applicaties | Catalogus | Geopunt Vlaanderen
In deze applicatie kunnen de historische kaarten van 1712 tot nu bekeken worden. Je kunt hierbij inzoomen op een bepaald gebied en dan via de schuifbalk bovenaan schuiven naar de gewenste periode. Het kaartbeeld gaat direct mee met de plaats op de schuifbalk, bij de overgang van de ene kaart naar de andere krijg je een geleidelijke overvloeiing van de ene kaart in de andere.
maps  belgium  flanders 
10 weeks ago
Freedom - Block Websites, Apps, and the Internet
Social media, shopping, videos, games...​these apps and websites are scienti­fically engineered to keep you hooked and coming back. The cost to your productivity, ability to focus, and general well-being can be staggering. Freedom gives you control.
productivity  tools  focus 
10 weeks ago
Readwise makes it easy to revisit and learn from your ebook & article highlights
ebooks  reading  tools 
10 weeks ago
Ubooquity is a free home server for your comics and ebooks library
server  e-books  software 
10 weeks ago
Home Assistant
Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server.
home_automation  home  automation 
september 2019
Graphics Animation System for Professionals - Wikiwand
GRaphic Animation System for Professionals (GRASP) was the first multimedia animation program for the IBM PC family of computers. It was also at one time the most widely used animation format.
animation  ms 
august 2019
Typische West-Vlamsche woordn - Wikiwand
Sommigste typische West-Vlamsche woordn zyn hêel lokoal gekend en nie (mêe) courant in 't AN, zôda ze en wordje uutleg verdienn. We kunn ôok nie vô iedr wordje 'n artikel goan schryven. Doarom stoat er ieronder un alfabetisch listje van ol de worden die zoen kunn typisch zyn.
language  West-Vlaams  dialect 
august 2019
The Universal Scrobbler
For Last.fm users, The Universal Scrobbler ensures every song you listen to is scrobbled to your profile. It provides a number of methods for manually scrobbling listened tracks when automatic scrobbling isn't an option, such as listening to vinyl or on a car radio.
music  scrobbling  last.fm 
august 2019
OpenMediaVault - The open network attached storage solution
openmediavault is the next generation network attached storage (NAS) solution based on Debian Linux. It contains services like SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS, DAAP media server, RSync, BitTorrent client and many more. Thanks to the modular design of the framework it can be enhanced via plugins.

openmediavault is primarily designed to be used in small offices or home offices, but is not limited to those scenarios. It is a simple and easy to use out-of-the-box solution that will allow everyone to install and administrate a Network Attached Storage without deeper knowledge.
media  storage  NAS 
july 2019
Ampache - Music Streaming Server
A web based audio/video streaming application and file manager allowing you to access your music & videos from anywhere, using almost any internet enabled device.
music  video  streaming  server 
july 2019
Baby Panda Camera - live panda video from China | Explore.org
Watch baby pandas grow into toddler pandas here at the Shenshuping Gengda Panda Center in China! Watch live and learn more about pandas on Explore.org @ https://goo.gl/ENKg5B.
panda's  livecam 
july 2019
The Artists – The Untold Story of the Pioneers behind the Pixels
The Artists are a group of creators, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, dreamers that lay the foundation in the 70s, 80s & 90s for the cultural and financial juggernaut of today’s video game industry. This is their story.
games  history 
july 2019
The History of Video Game Design - The Artists | Topic
Computers were built to process data—but can they also make us cry? Meet “The Artists,” the video-game designers, developers, and programmers who revolutionized the way we experience American entertainment and storytelling.
games  history 
july 2019
Brochure wederopbouw by Stad Ieper
Brochure naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling (25.04 - 22.05.2010) 'Door de oorlog getekend'.
Ieper  war 
june 2019
Stad Ieper werd verwoest en is verrezen | VRT NWS
Ieper was in 1914 een provinciestad van nog geen 18.000 inwoners, minder dan de helft van het bevolkingsaantal uit de 14e eeuw, toen het een van de belangrijkste industriesteden van Europa was. De indrukwekkende Lakenhalle en de Sint-Maartenskathedraal waren toen al toeristische trekpleisters.
Ieper  war 
june 2019
Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time - YouTube
Here's how some of the greatest rappers make rhymes.
Vox Earworm
hiphop  music  rhymes  rap  vox 
june 2019
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