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The Ultimate Guide for Building Effective Landing Page - Elementor
Many designers confuse landing pages with homepages. They are not the same thing. Landing pages are always designed with the specific intent of turning visitors into customers, while homepages are usually designed for a broader range of purposes.
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9 weeks ago by michelemiz
Designing in Sketch: Impossible Project Homepage | Sketch App Speed Art - YouTube
great over-the-shoulder share of how she put together her redesign in Sketch (assumes a developer for the coding steps)
webdesign  walkthrough  howto 
february 2018 by michelemiz
The Type Snob
Six tips for better typography -- excellent overview
typography  design  webdesign 
october 2017 by michelemiz
Essential Image Optimization
super detailed on every type of image and several tool options
image  automation  optimization  webdesign 
october 2017 by michelemiz
Sources of Keywords
þ Your own initial ideas for keywords and phrases
þ Manual variations for your initial search phrases
þ Existing keyword reports
þ PowerPoint Presentations
þ Email Inquiries
þ Request for Proposals
þ Google Analytics
þ Google Search Console
þ Google Adwords (PPC advertisers only)
þ Google auto suggest
þ Google related searches
þ Bing Webmaster Tools
þ Competitor sitemaps (XML and HTML)
þ Competitor meta titles, descriptions, and keywords
þ SEMrush
þ SpyFu
þ KW Finder
þ Personal interviews with your target market
þ Social media posts and groups
webdesign  seo  keywords 
august 2017 by michelemiz
really helpful examples and guidelines
webdesign  ui  forms  checklist  reference 
june 2017 by michelemiz
Common mistakes in UX/UI — meetadeveloper
design pattern libraries
UI Patterns
Pttrns — for mobile
Elements of Design
webdesign  designpatterns 
june 2016 by michelemiz
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