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Blind - A 1X Web Browser for Retina Displays - Mac OS X
You're a web developer. You use a retina display. You want to see what your site looks like on a 1x display.

Introducing Blind.
retina  browser-testing  software 
august 2013 by michaelwoodruff
Nivo Lightbox - Dev7studios
A simple, flexible, responsive, retina-ready jQuery lightbox plugin
responsive-design  retina  code  plugin 
august 2013 by michaelwoodruff
estelle/clowncar · GitHub
We can use media queries within SVG to serve up the right image. The beauty of the "Clown Car" technique is that all the logic remains in the SVG file. I've called it the "Clown Car" technique since we are including (or stuffing) many images (clowns) into a single image file (car).
responsive-design  svg  retina  code  plugin 
may 2013 by michaelwoodruff

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