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stylelint - stylelint.io
A mighty, modern CSS linter that helps you enforce consistent conventions and avoid errors in your stylesheets.
css  workflow 
october 2016 by michaelwoodruff
Helium - javascript tool to scan your site and show unused CSS
june 2014 by michaelwoodruff
Single Responsibility - Drew Barontini
When it comes to writing modular CSS, I try to stick to the Single Responsibility Principle wherever possible. This will limit the scope of your modules and allow you to easily build and combine them to create flexible style patterns.
css  OOCSS 
may 2014 by michaelwoodruff
CSS Shapes 101 · An A List Apart Article
Rectangles inside other rectangles: this is what our webpages have always been made of. We’ve long tried to break free from their restrictions by using CSS to create geometric shapes, but those shapes have never affected the content inside the shaped element, or how the element is seen by other elements on the page.
april 2014 by michaelwoodruff
Logos In Pure CSS
Company logos created in pure CSS.
Hover or tap over the icons for a behind-the-scenes reveal.
march 2014 by michaelwoodruff
A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.
animation  css  plugin 
february 2014 by michaelwoodruff
CSS for clean and fast web apps.
framework  css  code 
september 2013 by michaelwoodruff
CSS Tip: Better Rounded Borders - Treehouse Blog
We’ve all used border-radius in our designs to round the corners of images, divs, navs, etc… But have you ever noticed what happens when a thick border is added to an element with a border radius?
css  code  snippet 
july 2013 by michaelwoodruff
Creative Button Styles
Modern and subtle styles & effects for buttons (hover and click)
buttons  css  animation 
july 2013 by michaelwoodruff
magic css3 animations
Magic is a CSS3 framework with many animations. Is simple to use and many animations are cross-browser compatible.
buttons  css  animation 
july 2013 by michaelwoodruff
A UI concept which merges loading indicators into the action that invoked them. Primarily intended for use with forms where it gives users immediate feedback upon submit rather than leaving them wondering while the browser does its thing. For a real-world example, check out any of the forms on slid.es.
buttons  css  animation  code  plugin 
july 2013 by michaelwoodruff
SlickMap CSS — A Visual Sitemapping Tool for Web Developers - Astuteo™
SlickMap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished site maps directly from HTML unordered list navigation. It’s suitable for most web sites – accommodating up to three levels of page navigation and additional utility links – and can easily be customized to meet your own individual needs, branding, or style preferences.
css  code  snippet 
june 2013 by michaelwoodruff
A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project
css  responsive-design  code  framework 
june 2013 by michaelwoodruff
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