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Lavish - Generate your own Bootstrap color scheme
Generate your own Bootstrap color scheme from an image and customize to your taste
color  tool 
april 2014 by michaelwoodruff
A nicer color palette for the web.
january 2014 by michaelwoodruff
A Visual Guide to Sass & Compass Color Functions - Jackie Balzer
Sass and Compass provide a number of useful functions you can use to alter and manipulate colors with ease. Most color functions operate on a single color, but some can be used to combine two colors in different ways. Our "base color" and "alternate color" will be used throughout the examples. You can click on the swatch for either of those two colors to change their values and see how the calculated colors adjust accordingly.
sass  color 
september 2013 by michaelwoodruff
jQuery Color Picker Sliders
A jQuery plugin that overhauls the classic color pickers and provides users with a whole new way of selecting desired color codes.
color  code  plugin 
september 2013 by michaelwoodruff
This is a jQuery plugin that turns a single div into a sweet color swatch (aka, color pallette).
color  code  plugin 
june 2013 by michaelwoodruff
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