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Top 9 Animation Libraries to Use in 2016
We don't have to always re-invent the wheel when creating animations. Tanay runs through the 9 best animation libraries to use in 2016.
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september 2016 by michaelwoodruff
Animation Advice from a CSS Master
Last week Tiffany Brown, author of CSS Master, joined us on the forums for a Q
september 2016 by michaelwoodruff
Motion Design is the Future of UI
Have you been noticing the words ‘motion design’ popping up around the design world?
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september 2016 by michaelwoodruff
stroll.js - CSS3 Scroll Effects
A collection of CSS3 scroll effects and animations.
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september 2016 by michaelwoodruff
Communicating Animation · An A List Apart Article
Animation expert Rachel Nabors demonstrates how we can create effective animation documentation for our own teams.
august 2016 by michaelwoodruff
Giving Animations Life — Tictail Makers — Medium
Using Bounce.js and classical animation concepts to bring life to user interfaces.
june 2014 by michaelwoodruff
MotorCortex.js | Home
MotorCortex makes web animations easy, providing the ability to describe them through CSS-like syntax and stop messing animation logic with your actual javascript code
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june 2014 by michaelwoodruff
bounce.js lets you create tasty CSS3 powered animations in no time.
Give it a spin.
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june 2014 by michaelwoodruff
pullAndZoom.js is a library that zoom the header while pulling a scrollable div, it mimic the behaviour of the profile card of the iOs native Twitter app.
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may 2014 by michaelwoodruff
A round up of Web animation resources
Well, things are hotting up in the Web animation world, with a pair of articles at A List Apart, on UI Animation and UX, and Web animation at work but if you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll likely know we’ve been big on Web animation since before it was the thing. So, we thought we’d round up so
february 2014 by michaelwoodruff
How SVG Line Animation Works
I bet all of you have seen that little trick where an SVG path is animated to look like it's drawing itself. It's super cool. Jake Archibald pioneered the technique and has a super good interactive blog post on how it works. Brian Suda wrote about it on 24 Ways. Polygon used it to great effect on a
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february 2014 by michaelwoodruff
WOW.js - Reveal Animations When You Scroll. Very Animate.css Friend.
Reveal Animations When You Scroll. Very Animate.css Friend :-) Easily customize animation settings: style, delay, length, offset, iterations...
animation  code  snippet 
february 2014 by michaelwoodruff
A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.
animation  css  plugin 
february 2014 by michaelwoodruff
Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects
A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to call to actions, buttons, logos, featured images and so on. Easily apply to your own elements, modify or just use for inspiration. Available in CSS and SASS.
animation  code  buttons  library 
january 2014 by michaelwoodruff
jQuery.animateSprite is a simple plugin to control sprite animations
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december 2013 by michaelwoodruff
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