because so many of you asked… – WIL WHEATON dot NET
"Approximately 162% of the total population of Twitter users has sent me this Gizmodo post about some mostly-awesome custom (unofficial) LEGO minifigs that are inspired by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Approximately 600% of them asked me to comment, and since I can’t do that in 280 characters without resorting to the dreaded [THREAD 1/66], I’m doing it here. [...] In this particular custom set, though, Wesley is depicted as a crying child, and that’s not just disappointing to me, it’s kind of insulting and demeaning to everyone who loved that character when they were kids."
19 days ago
Let's Race the Sunset. — freifraufischer: sprinklesofsunshine: ...
"He was basically just a random extra with an ice cream maker, but they gave him an entire in-depth backstory about how he was a member of the Rebellion and that ice cream maker contained a lot of vital data and basically he single-handedly saved the Rebellion that day."
19 days ago
Terms of Service; Didn't Read
“I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.
29 days ago
[1703.06891] Dance Dance Convolution
OMG: "Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is a popular rhythm-based video game. Players perform steps on a dance platform in synchronization with music as directed by on-screen step charts. While many step charts are available in standardized packs, players may grow tired of existing charts, or wish to dance to a song for which no chart exists."
4 weeks ago
The State of JavaScript 2017: Front-end Frameworks – Results
People really like React, really don't like Angular.
4 weeks ago
How much do musicians really make from Spotify, iTunes and YouTube? | Technology | The Guardian
A nice visualization of how much artists make from different ways of selling music.
5 weeks ago
"Investigate police and military commanders, units and areas of operation (Currently includes data on Egypt, Mexico, and Nigeria)"
6 weeks ago
(Trinity Mirror's local news aggregator)
6 weeks ago
Politicians remain the least trusted profession in Britain
Some statistics about comparative trustworthiness of different professions
6 weeks ago
The Cave of 10,000 Crabs — Riot tries hard to have good conversations with...
Advice from a game developer about how to have better conversations with players
6 weeks ago
How to make friends and winfluence people. – Alex – Medium
"I work in transformation teams, which I think earns me about as much love from organisations as turning up with bubonic plague."
6 weeks ago
Want to see something crazy? Open this link on your phone with WiFi turned off.
"These services are using your mobile phone’s IP address to look up your phone number, your billing information and possibly your phone’s current location as provided by cell phone towers (no GPS or phone location services required). These services are doing this with the assistance of the telco providers."
12 weeks ago
Phil's notes from Devopsdays london 2017
Particularly for the: "What can we learn from front-end developers?" section
october 2017
Twitter Adds 280 Characters – Be Nice To Bears
"White supremacist social networking site Twitter is going to let some people do 280 character tweets."
september 2017
Harrison Ford on ‘Star Wars’, ‘Blade Runner’, and Punching Ryan Gosling in the Face | GQ
‘“I punched Ryan Gosling in the face,” Ford confirms. Then he adds, by way of clarification, that “Ryan Gosling's face was where it should not have been.”’
september 2017
The Legion Lonely | Hazlitt
"Over the past few decades, loneliness has reached almost epidemic levels, with men uniquely suffering its effects. How and why has isolation become such a threat?" <-- an important read, I think
september 2017
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