Want to see something crazy? Open this link on your phone with WiFi turned off.
"These services are using your mobile phone’s IP address to look up your phone number, your billing information and possibly your phone’s current location as provided by cell phone towers (no GPS or phone location services required). These services are doing this with the assistance of the telco providers."
27 days ago
Phil's notes from Devopsdays london 2017
Particularly for the: "What can we learn from front-end developers?" section
6 weeks ago
Twitter Adds 280 Characters – Be Nice To Bears
"White supremacist social networking site Twitter is going to let some people do 280 character tweets."
7 weeks ago
Harrison Ford on ‘Star Wars’, ‘Blade Runner’, and Punching Ryan Gosling in the Face | GQ
‘“I punched Ryan Gosling in the face,” Ford confirms. Then he adds, by way of clarification, that “Ryan Gosling's face was where it should not have been.”’
8 weeks ago
The Legion Lonely | Hazlitt
"Over the past few decades, loneliness has reached almost epidemic levels, with men uniquely suffering its effects. How and why has isolation become such a threat?" <-- an important read, I think
9 weeks ago
Bonobo- No Reason (ft. Nick Murphy) on Vimeo
An excellent music video (all done in-camera)
july 2017
"What if you could check into trains like you can check into places that don't move all the time?" One of the authors said "Very unlikely to be usable though."
july 2017
How to stick a sticky note
"I hear you thinking: “Is this guy kidding me? I know how to stick a sticky note!”. Please, try it for yourself and judge me afterwards"
june 2017
4G International SIM Card – Reduce roaming charges by up to 85%
Recommended by one of my colleagues who does a lot of travelling
june 2017
Python API Checklist
A good checklist of things to consider on Python API design
june 2017
Achèvement du tracé collaboratif des limites communales françaises dans OpenStreetMap | OpenStreetMap France
There's a nice video here of the tracing of the boundaries of communes in France on OpenStreetMap.
june 2017
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