A nice visualization of the number of people who went to each UK parkrun in the last week.
parkrun  running 
14 hours ago
30 Seconds of CSS
"A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less."
7 days ago
Hero Forge Custom Miniatures
Design miniatures online, have them posted to you
19 days ago
Retro Wave - PhotoFunia: Free photo effects and online photo editor
That thing for making text look as if it's the cover of an 80s computer textbook
26 days ago
Blockchain's Two-Flavored Appeal
"Not surprisingly, the most enthusiastic bitcoin and blockchain proponents are the ones who understand neither databases nor economics."
27 days ago
Templatemaker.nl ✂︎ free, custom sized templates
A nice site for printing out nets for building boxes and other exciting things out of carboard
28 days ago
The Magistrates' Blog: So. Farewell then Bystander...
"We're very sorry to say that Bystander (real name Richard Bristow) died at Stoke Mandeville on June 4, aged 70. He was a Justice of the Peace at Uxbridge from 1985 to 2016,  and was the first chairman of the West London Local Justice Area. He'll be sadly missed by family and friends, but not by the villains of Uxbridge, Ealing and Hounslow."
6 weeks ago
The joys of online syntax | Chatham House
"‘So whereas people around my age or younger tend to text like we’re scripting our own dialogue and need to convey the right intonations, my mom writes her texts like she’s expecting her Eighth grade English teacher to come and mark them in red pen."
9 weeks ago
tildeio/helix: Native Ruby extensions without fear
"Helix allows you to write Ruby classes in Rust without having to write the glue code yourself."
12 weeks ago
The Hieroglyphics Initiative
"Can machine learning help us translate the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt? [...] and take part in our hieroglyph drawing experiment"
march 2018
Menswear picks: get off to a flying start with your holiday wardrobe – in pictures | Fashion | The Guardian
Some of these made me genuinely laugh out loud... (e.g. the one outside in front of the plane)
march 2018
The Fart Party’s Over
Julia Wertz on her alcoholism
march 2018
Analyse your HTTP response headers
A useful tool that checks if your site is using some helpful security-related headers
february 2018
Sir Gawain And The Green Knight - The Toast
Mallory Ortberg's hilarious telling of the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. (I had a read of the Wikipedia synopsis beforehand because I couldn't really remember the story.)
february 2018
An Advanced Intro to GnuPG
A long but very good talk about OpenPGP and GnuPG
security  gpg  gnupg  encryption  video 
february 2018
because so many of you asked… – WIL WHEATON dot NET
"Approximately 162% of the total population of Twitter users has sent me this Gizmodo post about some mostly-awesome custom (unofficial) LEGO minifigs that are inspired by the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Approximately 600% of them asked me to comment, and since I can’t do that in 280 characters without resorting to the dreaded [THREAD 1/66], I’m doing it here. [...] In this particular custom set, though, Wesley is depicted as a crying child, and that’s not just disappointing to me, it’s kind of insulting and demeaning to everyone who loved that character when they were kids."
december 2017
Let's Race the Sunset. — freifraufischer: sprinklesofsunshine: ...
"He was basically just a random extra with an ice cream maker, but they gave him an entire in-depth backstory about how he was a member of the Rebellion and that ice cream maker contained a lot of vital data and basically he single-handedly saved the Rebellion that day."
december 2017
Terms of Service; Didn't Read
“I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.
december 2017
[1703.06891] Dance Dance Convolution
OMG: "Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) is a popular rhythm-based video game. Players perform steps on a dance platform in synchronization with music as directed by on-screen step charts. While many step charts are available in standardized packs, players may grow tired of existing charts, or wish to dance to a song for which no chart exists."
december 2017
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