Dreaming Of The Mountains — What I think is really interesting about the...
Details about workers going on strike while building the tomb of Ramses
13 days ago
Once upon all of time and space..., I told Miyazaki I love the “gratuitous motion” in...
Miyazaki on the concept of "ma" (emptiness) - interview with Roger Ebert
6 weeks ago
Never Give a Dead Cat A Flamethrower — In Harry Potter’s third year of Hogwarts,...
VERY EXCELLENT. Fred & George recruit an Unassuming Hufflepuff to help with pranks, and accidentally fix everything as a result.
fic-Harry.Potter  gen  favourite 
november 2018
dark studio with vintage touches
Pinning for design inspiration. I love this apartment and could do it in my own home fairly easily!
october 2018
Chocolate cake with chocolate chip mascarpone filling and chocolate fudge frosting - Call Me Cupcake
This layer cake looks great, although I am doubtful of the wisdom of putting chopped chocolate in the marscapone layers.
september 2018
be gay poison people • Rant: Foodsterism
Key Lime pie recipe, within a rant about food snobbery! Looks great.
september 2018
layered mocha cheesecake – smitten kitchen
this is so gorgeous I almost can't handle it.
august 2018
Coop's Fandom Blog — takethesword: coop-writes: @takethesword and I...
I love this ficlet SO MUCH. Matilda Honey, nee Wormwood, has a place on the Hogwarts roster. Minerva McGonagall comes to deliver the letter herself.
fic-Matilda  fic-Harry.Potter  xover-fic  Jennifer.Honey 
august 2018
Aerlalaith: Thy Soul, Alight In The Dark
(This is GREAT.) When disgraced former Starfleet captain and current salvage runner James T. Kirk stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned Vulcan research vessel on the edge of Federation Space, he thinks he’s finally found some luck. The state of the ship and the fate of her original crew however, turn what was supposed to have been a standard day’s work into something quite a bit stranger. As Kirk and his crew debate if they can—or should—wake a sleeping survivor, it soon becomes clear that the nightmare is just beginning.
fic-ST:TOS  Kirk/Spock  AU  adventure 
august 2018
Kyra_Neko_Rei The Transfiguration Incident, Or Pettigrew's Problems
The lesson is transfiguring rats into teacups . . . only Ron Weasley's rat is actually an Animagus, which has dire consequences for the spell, for Peter Pettigrew, and for the Dark Lord's prospects for resurrection (and rather better consequences for Minerva McGonagall's reputation).
fic-Harry.Potter  Minerva.McGonagall 
july 2018
Historical hair: Elling Woman Updo how-to
I don't have nearly enough hair for this braided style, and probably never will, but it is SO COOL so I am pinning for reference anyway.
beauty  hair 
june 2018
Dolce & Gabbana 2016 Poppy & Daisy Print Dress - Clothing - DAG104559 | The RealReal
So stunning. If I had money to burn, this is what I would burn it on.
june 2018
Magneticwave: i'll write you harmony in c
“Mum, the fact that Lydia was the first of us to end up barefoot and pregnant is honestly a source of continual surprise to me.” // As it turns out, Mary Bennet’s internal checklist to Being a Good Person—go to medical school; join Médecins Sans Frontières; save lives—is a somewhat oversimplification of matters. (Completely excellent Pride & Prejudice AU.)
magneticwave  fic:Pride.And.Prejduice  AU 
june 2018
A coconut horse sound-making thingy for bikes
may 2018
Buzzfeed India: A guide to Indian Dishes
Video about cooking. Pinning to watch later
may 2018
Chloe Liked Olivia (Pepper Potts and Christine Everhart, PG): femgenficathon
Women who met at an awkward time and immediately hated each other, later becoming friends, is one of my favourite plots.
fic-ironman  Pepper.Potts  Christine.Everhart  gen 
may 2018
ok listen you mentioned reading ncis fic and...
Em put together an NCIS rec list. I look forward to revisiting this extremely trashy portion of my fandom life.
april 2018
And Yet
anything is possible when you smell like a vengeful sea witch and embrace your own rage. i’m on a narwhal. 
april 2018
Dylan McKay on Twitter: "Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner's mum… "
This is... not good. Your facebook account, it turns out, stores an enormous and wide-ranging amount of your personal data - including cell phone contact lists, cell phone call histories, and more stuff that has NOTHING to do with the Facebook app.
march 2018
Enslaved Parfum Pour Femme by Roja Parfums – Osswald
Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Lavender
Heart notes: Carnation, Geranium, Jasmine de Grasse, Orange Blossom, Rose, Ylang Ylang
Base notes: Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Vetiver, Ambergris, Labdanum, Musk, Vanilla
march 2018
ICHNVSA – Osswald
Olfactory notes: Myrtle, Fig leaf and wood, Cut grass
march 2018
Top: kashmiri lavender, blue cypress, blue violet, rosewood
Heart: geranium absolute, balsam fir, violet leaf
Base: oakwood, atlas cedar, tonka bean, forest moss
march 2018
Why Art Is Important | Triumph of the Spirit
Short piece about that lovely picture of a girl dancing in front of John Lavery’s 1911 painting portrait of Anna Pavlova
february 2018
Laughingacademy | msfehrwight: biscuitsarenice: A Stitch in...
Recap of the BBC show A Stitch In Time: Arnolfini, where a historical costumer attempts to recreate a dress from a famous painting. Fascinating! http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09ll1fx
costumes  needlecraft  bbc 
february 2018
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