Christchurch fossil site
"Glen Afric (or Dovetail Stream) area is a popular fossil collecting area - especially for those wanting good fossil crab specimens (especially Tumidocarcinus giganteus).
How to get there - go north from Christchurch along SH1 until you reach where the Waipara Road and Mount Cass Rd intersect with SH. (around +/-12kms north of Amberly). Turn right into Mount Cass Rd and drive until it ends
(+/-20kms). Near the end you will come across a house near a right angle bend. Park here (you will see notices re fishing/shellfish limits no dogs and so on). If you go a little way further you will end up at the Glenafric Station homestead."
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6 weeks ago
Easter Island ferns
Complete rundown of all native and introduced species, past names used, native Rapa Nui names, status and population numbers, and localities.
RapaNui  locations 
may 2018
Venom and the Good Life in Tarantula Hawks
"The respective lethalities of 65 and 120 mg/kg in mice for the venoms of Pepsis formosa pattoni and P. thisbe reveal that the defensive value of stings and venom of these species is based entirely upon pain. This pain confers near absolute protection from vertebrate predators. "
april 2018
cocktail flowchart
What kind of drink should you make tonight?
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january 2018
Wilson's Wonder walnut (really Willson's Wonder)
Bred by a Sunnyvale orchardist to have particularly large nuts. Now apparently impossible to find in California, but quite present in Australia and New Zealand!
plantstoget  walnuts  ValleyofHeart'sDelight 
january 2018
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