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Back to windows after twenty years | Lobsters
"The excellent article about that is on Archlinux wiki:(PCI_passthrough_via_OVMF) - but, if you’re lucky enough and didn’t allocated the GPU in host OS first, just adding it to VM XML in KVM, via virt-manager or CLI (nodedev-detach…) it’ll probably work. [...] I think NixOS is an excellent base for such hypervisor, especially when you want to keep it immutable. Just set up a very "core" system, add libvirtd on top of it, arrange some storage and you’re done. Additional gain from using NixOS is that you can probably share expression cache between your host hypervisor OS and "desktop" VM"
windows  lobsters  discussion  tips 
4 weeks ago by mechazoidal
RISC-V Stumbling Blocks | A Journey into Obscure x86 Details
mostly just some getting-started notes, but interesting pmz bits:
- "If you want to do any OS work, you need a system that implements the Privileged ISA. Supporting the Privileged ISA is synonymous to being able to run UNIX-like systems, because it brings user-/supervisor-mode distinction and paging. [...] There is a plethora of RISC-V microcontrollers for a couple of dollars that all don’t support the Privileged ISA. At the time of writing, the only board you can buy that does support it is the $1000 HiFive Unleased,"
- qemu is best for emulation: supports OpenSBI

(of course, on the privileged ISA: would something like Inferno get around this, or does it need a user/sup split?)
2020  riscv  tips  osdev  pmz 
7 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Encoding your WiFi access point password into a QR code
not so much for qr generation(it's just 'qrencode' package), but for how the information is formatted for android/ios(albeit needing android 10+):
android  ios  wifi  qr  security  tips 
7 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Connect to Plan 9 from a mobile device
"This article describes how a mobile phone (in this case, an iPhone) may be used to quickly and easily access a Plan 9 computer. Note: The path to victory is littered with compromises of necessity that terminate in reasonable functionality. Your mileage may vary."
plan9  tips 
11 weeks ago by mechazoidal
How to Darn a Sock - Sock Darning Tutorial
"Even the smallest kernel of lint on a sock can bother our feet. That is why a sock with a hole in it can't just be stitched shut. 'Darning' a sock is a simple process of weaving yarn in a series of rows and columns over a hole."
clothing  tips  diy 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
Jane Street Tech Blog - Commas in big numbers everywhere: An OpenType adventure
"In this post I’ll describe the basics of OpenType shaping, how I used it to make a font that emphasizes digit grouping, and how I extended it with even fancier variations."
fonts  opentype  typography  tips  2019 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
Workflow examples - how do you use taskwiki? · Issue #190 · tbabej/taskwiki · GitHub
"I originally started out from text files containing my projects. Then I found vimwiki and that lead me to taskwiki. At first I did not really use the command line with it, but now I use it more and more, especially for simple or stand-alone tasks. On the other hand to combine the tasks with more information and have a proper task hierarchy, taskwiki is an invaluable tool.

I tend to put all tasks for one project into one taskwiki file and start with a simple viewport:"
taskwarrior  vim  vimwiki  productivity  tips  repo:github 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
MPV: Limit cache size and cacheable playback interval – Computer Learning
restricting mpv's cache when used with youtube-dl: must use demuxer settings, since --cache adds to demuxer settings

"mpv --demuxer-max-bytes=20M --demuxer-max-back-bytes=10M --no-cache 'link to youtube video'"
mpv  tips  youtube 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
Fix "fork: resource temporarily unavailable" on OS X / macOS - Ask Different
"[enabling "Performance Mode"/"Server Performance Mode"] is officially supported by Apple, and changes the default configuration of your computer from an interactive computer you are going to use for email and web browsing to a server you are going to use to run a lot of non-interactive software.
just run(on El Capitan and later): 'sudo nvram boot-args="serverperfmode=1 $(nvram boot-args 2>/dev/null | cut -f 2-)"'
osx  devops  sysadmin  tips  stackoverflow 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
Using C libraries in Rust: make a sys crate
"Using C libraries in a portable way involves a bit of work: finding the library on the system or building it if it's not available, checking if it is compatible, finding C headers and converting them to Rust modules, and giving Cargo correct linking instructions. Often every step of this is tricky, because operating systems, package managers and libraries have their unique quirks that need special handling. Fortunately, all this work can be done once in a build script, and published as a <insert library name>-sys Rust crate. This way other Rust programmers will be able to use the C library without having to re-invent the build script themselves."
rust  tips  c  programming 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
Steve Streeting on Twitter: "It's really annoying me that every time I do a build, Unity keeps flipping this Unity Connect project setting on. I can't find a way to opt out of it. I don't want it, and I keep reverting it. I removed the Analytics package a
@stevestreeting: @unity3d Ah, I found it - it's the "Disable HW Statistics" option buried in the Player settings. I remember flipping this for WashedUp now

I just don't like things making callbacks that I don't know about. Fine to opt in to these things, but really not fine to default them on & not ask
unity3d  tips  tweets  gamedev 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
Go interfaces, the tricky parts
"If get a type error when you attempt to use a concrete value in a place needing an interface value and you think "but it fulfils the interface", remember: interface values and concretes are very different things. That you can place a concrete value in an interface value does not mean it is an interface value, so you can't use it in all the same ways."
Golang  2019  programming  tips 
october 2019 by mechazoidal
Does anyone use Taskwarrior with more than just a few tasks? I have about 15 pro... | Hacker News
- "You can define the 'project', and then use that field in a variety of ways. I use the format 'Customer.Project', as I often times have many projects with each customer. Using this method, I can sort by 'Customer' to get all projects for that customer, or I can get more granular and sort by 'Customer.Project'."
- "Taskwarrior has the concept of a user defined attribute (UDA) which you can setup all kinds of fanciness for projects / filtering with. I use one called "prio" aka priority and generally set it to H|M|L. These allow you to customize taskwarrior to an insane degree. In fact, they actually rejected a contribution from me to add priority support natively when it could be done with a UDA"
- "I use to break all of my work up into smallest tasks possible. [...] At one point I had it automated so when I was doing a bug fix I'd create a set of dependency connected tasks (Understand Bug, Create Fix, Create Unit Test, Code Review, Documentation, Push Update). I could easily have a hundred tasks in the queue at any given time."
taskwarrior  tips  hn  discussion 
september 2019 by mechazoidal
linux - How to make ffmpeg write its output to a named pipe - Stack Overflow
mkfifo <name>
use the "pipe:1" to output to stdout, and use "-f <format>"(else ffmpeg will not be able to guess the output format)
stackoverflow  tips  ffmpeg  unix 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
macbook - How to disable battery charging? - Ask Different
"If you use a small piece of tape to block the middle (signal) pin on your MagSafe charger, your Mac will not charge because it can't identify the charger."
apple  hardware  tips  stackoverflow 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
If you must run Windows 10...
Legal ways to get LTSC(it's still gonna be expensive). Also see:

"Enterprise or Education(Enterprise for students) might be tolerable if you don't have other options"
windows  microsoft  sysadmin  tips 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
4 Rules for Intuitive UX – Learn UI Design
It's mostly webdev but can apply anywhere:
- Obey the Law of Locality
- ABD: Anything But Dropdowns
- Pass the Squint Test
- Teach by example
design  ui  ux  tips  piperesearch  interface 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
Some obscure C features- Pancakes and computers
Includes Duff's Device, along with other weirdities like compile-time tree structures (although don't use preprocessor for arch-specific includes, use a proper #include <> instead
programming  C  tips 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
"FZF + WordNet = Dictionary"
"FZF is a fuzzy finding command line tool. WordNet is a dictionary structured for developers. When married together, we can get a snappy dictionary to help us find just the right word for any occasion."

note that he uses shell functions, not standalone scripts.
tips  fzf  writing  shell 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
Combining Caniuse with FZF
"The part where FZF comes in is the "search for the feature" part. Having to go to their website to find a feature isn't bad or slow per se but I am a very lazy developer and I like to keep things where I spend most of my time - inside a terminal."
webdev  tips  fzf  shell 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
Beware subclassing Ruby core classes
"TL;DR: Subclassing core classes in Ruby can lead to unexpected side effects. I suggest composition over inheritance in all these cases."
ruby  tips  programming 
august 2019 by mechazoidal
The AWK State Machine Parser Pattern
Using a side variable to keep track of sectioned data
awk  tips  shell 
july 2019 by mechazoidal
Preserving Laptop Stickers on MacBooks - Graham Stevens –
Using vehicle vinyl wrap! Doubles as preserving the sticker arrangement in picture-frame form.

Lobsters discussion (someone recommends
tips  art  stickers  laptop 
july 2019 by mechazoidal
Google Sketchup 8 and Trimble Sketchup 13 3D Warehouse Download
Noting that as of 2017, Trimble is reducing access to the 3D Warehouse for older users, but it's just in the embedded client.

Workarounds: use the web version, append "=s8"(etc) as a version check. For uploaders, upload at least a "SKP Version 6" so older users can see it in their programs.
sketchup  2017  tips 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
When should I use git pull --rebase? - Stack Overflow
"when your changes do not deserve a separate branch" (ie, you commit on top of the remote branch)
"Whether it's dangerous or not is the question of whether you are treating local and remote branch as one inseparable thing. Sometimes it's reasonable (when your changes are small, or if you're at the beginning of a robust development, when important changes are brought in by small commits). Sometimes it's not (when you'd normally create another branch, but you were too lazy to do that). But that's a different question."

(But of course note garybernhardt's opinions on 'pull)
git  stackoverflow  tips 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
Before You Use a Password Manager – Stuart Schechter – Medium
Despite the title, this is actually a nuanced look at the benefits but also the potential issues.
security  passwords  tips  from:medium 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
How to Dig into Firmware Code Size
Also how to use puncover. Part of the "Zero to main()" series.
firmware  pmz  programming  tips  embedded  multipart 
june 2019 by mechazoidal
Weird Ruby: Positive and Negative Strings | Meta Redux

"[like] .diverge() and .snapshot() in E and Monte. The idea is that it can be hard sometimes to know whether one is working with an immutable (DeepFrozen) collection, or its mutable variant, but .diverge() will produce a (shallow) copy either way, and similarly, .snapshot() will produce an immutable version."
ruby  tips  programming  diff 
may 2019 by mechazoidal
Lessons of Liskov - Peter Bhat Harkins - wroc_love.rb 2016 - YouTube
In four acts, Peter Bhat Harkins:
– explained the difficulties you may have understanding the Liskov Substitution Principle;
– showed how to spot places in the code where there are “bugs waiting to be written”;
– demonstrated how to avoid “oh what the hell now” situations, when you get an exception five steps from where the bug is.

As a conclusion, Peter proposed to extend the definition of LSP principle to general Substitutability Principle, which boils down to the idea of writing more substitutable modules.

- The "modern" LSP is a statement from Bob Martin, Liskov never phrased it that way.
- Big trip-ups are if your method does something different based on invisible variable: "save(special) if ThisClass"
- Mitigations: don't propagate or return nil, use differing objects if a method could succeed or fail (he covers Maybe/Just, but notes this is nonstandard in Ruby)

The goal is to be safe for the caller: use predictable interfaces, with small surfaces.
video:youtube  ruby  programming  presentation  tips  types 
april 2019 by mechazoidal
Root Cause Analysis And The Photocopier Question
"I'm not really just asking "What happens when you Photocopy a Mirror?" The answer to that question is like a symptom. I'm really asking: Why?"
philosophy  analysis  tips  science 
april 2019 by mechazoidal
Solene's percent % : Using haproxy for TLS layer
"This article explains how to use haproxy to add a TLS layer to any TCP protocol. This includes http or gopher. The following example explains the minimal setup required in order to make it work, haproxy has a lot of options and I won’t use them.

The idea is to let haproxy manage the TLS part and let your http server (or any daemon listening on TCP) replying within the wrapped connection."
tls  security  tips  haproxy  unix  sysadmin 
march 2019 by mechazoidal
Spiritsnare△ @ NA Manabi BD release!! on Twitter: "Let's Talk About Using Joy-Cons With Clip Studio!(Originally by @toyotsuku555, with permission to translate/edit granted)…"
Uses JoyToKey, which the original JP author praises for not needing an installation(just start the program from userspace)
"A couple of personal notes, fwiw.
- it might take a while for the Joy-Con to pop up in Bluetooth Settings
- Bluetooth settings are located in System Preferences on macOS (use Spotlight to pull it up)
- The Joy-Con itself will always look like it's "searching" but it'll be paired"
ui  bluetooth  art  tips  tweet  piperesearch 
march 2019 by mechazoidal
CA with easy SAN from terminal |
Using the new -addext parameter in openssl. Handy if you're setting up your own root certs.
ssl  openssl  tips  sysadmin 
march 2019 by mechazoidal
プロの絵描きはコレ使ってる!「新型iPad Pro」で快適に絵を描くための装備 (価格.comマガジン)
@supcat: Some interesting tricks in here... Bluetooth gamepad as a hardware controller for switching tools while drawing?!
art  tips  piperesearch 
january 2019 by mechazoidal
PCI passthrough adventures with libvirt. | aixxe
lobsters: "I found this to be very useful, for all of the consumer grade hardware coming out that only supports Windows.

A sane way to run my HDMI capture device via my linux server"
linux  virtualization  windows  nvidia  tips 
january 2019 by mechazoidal
18 Female Artists Give Advice to Women Starting Out in the Art World
"With this often discouraging contemporary art world backdrop in mind, we sought the advice—and inspiration—of a group of established female artists to see what crucial wisdom and tips they would impart to the next generation."
Adrian Piper: "First, you should be clear about what you are aiming for: (1) public approval, (2) commercial success, or (3) art-historical significance. These three are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and there is nothing wrong with any of them. But my remarks address only (3). The best means to art-historical significance is financial independence. Don’t even think about trying to earn a living from your artwork, or else you’ll start producing the artwork that will earn you a living. A trust fund will divert your energies in a different way. The best means to financial independence is a day job in a different field. Waiting tables, driving a cab, office work, and teaching are traditional alternatives for artists, but the digital revolution opens up many others. All of them will free you to make the work you are most deeply driven to make, regardless of whether or not anyone else likes it or buys it. That’s the work that’s most interesting and important to you. You won’t have time to waste on producing work that doesn’t obsess you. Your day job will also free you to be selective about what you do in order to promote your artwork, and with whom. It will protect your pursuit of quality. That’s one reliable path to art-historical significance (although of course not the only one)."
art  tips  inspiration 
december 2018 by mechazoidal
Gary Bernhardt on Twitter: "PSA: In CSS, `transform: scale(2)` scales all three dimensions, including z. That makes the element taller than its nominal z-index. If it scrolls "under" an element that's `position: fixed` etc., it will poke out through the e
"PSA: In CSS, `transform: scale(2)` scales all three dimensions, including z. That makes the element taller than its nominal z-index. If it scrolls "under" an element that's `position: fixed` etc., it will poke out through the element. Solution: `transform: scale(2) scale(2) 0`."
css  tips  webdev 
september 2018 by mechazoidal
When journalists report social media as public opinion
"Journalists should be careful when using social media posts to report what the public thinks, and should tell readers how the data was collected."
journalism  socialmedia  tips 
september 2018 by mechazoidal
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