The smooth resize test | Raph Levien’s blog
Note the subtleties in this, and note the discussion in the linked winit GitHub issue
graphics  gui  piperesearch  rust 
18 hours ago
Stealthy & Targeted Implant Loaders – attactics[dot]org
On encrypting payloads for attack code: "In practice, many red teams rely on commercial or open source post-exploitation tool sets. A robust and widely-utilized commercial solution is Cobalt Strike. While modern red teams will put forth an effort to execute in-memory only, there are situations where writing an implant to disk may be unavoidable; niche lateral movement and persistence techniques come immediately to mind."
security  pentest 
19 hours ago
Doe v. Mckesson and RAM Cases Show Judicial Hypocrisy - The Atlantic
"I know I am being rather a bore about this case; but the stakes are high, and the Fifth Circuit panel’s offense is rank. The decision was not simply lawless, but insolently so. The full court of appeals has a chance to rectify this, by granting the petition for rehearing, vacating the panel opinion, and deciding the case properly."
law  us  2019 
‘Some Suburb of Hell’: America’s New Concentration Camp System | by Andrea Pitzer | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
"We have yet to discover what those will be for these American border camps. But they will happen. Every country thinks it can do detention better when it starts these projects. But no good way to conduct mass indefinite detention has yet been devised; the system always degrades. "
history  2019  grim_meathook_future  us  ice 
SEC ARCH DEV | 2FA is Still Too Complicated for Most People
"My hope is that going forward the choices and procedures for 2FA would coalesce around a few well-defined options, coupled with clearer terminology and better UX that would make it much easier to recommend 2FA to a wider range of people."
mfa  security  2019  webdev 
2 days ago
Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
"The patterns here, I am suggesting, both the things to accept and the things to design for, are givens. Assume these as a kind of social platform, and then you can start going out and building on top of that the interesting stuff that I think is going to be the real result of this period of experimentation with social software. "
internet  culture  presentation  groups  history  web  collaboration  socialmedia 
2 days ago
セガ・スーパーサーキット 横浜博覧会('89) - YouTube
Footage of "Sega Super Circuit" at Yokohama Exotic Showcase ’89 "(or 'YES ’89 ' as it was abbreviated at the time)".
Note that this was a new version of "Mach Vision", which had appeared at Nissan's "Super GameZ" pavilion in 1986.
(see: )
games  video:youtube  japan  arcade 
3 days ago
NISSAN スーパーゲームZ マッハビジョン 夢工場'87 - YouTube
Footage of "Mach Vision" at Nissan's "Super GameZ" pavilion at Communication Carnival Dream Factory '87.
zimmerit: "Mach Vision was no normal video game but instead, a bunch of Outrun arcade machines rigged up to control remote control cars as they raced around an enormous, sci-fi-flavored race track. The cars and track were designed by [Makoto Kobayashi] and made use of tiny cameras that transmitted a driver’s eye view to players sitting in the arcade cabinets. Today drone racing and GoPro cameras are common enough that such a game doesn’t sound too impressive, but remember, this was 1987 and at the time home video cameras meant bazooka-sized rigs you put on your shoulder."
video:youtube  japan  games  arcade  drones 
3 days ago
When should I use git pull --rebase? - Stack Overflow
"when your changes do not deserve a separate branch" (ie, you commit on top of the remote branch)
"Whether it's dangerous or not is the question of whether you are treating local and remote branch as one inseparable thing. Sometimes it's reasonable (when your changes are small, or if you're at the beginning of a robust development, when important changes are brought in by small commits). Sometimes it's not (when you'd normally create another branch, but you were too lazy to do that). But that's a different question."

(But of course note garybernhardt's opinions on 'pull)
git  stackoverflow  tips 
3 days ago
Before You Use a Password Manager – Stuart Schechter – Medium
Despite the title, this is actually a nuanced look at the benefits but also the potential issues.
security  passwords  tips  from:medium 
3 days ago
Avery Alder on Twitter: "You know that thing where your coworker calls you in a panic wondering if you can cover their shift so they can stay home sick, and nobody else can do it? So you cancel your plans to cover them?That has been an intentional part of
@lackingceremony: It's a practice called lean staffing, which emerges from lean production. When North Americans adopted "lean production" from Japanese business practices, they drifted it and called it "lean and mean."

Short-staffing to strategically capture your unworked hours is intentional.
tweets  labor  capitalism  us 
3 days ago
How Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno grappled with depression in anime - Polygon
"For all I’ve written and investigated, the answer as to why is obvious and simple. Neon Genesis Evangelion, like the best art, no matter the form or the version or the telling, tells us a difficult, universal truth. And what that truth is, Hideaki Anno keeps trying to say, is up to you."
anime  history  psychology  from:polygon  2019 
4 days ago
DeepLabCut — adaptive motor control lab
"Here we present an efficient method for markerless pose estimation based on transfer learning with deep neural networks that achieves excellent results (i.e. you can match human labeling accuracy) with minimal training data (typically 50-200 frames). We demonstrate the versatility of this framework by tracking various body parts in multiple species across a broad collection of behaviors. "

PR: could you use this for cheap motion capture of animals, OR quickly building animal rigs?
machine_learning  video  piperesearch  science 
4 days ago
Serial Mice |
A restating of the old original link at:

Note that this covers IBM PC mice protocol: the original MS mouse, then Logitech and finally PS/2.
hardware  electronics  history  serial  pc 
4 days ago
Reassembler - Emulation & Decompilation: The Insanity of Sega Super Circuit (セガスーパーサーキット)
"SC was conceived and developed by Sega’s Mechatronics R&D department, and it went through a series of iterations between 1987 and 1990. It was a bold attempt to combine multiplayer arcade racing with real world remote controlled cars. Visitors to venues including Sega World, Tokyo could watch up to 6 RC cars whizzing around a track, set in a futuristic city, that when unravelled was 103 metres long. "
"What impresses me the most about SSC, is its scale and ambition. It's a manifestation of Sega at the height of their arcade powers. The footage shows that the camera feed from the RC cars is imperfect and prone to breaking up; Sega were clearly pushing the limits of late 80s technology. It must have been a complex operation to run logistically and it’s hard to imagine arcade operators beyond Sega having the space or resources to maintain such a complex attraction. It must have cost a fortune to design, construct and operate."
also note that an early version of this, "Mach Vision" debuted at a Nissan pavilion in 1986
sega  games  history  japan  arcade 
5 days ago
Advice to Less Experienced Developers
Great for junior developers, although I'd reduce the remote working early in a career
advice  software_development  career 
5 days ago
Concentration Camps Expert Andrea Pitzer: The Trump Administration Is Running Camps at the Southern Border
"There's usually this crisis period that a camp system either survives or doesn't survive in the first three or four years. If it goes past that length of time, they tend to continue for a really long time. And I think we have entered that crisis period. I don't yet know if we're out of it."

Also note why it's so hard to shut down Guantanamo.
us  grim_meathook_future  2019  authoritarianism 
5 days ago
魔物ハンター妖子 第7の警鐘 | プロジェクトEGG | レトロゲーム配信サイト
@gosokkyu: oh neat, the Devil Hunter Yohko MD game went up on EGG a few months ago. I have a soft spot for this one, it's super unpolished but the levels are well designed & the core shield mechanic is fun enough to counterbalance all the slop
game  emulation 
5 days ago
Network Protocols and Their Use
"For the IETF this poses some tough questions. Is the IETF there only to standardize those technology elements that these entrenched incumbents choose to pass over to an open standardization process to simply improve the economies and efficiency of their lines of supply while excluding some of their more important technology assets? If the IETF feels that this situation of increasing concentration and the formation of effective monopolies in many of these activity areas calls for some remedial action, then is it within the IETF's areas of capability or even within its chosen role to do anything here? "
report  internet  protocol  ietf  standards  2019 
7 days ago
20 Years Ago: The Best Anime of 1999 - Anime News Network
By Surat, or course: HunterXHunter, Big O, Legend of Black Heaven, the Wonderful! shorts.
from:ann  anime  history  article  2019 
9 days ago
We don't *donate* to OSS software which we use, because we're legally not allowe... | Hacker News
patio11: "We don't donate to OSS software which we use, because we're legally not allowed to. I routinely send key projects, particularly smaller projects, a request to quote me a commercial license of their project, with the explanation that I would accept a quote of $1,000 and that the commercial license can be their existing OSS license plus an invoice. [...] I would do this more often if OSS projects made it easier for me to do so. Getting me to pay $1,000 for software is easy; committing me to doing lots of admin work over the course of a week is less easy. Take a look at what e.g. , which is an OSS project with a commercial model, does. Two clicks gets me to a credit card form. If I actually used Sidekiq, Mike would have had my credit card on file the day that form went up."

He's asked why they're not allowed to donate, it turns out it's Japan tax+business law.

PR: funding source?
business  opensource  hn  comment  piperesearch 
9 days ago
How Nutcrackers Became New York’s Best Hustle
Basically the rum punch from hell: cheap, sweet, mega-strong, and sold on NYC streets in the summer.
alcohol  nyc  ny  us  history 
10 days ago
On Dat://
Duxtape: a version of the old Muxtape service running on Dat. Note his lessons learned, and the current sum-up of Dat indicates it's probably not a good fit for PR
decentralized  dat_project  beaker  web  piperesearch 
10 days ago
The world in which IPv6 was a good design - apenwarr
On the long tangled history of packets networking, how ip and Ethernet are intertwined (by accident), and(surprisingly enough) how QUIC is actually a sane replacement for tcp/udp
2017  networking  internet  history  ethernet  ipv6  ipv4 
10 days ago
De-Googling My Life | Lobsters
Started with CopperheadOS until that blew up then switched to Rattlesnake stack to build AOSP. It uses terraform to deploy a build environment to AWS for you. Don’t much like relying on AWS, either, but I used to build Copperhead myself and really struggled to find enough space for it. AOSP is a huge mess. I think it took a week to do the initial checkout and would take me 3 days to build it. AWS can build it in a few hours and costs me less than $1.50 a month.

I haven’t needed Google Play or even mico-g. F-Droid has a replacement for every app I had on stock Android.
android  aws  osdev  lobsters  comment 
10 days ago
Harvey Newman on Twitter: "Insane wing control, for all animators out there fascinated by dope reference. #bird #animation #nature via @reddit… "
@girlyratfish: Filing this with the "hovering merlin head-stabilization" vid i retweeted a few days ago.

This is a raptor that's optimized for hunting prey in dense forests.

video:twitter  archive_it 
10 days ago
Google Investigates Cold Fusion | In the Pipeline
"So [Google Alphabet] produced useful work – just no cold-fusion breakthroughs. If anyone is going to claim one after this, they’ll have to explain how it lies outside this space that has (from what I can see) been pretty well tamed by the Google team – and it had better be good. I’m not expecting one. It’s now been just over 30 years since Pons and Fleischmann, and I think that this particular dream is pretty well laid to rest. "
fusion  science  research  google  2019 
11 days ago
Mark Little on Twitter: "I'm guessing many will read the @risj_oxford Digital News Report and get stuck at the glass-almost-empty conclusion: “Most people are not prepared to pay for online news today and on current trends look unlikely to pay in the fu
@marklittlenews: More than half of under-35s consume four or more news sources a week but the overwhelming majority will only pay for one. They continue to rely on social platforms and aggregators to curate news to the rhythm of their lives
tweets  journalism  business  2019 
11 days ago
Why Logical Clocks are Easy - ACM Queue
"The mechanisms for tracking causality and the rules used in these mechanisms are often seen as complex,6,15 and their presentation is not always intuitive. The most commonly used mechanisms for tracking causality—vector clocks and version vectors—are simply optimized representations of causal histories, which are easy to understand.

By building on the notion of causal histories, you can begin to see the logic behind these mechanisms, to identify how they differ, and even consider possible optimizations. When confronted with an unfamiliar causality-tracking mechanism, or when trying to design a new system that requires it, readers should ask two simple questions: (a) Which events need tracking? (b) How does the mechanism translate back to a simple causal history?

Without a simple mental image for guidance, errors and misconceptions become more common. Sometimes, all you need is the right language."

From 2016, noting "vector versions" and "dotted vector versions". This might also be a good way to understand the ordt/cvrdt data structure.
distributed  clock  acm  piperesearch  logic 
12 days ago
The Hmm » Before you were here
"Could it be that the hot topics of today are as old as the internet itself? Diving into archives such as and WWWTXT gives us an answer. "
internet  history  privacy  identity  essay  2019 
12 days ago
CKEditor | Smart WYSIWYG HTML editor | Collaborative rich text editor
"Modern JavaScript rich text editor with a modular architecture"
editor  javascript  webdev  library 
12 days ago
"Wax is a minimal computing project for producing digital exhibitions focused on longevity, low costs, and flexibility. Our underlying technology is made to learn and to teach, and can produce beautifully rendered, high-quality image collections and scholarly exhibits."

Basically a static site generator focusing more on art and stability. Don't miss the About page for a great newbie overview and a great diagram showing how static site generators work.
web  webdev  art  tools 
13 days ago
Live Free or Dichotomize - Using AWK and R to parse 25tb
Every generation, these techniques are rediscovered. Note how Apache Spark choked out!
datascience  aws  unix  awk  r_language 
13 days ago
Is Heshmat Alavi, Writer on Iran, a Fake Run By MEK Opposition?
@tomgara: This is amazing: Forbes, The Hill, the Daily Caller and The Federalist all published articles by an Iranian opposition activist who does not exist and is actually just a fake Twitter account run by a bunch of dudes in Albania
2019  propaganda  from:the_intercept 
14 days ago
Precis: A minimal note taking app built over Github Pages | Lobsters
"This is 3 shell scripts which together generate a homepage, tag and date index markdown files from the ‘note’ markdown files in the directory, and add them to git. It’s intended for use as a pre-commit hook. It relies on Github Pages running repositories through Jekyll to render HTML with layouts, and Github Pages’ hosting."
asspad  github  lobsters  discussion 
15 days ago
Cooking Simulator on Steam
Mildly surprised this doesn't seem to be VR, because it seems like the perfect idea.
game  food  steam 
15 days ago
1970s Tokyo revisited – British Journal of Photography
"In 1976, aged 18, photographer Greg Girard moved half-way around the world to a city he knew little about. A new photobook, Tokyo-Yokosuka: 1976–1983, traces his experience"
photos  japan  history  book  photography 
15 days ago
China social media: WeChat and the Surveillance State - BBC News
"When you meet somebody in a work context they don't given you a name card any more, they share their WeChat; if you play for a football team training details are on WeChat; children's school arrangements, WeChat; Tinder-style dates, WeChat; movie tickets, WeChat; news stream, WeChat; restaurant locations, WeChat; paying for absolutely everything from a bowl of noodles to clothes to a dining room table… WeChat.

People wouldn't be able to speak to their friends or family without it.

So the censors who can lock you out of Wechat hold real power over you."
china  censorship  2019  socialmedia  surveillance  wechat  authoritarianism 
16 days ago
How Touhou Inspired Me To Live My Best Life
"The real magic of Touhou isn't the spells they cast, or the Gods and spirits that inhabit the world. To me, personally, subjectively, it's the power of storytelling, of imagining better worlds and then trying to make them manifest themselves for real in as many small ways as you can, as a direct resistance to the theft of creativity and energy our world often violently inflicts upon us."
inspiration  touhou  essay  lgbt  quiltbag  2019  writing  games 
16 days ago
Keenan Crane - The Vector Heat Method
"transport of tangent vectors on curved surfaces, or more generally, any vector-valued data on a curved manifold."
Look at examples: PR uses are probably for texture and weight mapping
piperesearch  math  paper  graphics 
17 days ago
Unity 2D Line Segment Intersection · GitHub
@stevestreeting: I couldn't find a core 2D line segment intersection routine in Unity and I didn't really like the forum solutions, so I wrote my own, it's here in case anyone else wants it:
unity3d  gamedev  algorithms  gist 
17 days ago
Michael Tsai - Blog - Scripting Languages to Be Removed
Note his comments on macruby, pyobjc. Also note how he's moving towards Swift bridges, and his two stabs at scripting languages:Entoli, Sylvia. Both are mixes of Lisp and Logo
apple  comment  scripting  osx  swift  2019  piperesearch 
17 days ago
BPF and formal verification
Note the simple BPF intro: it's really a VM with a simple RISC ISA(and cannot jump BACK, only forwards), so this verification attempt was to make sure programs would eventually terminate.
bpf  verification  formal_methods  coq  ocaml  2015 
17 days ago
ejabberd & Nintendo Switch NPNS | ProcessOne Blog
"Last week, Taiyo Watanabe from Nintendo shared some insights about Nintendo Switch Push Notification infrastructure (NPNS) implementation. Here are some details from his presentation at ElixirFest conference."
erlang  profiling  xmpp  postmortem  2019 
17 days ago
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