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absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured
I'm saving this for the next time I make a modem joke and nobody understands it.
sound  modem  audio  visualization 
march 2015 by mcroydon
projects :: hijack
Interfacing with the iPhone via FSK and the audio port.
diy  electronics  hack  iphone  sensor  modem 
may 2013 by mcroydon
FreeSWITCH: fsk.c Source File
FSK implementaiton as part of the (deprecated) openzap library in freeswitch.
modem  fsk 
may 2013 by mcroydon
An embedded way of doing FSK demodulation.
fsk  modem 
may 2013 by mcroydon
Caller ID code
Caller ID also uses Bell 202.
electronics  modem 
may 2013 by mcroydon
Exchange interface Bell 202
Quite possibly the most comprehensive information about Bell 202 out there.
may 2013 by mcroydon
AX.25 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The packet radio variant of Bell 202.
modem  packet  radio  ham 
may 2013 by mcroydon
Bell 202 modem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Probably the simplest FSK to implement. APRS and packet radio use an NZRI variant of this called AX.25.
modem  fsk 
may 2013 by mcroydon
Retro Thing: 1964 Modem Reaches Out And Touches The Internet
I totally want to do this with my 1200 bps Packard Bell external...
history  internet  phone  cool  retro  museum  modem  command-line 
february 2010 by mcroydon
Kansas City standard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Kansas City standard (KCS), or Byte standard, is a digital data format for audio cassette drives."
retro  standard  modem  audio  computer  storage 
january 2008 by mcroydon
XMODEM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"XMODEM is a simple file transfer protocol developed as a quick hack by Ward Christensen for use in his 1977 MODEM.ASM terminal program." A quick hack became standard for a decade or more.
modem  wikipedia  history  bbs  protocol 
october 2006 by mcroydon
Ross Barkman's Home Page
Via Jacob, the Nokia 3G ones are keen.
apple  modem  scripting 
october 2005 by mcroydon

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