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Node.js is genuinely exciting
Node.js is "evented I/O for V8 javascript"... interesting
javascript  web  server  framework 
december 2009 by mcmire
intro []
The expressiveness of JavaScript, the strictness of C++, and the power of ActionScript rolled into one, haXe is a cross-platform, extensible, versatile tool for the web (and even desktop) developer.
javascript  actionscript  c++  web  programming  language 
may 2008 by mcmire
Ruby Waves: Home
Another web framework built on Rack, built to be lighter and more "next generation" than Rails. Like Rails, the source is well documented and freely modifiable.
ruby  web  framework 
march 2008 by mcmire
The Soul Of A New Microsoft
An article featuring J Allard, responsible for the Xbox and later the Zune.
microsoft  web  zune  xbox  article  technology  business  motivation  web2.0  future 
april 2007 by mcmire
Mozy Online Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.
Mozy is a secure, automatic remote backup service that gives you 2GB of free storage, or 30GB for $4.95/mo. Just download the software, tell it which folders to monitor for automatic backup, and let it do the rest.
free  backup  utility  software  windows  automation  easy  web 
march 2007 by mcmire
Stop the Spam Bots
"I created a new kind of Captcha that presents an unsolved challenge to the bot's programmers. What I did was to encode the Captcha image into HTML."
captcha  opensource  gpl  download  free  text  security  web  antispam 
january 2007 by mcmire→ Site Archive ‽ Birth and evolution of an illustrated character: Penny Arcade
An interesting study of Penny Arcade and how the two main characters, Tycho and Gabe, evolved over 6 years.
graphics  web  comic  PennyArcade  art  blog-entry  history 
august 2006 by mcmire
PHP Help: GD Library
"This tutorial is for users who are trying to get a good introduction about the PHP GD functions. This tutorial focuses on basic configuration and programming."
image  manipulation  library  gd  php  tutorial  getting-started  graphics  programming  web  development  phpfreaks 
february 2006 by mcmire
Lightbox JS
"Lightbox JS is a simple, unobtrusive script used to to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers." Very cool, and follows the theory that content should be separated from style.
javascript  effect  library  image  css  convenient  web  design  ajax  cool 
february 2006 by mcmire
FireBug -
"FireBug is a new tool for Firefox that aids with debugging Javascript, DHTML, and Ajax. It is like a combination of the Javascript Console, DOM Inspector, and a command line Javascript interpreter."
web  development  javascript  dhtml  ajax  firefox  extension  debugging  tool  programming 
january 2006 by mcmire - a disorganized synapse dump
Interesting -- apparently the whole site is run on Perl (through Blosxom), Subversion, and Markdown.
subversion  blosxom  markdown  txt  blog  personal  web  perl 
january 2006 by mcmire
A blog about the newest happenings in the Web2.0 world
web  web2.0  blog  news  business  services  tech  buzz 
december 2005 by mcmire
innerxml for mozilla -
I'm not sure if it works only in Mozilla/FF or what... but I might use it someday.
programming  forum-thread  javascript  mozilla  xml  script  web  dev  code 
december 2005 by mcmire
JSON in JavaScript
A reference sheet on using JSON (as opposed to AJAX) for passing and receiving data
programming  json  reference  script  javascript  web  dev 
december 2005 by mcmire
XML Parser
Gives examples on using Javascript to parse an XML document and convert it to HTML or text
tutorial  javascript  dom  xml  parser  mozilla  cross-browser  ie  web  dev 
december 2005 by mcmire
(formerly Audioscrobbler) Create your own music profile, discover new music, find other people that like the same music you do, listen to your own customized radio station...
music  web2.0  social  services  plug-in  tagging  community  radio  web  audio 
december 2005 by mcmire
A nice portal site featuring feed/news aggregation in modules (similar to Google's Personalized Homepage)
portal  ajax  web2.0  online  web  aggregator  feed  *Desktop  cool 
december 2005 by mcmire
moreCrayons - Welcome to moreCrayons
Expands the original "web-safe" color scheme, from 216 to 4096 colors.
webdev  color  tools  web 
november 2005 by mcmire
Urban Dead - A Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse
from Kevan Davis, the creator of "Graaaagh!" (the ubiquitous viral zombie eating script)
zombies  web  mmorpg  game  fun 
november 2005 by mcmire
mezzoblue § design, typography, and the web: live from vancouver, b.c., canada
"mezzoblue is a semi–daily expository and exploratory on all things web, design, and typographic."
web  dev  design  blogs  css  tips  typography  article  trick  good 
october 2005 by mcmire
WWW SQL Designer
Create and edit an SQL database schema online. Live demo. Made with PHP and AJAX.
php  ajax  sql  database  schema  web  demo  webdev  editor  server  tools 
october 2005 by mcmire
24eyes - The Premium RSS Dashboard on the Internet
A unique RSS feed aggregator, it lists headlines in movable mini-windows on the main screen (like Google's 'Personalized Homepage'). Uses local cookies instead of global registration, though.
rss  feed  online  web  readers  services  aggregator 
october 2005 by mcmire
Welcome to
Um, wow, I don't think I've come across something like this before. This deserves investigation.
social  services  web  communities  wiki  information  reference 
october 2005 by mcmire
Web-based FTP client. Snap.
ftp  clients  web  online  tools  php  dev 
september 2005 by mcmire Marcus Ramberg / HTML-Prototype
Module that integrates the AJAX Javascript framework 'Prototype' into Perl
perl  programming  web  modules  cpan  ajax  prototype  dev  js 
september 2005 by mcmire
Catalyst - Trac
Catalyst is a framework that seems to go hand-in-hand with Perl. Sez the site: "It's heavily inspired by such frameworks as Ruby On Rails, Maypole, and Spring."
framework  web  tools  ajax  perl  programming  dev 
september 2005 by mcmire
Using prototype.js v1.3.1
Unofficial documentation for the Javascript library named Prototype
ajax  web  dev  programming  documentation  libraries  prototype  reference  js 
september 2005 by mcmire
Rico - Home
An open-source Javascript library for creating rich Internet applications, Rico provides full Ajax support, drag and drop management, and a cinematic effects library
ajax  web  dev  programming  libraries  dhtml  cool  effects  opensource  js 
september 2005 by mcmire
t3h blox0r
Uses PHP, MySQL, XUL, and AJAX, but because it doesn't have tagging capabilities, it's only slightly better than Thunderbird.
feed  aggregator  services  web  tools  xul  cool  rss  atom 
september 2005 by mcmire
More than an online feed aggregator, Rojo lets you find, read, share, and tag feeds and comment on articles. It's lacking in a few minor but convenient things, but overall it's okay.
folksonomy  tagging  feed  aggregator  web  tools  social  services  rss 
september 2005 by mcmire

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