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Learn to Program, by Chris Pine
One of the best, most easy-to-read, and first Ruby tutorials on the web. The book is sold by the Pragmatic Programmers.
ruby  tutorial 
august 2008 by mcmire
Be Dee Dee and Me — err.the_blog
test/spec runthrough. Warning: applies to v0.2.
ruby  rails  bdd  testing  tutorial 
february 2008 by mcmire
Allegro Vivace (seventh draft)
Tutorial for making a game with the Allegro graphics library and C.
graphics  programming  allegro  gui  c  code  examples  tutorial 
november 2006 by mcmire
The Shape of Days: My contribution to the CSS shadow kerfuffle
Yes, it's Yet Another Article Tackling the Problem of Drop Shadows in CSS, but it's pretty instructional, and -- dare I say it? -- more step-by-step than an A List Apart article.
dropshadow  css  tutorial  article  blog-entry  cross-browser  webdev  trick 
april 2006 by mcmire
PHP Help: GD Library
"This tutorial is for users who are trying to get a good introduction about the PHP GD functions. This tutorial focuses on basic configuration and programming."
image  manipulation  library  gd  php  tutorial  getting-started  graphics  programming  web  development  phpfreaks 
february 2006 by mcmire
.derkilicious | Part 1: MySpace DIV overlay [The base]
Derek (@ .derkilicious) shows how to replace your godawful default profile at Myspace with something MUCH better.
myspace  hacking  css  webdev  tutorial 
january 2006 by mcmire
XML Parser
Gives examples on using Javascript to parse an XML document and convert it to HTML or text
tutorial  javascript  dom  xml  parser  mozilla  cross-browser  ie  web  dev 
december 2005 by mcmire
Object Hierarchy and Inheritance in JavaScript
A really helpful article on how to use the prototypical object-oriented side of Javascript and how it compares to Java
oop  programming  tutorial  article  reference  useful  js 
december 2005 by mcmire

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