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1 Pixel Out » Audio Player Wordpress plugin
The Flash MP3 player that uses -- very nice
flash  audio  mp3  player  inline  js  download  free  webdev  tools  wordpress  plugin 
june 2007 by mcmire
ABC Applications
Another list of software for ABC
software  music  text  tools  collection  free  linux  windows  mac  composing  abc 
february 2007 by mcmire
GnuWin32 Packages
Useful tools such as diffutils, gzip, bzip2, grep, and various GNU ports
tools  collection  windows  software  free  opensource  sourceforge  utilities  gnu 
january 2006 by mcmire
RubyForge: Welcome
The home of Ruby opensource projects such as RubyGems, Instiki, Rails, typo, Rake, and more.
ruby  rails  opensource  rubyforge  software  free  windows  mac  linux  programming  dev  tools 
november 2005 by mcmire
moreCrayons - Welcome to moreCrayons
Expands the original "web-safe" color scheme, from 216 to 4096 colors.
webdev  color  tools  web 
november 2005 by mcmire
WWW SQL Designer
Create and edit an SQL database schema online. Live demo. Made with PHP and AJAX.
php  ajax  sql  database  schema  web  demo  webdev  editor  server  tools 
october 2005 by mcmire
Web-based FTP client. Snap.
ftp  clients  web  online  tools  php  dev 
september 2005 by mcmire
Catalyst - Trac
Catalyst is a framework that seems to go hand-in-hand with Perl. Sez the site: "It's heavily inspired by such frameworks as Ruby On Rails, Maypole, and Spring."
framework  web  tools  ajax  perl  programming  dev 
september 2005 by mcmire
You know those sites that pester you to subscribe before viewing such-and-such article? (*cough*New York Times*cough*) Well...
hacks  password  tools  account 
september 2005 by mcmire
t3h blox0r
Uses PHP, MySQL, XUL, and AJAX, but because it doesn't have tagging capabilities, it's only slightly better than Thunderbird.
feed  aggregator  services  web  tools  xul  cool  rss  atom 
september 2005 by mcmire
More than an online feed aggregator, Rojo lets you find, read, share, and tag feeds and comment on articles. It's lacking in a few minor but convenient things, but overall it's okay.
folksonomy  tagging  feed  aggregator  web  tools  social  services  rss 
september 2005 by mcmire
Prototype JavaScript Framework: Class-style OO, Ajax, and more
"Prototype is a JavaScript framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications. Featuring a unique, easy-to-use toolkit for class-driven development and the nicest Ajax library around..."
programming  webdev  ajax  framework  tools  library  js 
august 2005 by mcmire
ScrapBook - Firefox Extension
ScrapBook is a Firefox extension, which helps you to save Web pages and easily manage collections.
firefox  extensions  tools  snippet  capture  useful  *Current 
august 2005 by mcmire
ScriptSolutions - PerlDiver
Script that lists all Perl modules installed on your server
programming  perl  scripts  useful  tools  server 
july 2005 by mcmire

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