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x264 ffmpeg mapping and options guide ‎(Linux Encoding)‎
What all the different x264-specific ffmpeg options mean
x264  ffmpeg  reference 
june 2009 by mcmire
Drag Drop
demo of a drag-and-drop list, where items are draggable and groups are also draggable
scriptaculous  dragndrop  demo  reference  js  effects  ajax 
april 2008 by mcmire
the { buckblogs :here }: Unit vs. Functional vs. Integration
A very good runthrough of what Rails considers to be unit tests, functional tests, and integration tests. Also read the comments, they're quite informative too.
blog-entry  ruby  rails  testing  explanation  reference  informative 
march 2008 by mcmire
Clock 2.12.1 - Ubuntu Forums
How to change the format of the date/time in the Gnome panel
gnome  forum-thread  datetime  format  reference  customization 
september 2007 by mcmire
Multitasking in Ubuntu: Using Devil's Pie
Article about Devil's Pie, a program that helps you to customize properties of program windows when they are opened -- things like geometry, etc. Beats editing .Xdefaults.
linux  window  configuration  utility  software  reference 
september 2007 by mcmire
The Linux Softsynth Roundup | Linux Journal
Article in Linux Journal highlighting some softsynth software available for Linux, including amSynth, ALSA Modular Synth, SpiralSynth Modular, RTSynth, Bristol, UltraMaster Juno 6, and ZynAddSubFX.
linux  sound  music  production  software  softsynth  article  reference 
september 2007 by mcmire
What is Mac OS X?
This document attempts to give a hacker over-friendly answer to the question "What is Mac OS X?". My original motivation in writing this was that somebody had proxy-volunteered me to give a talk introducing Mac OS X to the Linux Users Group at my work pla
osx  introduction  article  reference  *nix  newbie 
august 2007 by mcmire
Extreme Programming
XP is the practice and pursuit of effective simplicity, as applied to software development. The basic advantage of XP is that the whole process is visible and accountable. Programming in tiny increments, with plenty of testing and not over-planning.
software  programming  practices  wiki-page  reference  information  development  philosophy 
august 2007 by mcmire
has_many_and_belongs_to_many.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Demonstration of how to make a RoR application where your schema is set up so one table joins two other ones.
rubyonrails  ruby  programming  howto  reference  pdf  code 
august 2007 by mcmire
Main Page - WikiTree
A site where everybody can (publicly) store their genealogical information. WikiTree automatically constructs family trees based on data.
mediawiki  genealogy  research  familytree  wiki  service  reference 
july 2007 by mcmire
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