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The pursuit of excellence in programming
Great article not on programming, really, but learning and the art of learning
life  education  programming 
july 2010 by mcmire
Portland Pattern Repository Wiki
The original wiki. A great resource for programming patterns and concepts.
wiki  programming  resource 
june 2009 by mcmire
Jay Fields' Thoughts: Civics not Cadillacs
Don't deliver a Cadillac when just a Civic is needed.
programming  business 
august 2008 by mcmire
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The expressiveness of JavaScript, the strictness of C++, and the power of ActionScript rolled into one, haXe is a cross-platform, extensible, versatile tool for the web (and even desktop) developer.
javascript  actionscript  c++  web  programming  language 
may 2008 by mcmire
Visual REGEXP : a graphical explorer for your regexps
Colorizes the regex you give it on the fly and shows you how text you enter in another box is matched by the sections in the regex! Uber cool!
regex  visualization  software  windows  *nix  programming  tool 
march 2008 by mcmire
Instance variables, class variables, and inheritance in Ruby
"Essentially, when you declare a class variable in a base class, it’s shared with all subclasses. Changing its value in a subclass will affect the base class and all of its subclasses all the way down the inheritance tree."
ruby  programming  inheritance 
february 2008 by mcmire
Continuous Thinking—ruby, class variable or class instance variables
Why class variables are bad, and "class instance variables" are much better.
ruby  programming 
february 2008 by mcmire
CruiseControl.rb is a continuous integration tool. Its basic purpose in life is to alert members of a software project when one of them checks something into source control that breaks the build.
programming  ruby  rails  development  testing  automation  tool  subversion  ci 
december 2007 by mcmire
def euler(x); cos(x) i*sin(x); end—euler(PI) # => -1
A nice summary of the test-driven way to program (red, green, refactor)
bdd  tdd  testing  development  programming  technique 
december 2007 by mcmire
Plugins - Validates Multiparameter Assignments - Agile Web Development
This fixes a long-standing bug in Rails concerning, well, assigning to multiparameter attributes.
ruby  rails  programming  webdev  plugin  activerecord 
november 2007 by mcmire : Nested Hash Params with Named Routes in Ruby on Rails
Now it's possible to include a hash in a url simply by passing it to url_for()!
ruby  rails  programming  webdev  routes 
november 2007 by mcmire
obby - Trac
This is a first -- a text editor that has a built-in IM client
development  programming  im  text  editor 
november 2007 by mcmire Profiling Perl
with the Devel::DProf module and dprofpp utility
perl  profiling  code  example  article  programming  optimization  debugging  dprof 
october 2007 by mcmire
Elastic tabstops - the solution to the tabs-versus-spaces issue
There's an article explaining it, with some Gedit plugins and a demo video at the end.
tabs  tabstops  elastic  programming  tool  gedit  plugin  download 
september 2007 by mcmire
At the Sounding Edge: Music Notation Software, the Final Installment | Linux Journal
Article in Linux Journal about FOMUS, a Lisp program that generates notes, and MuseScore.
linux  sound  music  production  software  generator  programming  lisp  notation 
september 2007 by mcmire
Geany | Main / HomePage browse
Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies from other packages.
gtk  editor  programming  tool  opensource  free  download  windows  linux 
august 2007 by mcmire
Documentation for all sorts of APIs at your fingertips!
webdev  programming  api  aggregator 
august 2007 by mcmire
CodeIgniter - Open source PHP web application framework
Apparently one of the best MVC frameworks for PHP around. Has some tutorial videos too. Should look into this.
php  webdev  framework  mvc  opensource  programming 
august 2007 by mcmire
Visualize your Rails schema
UmlDumper takes a database schema and generates an ERD in XML (UML) format (for importing into a UML program)
ruby  rails  programming  schema  diagram  erd  database  uml 
august 2007 by mcmire
Revolution Systems Blog: A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality
Why you want to hire an expert programmer, and why 1 is better than 10 junior programmers.
blog-entry  programming  expert  business  career  tip 
august 2007 by mcmire
Extreme Programming
XP is the practice and pursuit of effective simplicity, as applied to software development. The basic advantage of XP is that the whole process is visible and accountable. Programming in tiny increments, with plenty of testing and not over-planning.
software  programming  practices  wiki-page  reference  information  development  philosophy 
august 2007 by mcmire
You Arent Gonna Need It
Even if you're totally, totally, totally sure that you'll need a feature later on, don't implement it now. Usually, it'll turn out either a) you don't need it after all, or b) what you actually need is quite different from what you foresaw needing earlier
funny  programming  practices  wiki-page 
august 2007 by mcmire
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