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Miscellany: INSERT COIN
You can change the message on the LCD display of some HP printers using Perl.
printer  perl  fun  it 
june 2008 by mcmire Profiling Perl
with the Devel::DProf module and dprofpp utility
perl  profiling  code  example  article  programming  optimization  debugging  dprof 
october 2007 by mcmire
Luke Palmer's Music
Holy crap... I guess not all computer geeks / math freaks are musically deficient.... some of this stuff sounds like Beethoven!
perl  perl6  developer  music  compositions  classical 
september 2007 by mcmire
Some Perl MIDI tools that utilize the MIDI-Perl module in some way
midi  perl  cpan  script  download  free  tool 
may 2007 by mcmire
s/($text)/speech $1/eg;
Article about one process of converting text to speech via phonemes, with Perl.
text-to-speech  synthesis  perl  phoneme  algorithm  CarnegieMellon  article 
april 2007 by mcmire
L01c - musicpad help
"musicpad is an online musical notepad which lets you code your musical inspiration in a simple way and generate midi files. Lots of features are already implemented (macros, polyrythms) and lots of others will be added (randomization, midi controllers, s
composition  music  midi  perl  online  tool  software  free  opensource 
december 2006 by mcmire
E-Scribe News : Let’s play a game: BASIC vs. Ruby vs. Python vs. PHP
Translation of a game originally written in BASIC into a number of other programming languages
basic  ruby  python  php  logo  lua  scheme  f-script  false  haskell  rebol  javascript  lisp  perl  vbscript  prolog  comparison  programming  game 
july 2006 by mcmire
My Wandering Wiki: MultiMarkdown
MultiMarkdown is an ongoing project that expands John Gruber's original text formatting tool. It is also supplied with tools to convert .text files to XHTML, PDF, and LaTeX.
markdown  text  markup  tool  productivity  language  formatting  perl  xhtml  xslt  latex  wiki-page  script 
may 2006 by mcmire
Pugs - pugscode
"Pugs is an implementation of Perl 6, written in Haskell. It aims to implement the full Perl6 specification, as detailed in the Synopses."
perl  perl6  development  pugs  compiler  programming  language  opensource  free  download  software  haskell 
february 2006 by mcmire
Parrot Virtual Machine - parrotcode
"Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for interpreted languages". For now this is Perl 6 but will include other languages.
perl  perl6  development  parrot  compiler  interpreter  vm  programming  language  opensource  free  download  software 
february 2006 by mcmire
Larry's Atlanta Linux Showcase Talk (main)
Contains a recording of the speech, slides, and a transcription.
perl  LarryWall  history  future  perl6  speech  2000  programming  language  development 
january 2006 by mcmire - a disorganized synapse dump
Interesting -- apparently the whole site is run on Perl (through Blosxom), Subversion, and Markdown.
subversion  blosxom  markdown  txt  blog  personal  web  perl 
january 2006 by mcmire
Daring Fireball: Markdown
Related to Textile, this Perl script provides an easy way to write text files in a specific syntax and convert them to HTML that can then be styled.
perl  script  download  free  tool  webdev  text  manipulation  formatting  html  software  markdown  textile 
january 2006 by mcmire
Other Software - by Greg Schueler
"md.cgi is a simple CGI script to serve documents (a very basic CMS). It lets you write text files in Markdown format, and have them show up as properly formatted HTML documents on your website."
markdown  cms  perl  script  downloads  free  useful  inspirational  cgi  webdev 
january 2006 by mcmire
Mini HowTo: How to port Perl 5 modules to Perl 6
Reference sheet on a glimpse of the diffs between Perl 5 and Perl 6
dev  perl  reference  perl6  porting  programming 
december 2005 by mcmire
AnnoCPAN - Home
An open version of the Perl documentation on CPAN. Each paragraph can be publicly annotated by a reader; notes are kept in the margin. Kind of like a wiki.
perl  programming  webdev  cpan  documentation  wiki  reference 
october 2005 by mcmire Marcus Ramberg / HTML-Prototype
Module that integrates the AJAX Javascript framework 'Prototype' into Perl
perl  programming  web  modules  cpan  ajax  prototype  dev  js 
september 2005 by mcmire
Catalyst - Trac
Catalyst is a framework that seems to go hand-in-hand with Perl. Sez the site: "It's heavily inspired by such frameworks as Ruby On Rails, Maypole, and Spring."
framework  web  tools  ajax  perl  programming  dev 
september 2005 by mcmire
"Creating a file upload field" section
cgi  perl  documentation  io 
august 2005 by mcmire
Daring Fireball Projects: SmartyPants
SmartyPants is a free web publishing plug-in for Movable Type, Blosxom, and BBEdit that easily translates plain ASCII punctuation characters into “smart” typographic punctuation HTML entities. (Written in Perl.)
perl  scripts  free  programming  typography  blog-entry 
july 2005 by mcmire
ScriptSolutions - PerlDiver
Script that lists all Perl modules installed on your server
programming  perl  scripts  useful  tools  server 
july 2005 by mcmire
global (package), "my" (lexical/private), and local (temporary package) variables in Perl
programming  perl  useful  reference 
june 2005 by mcmire
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