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Artificial Flavor - Parallelize Your RSpec Suite
Speeding up your tests using an in-memory SQLite database and forking to run tests in multiple processes
rspec  performance  testing 
november 2009 by mcmire
Coffee Powered » Fine tuning your garbage collector
A really cool article on playing with Ruby's (actually REE's) GC constants to reduce garbage collection and thus speed up your app
ruby  gc  performance  optimization 
august 2009 by mcmire
Swiftcore Swiftiply
An event-based, backend-agnostic, very fast, narrowly targeted clustering proxy
rails  proxy  cluster  mongrel  performance 
august 2008 by mcmire
A 4.1GHz Dual Core at $130 - Can it be True? | Tom's Hardware
With the Pentium D 805 (and a good power supply and CPU fan), yes you can!!
dualcore  cpu  intel  pentium  d805  lga775  smithfield  hardware  review  budget  performance  diy  benchmarks 
june 2006 by mcmire

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