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Just a Theory: Computers | VCS | Git
Posts on how Bricolage's SVN and CVS repos were combined into a Git repo. Covers grafting, which is pretty interesting.
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january 2010 by mcmire Project
Converts an Outlook AutoComplete file (database that stores emails that you've used but NOT stored in Contacts) to CSV which you can then export into another mail client. Handy!
outlook  migration  autocomplete  contacts 
august 2009 by mcmire
the life of a sysadmin ‽ HOWTO: Recover from old MySQL data files
It's simply a matter of moving everything over, directing mysql to the new data through a conf file, and mysqldump'ing
blog-entry  mysql  recovery  database  data  migration  linux  reference 
march 2006 by mcmire

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