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A new, improved JavaScript
A new __metaobject__ property is introduced to the language. ... Because there are very few constructs to the language, we can add a fairly sophisticated MOP by the use of a single metaclass. Although operators and primitives cannot be changed by this design, almost everything else can be.
javascript  metaprogramming 
june 2010 by mcmire
Re: instance_eval vs. class_eval context
Simple explanation of how instance_eval and class_eval actually work (low-level). Helpful to understand why alias_method inside of an instance_eval doesn't work like you think.
ruby  metaprogramming  class_eval  instance_eval 
march 2010 by mcmire
Paul Gross's Blog - Ruby constants have weird behavior in class_eval
Lesson: don't define a constant in a block (this includes class_eval)
ruby  metaprogramming  quirks 
january 2010 by mcmire » class_eval vs. instance_eval in Classes
Foo.class_eval == Foo.instance_eval. obj.class_eval != obj.instance_eval. Weird!!
ruby  metaprogramming  class_eval  instance_eval 
february 2008 by mcmire

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