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Pro Git - Pro Git 6.7 Git Tools Subtree Merging
alternative to git submodules that takes more manual work but isn't nearly so finicky when pulling in changes
git  submodules 
july 2010 by mcmire
Just a Theory: Computers | VCS | Git
Posts on how Bricolage's SVN and CVS repos were combined into a Git repo. Covers grafting, which is pretty interesting.
svn  git  migration 
january 2010 by mcmire
Fraser Speirs - Blog - Understanding Git Submodules
"The big thing to remember is that, unlike svn:externals, updating your superproject from a master repository does not do the same for the project's submodules .... If you advance HEAD in a submodule, then update the superproject, it's important to remember to push submodule changes before you push the superproject changes. If you don't, your superproject will contain references to commits that only exist in your local clone of the subproject."
git  submodules 
september 2009 by mcmire
DVCS and DAGs, Part 1
Basically: SVN and other non-distributed version systems tend to store the version history in a line. Git and other DVCSs tend to store it using a DAG, or Directed Acyclical Graph.
git  dvcs  storage 
june 2009 by mcmire
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